U.S. Congressman Mike Michaud: ‘Yes I am’ Gay

Mike Tipping, via the Bangor Daily News:

First of all, the Maine electorate is more accepting of fairness and equality for gays and lesbians than the nation as a whole and Mainers have supported a number of civil rights laws, including passing marriage equality for same-sex couples by referendum last year.

Second, many or most anti-gay voters who make their decisions based on these kinds of issues were never going to vote for Michaud anyway. His public support for same-sex marriage and abortion rights had probably already alienated them. In a recent national NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 20% of voters said mere support for same-sex marriage would be a determining factor for them in voting against a candidate.

Third, the specific dynamics of this particular election may be of benefit to Michaud. Governor LePage seems to have already locked down the conservative end of the electorate (and most of the anti-gay vote) and the fluidity in the race is among the moderate and progressive voters who will decide between Michaud and Cutler. Up to this point, Michaud seems to have had an advantage over Cutler among a wide swath of these voters (and a lead in the polls) because of name recognition and issues of economics and class (the millworker vs. the millionaire), but Cutler has found some purchase on social issues…

…Fourth, this part of Michaud’s identity will make him a symbol for supporters of equal rights for LGBT people across the country (whether he likes it or not) and will likely dramatically increase his fundraising potential.

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  1. Jeff says

    Republicans don’t use their brains. Why on earth would they think that a whisper campaign about a guy being gay would work? This is the state that was first to have its people put gay marriage on the ballot themselves and vote to legalize it. This is the kind of leader that that state deserves.

  2. says

    As Maine goes,so goes the nation! I agree with him about the content of his character. At least he is running on his record. I hope the republicans will not stoop to the level of anti-gay rhetroric and based on the issues. I wish him luck and I hope the Gay Victory Fund does not jump on his band wagon just because he is gay! I LIKE MIKE!

  3. Matt27 says

    I hope one day being gay or straight wouldn’t matter. However today these steps and coming out are very important. I hope he finds his life now easier.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Bravo. I applaud him, but if you want to make the point that you’re not ashamed of who you are you come out on your own, on your own terms and not because someone forced you out.

  5. jesterama says

    @Tampazeke–there’s a big difference between being out and making an official statement to the press about your sexual orientation prior to anyone really asking about it. It appears that once he became a public issue, he made a public statement. If he was out before then to those who actually interacted with him on a daily basis, I am fine with it.

  6. Francis #1 says

    I actually was sort of…50/50 last night and thinking the same way Tampazeke did but then I realized that, obviously, now that Rep. Michaud is running for Governor, questions regarding his sexuality are/have been louder and more public. He felt now was the time to nip that and address it. Good for him and he’s in a tough race with Paul LePage, I hope he wins and we have our first gay Governor!

  7. Clayton says

    Republicans don’t use their brains. Why on earth would they think that a whisper campaign about a guy being gay would work?”

    The answer is, “Because it worked thirty years ago!” Many Republicans don’t seem to understand that times change, that most gay people are no longer ashamed to admit it, and that most straight people no longer see being gay as some sort of illness.

  8. azm says

    I am very proud of my home state. Having been born there and lived there most of my life, Maine has always been a place where people are respected as individuals, judged by their ethics and commitment to personal responsibility. My adopted Arizona is at the opposite end of not only the country, but in it’s attitude to the gay community. Governor LePage has been slowly selling Maine to Canadian interests and is not well liked. Michaud has a very good shot at becoming governor and I wish him all the best.

  9. FFS says

    That’s right. It really shouldn’t matter if you’re gay or straight.

    Especially once you’ve reached the age where you need pharmaceutical help to achieve an erection, what the hell does it matter?

  10. Gay Guy says

    He would not be the first openly gay governor in U.S. history. That would be governor James McGreevey of New Jersey who came out about ten years ago.

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