1. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Got to give the Republicans & rightwing nut jobs credit. They know how to grab power… even when they lose elections.

    Democrats need to toughen up. It’s time to stop being polite & get real.

  2. woody says

    She wants to make changing the filibuster rules a real threat to republican senators. It’s been a very wishy-washy threat.
    The other dems have to get behind her to give that threat teeth. But the problem is that the GOP senators know that many dems really don’t want to change those rules… that they’ll threaten and back down.
    I’m so disgusted–as she is also–that I’d like to see them change the rules. Our side has never used the filibuster anywhere near as often as the republican senators have been using it. Let it go.

  3. Perry says

    You mean your political opponent doesn’t want you to win and Democrats always hope for Republican presidents to win? lol Shut up you lying, hyporcritical sack of horse manure

  4. EYEROLL says

    The cons are out in force here today. Believe me, if the shoe was on the other foot, the Republicans would be calling the Dems treasonous if they pulled even half the sh*t the Repubs have done in the past several years. Remember when you-know-who was in power and heaven forbid if you didn’t fall in line with his agenda you were branded as someone who was against your country. Makes me sick the way things have become.

  5. Dave says

    Speaking of traitorous: gays who like to ride the Democrat’s coat tails of homosexual legal and social empowerment, while trashing the party all the way. Log-Cabin Cons scored 1 point with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which i believe makes the gay equality score about 100:1 in the Dem’s favor. A-holes.

  6. unokhan says

    she is like a gold-hearted librarian going out to confront the mafia — unless a certain % of people stand behind her, the creep bosses will step on her. get on the warren train, people.

  7. Craig says

    “They shift their fight to the courts because they know that if they can weaken or overturn a law in court they turn defeat into victory.”

    I hate to say it but that is how we’re winning the marriage equality war. But good for her for speaking out.

  8. Jon says

    I don’t know why Towleroad is so much in the back pocket of the Democratic party. I’m not talking about issues relating to gay rights; I’m talking about pretty much everything. This blog is becoming another mouthpiece of the Democratic National Cmte, to the point where the politically-oriented posts on here are diminishing the credibility of everything else.

    When you become perceived as in the back pocket of a political party, it skewers everything you post as distinctly-partisan and inherently untrustworthy. So that the only ones who listen to you are Democrats. Everyone else will start to tune you out, Towleroad.

    A word of caution.

  9. Jim says

    So what if Barack Obama won the last election by 5 million votes? He still doesn’t lead. He doesn’t fight. He nominates people and then abandons them to the limbo of Republican filibusters. Nominating is his job. Somebody else is supposed to confirm them. That’s it, job done, wipe my hands and on to other things. Given Obama’s miserable record, why would anybody accept a judicial nomination from him? Why good is it if he leaves you dangling in the wind? Lyndon Johnson would have gutted the Republicans and hung their skins on a wall. He would have fought for his nominees–mean and dirty if he had to–and he would have won. He led his party. People feared and respected him. Obama blends in with the crowd and hopes nobody notices him. Who respects Obama these days? Even Democrats have had enough of him.

  10. sam says

    Imagine President Warren? She most likely doesn’t have a chance, but it would be awesome. I’ve got to agree with Jim ^, I wish Obama had more balls. I seriously think Warren would as president. Not that she wouldn’t sell out to the establishment that paid for her campaign for presidency, but she would have no problem standing up and fighting for her nominations et. al.

  11. Bill Perdue says

    “While progressives celebrate Warren for her fight against the big banks and the financial industry’s lobbying arm, they have kept silent over the fact that she has enlisted with another powerful lobby that is willing to sabotage America’s economic recovery in order to advance its narrow interests. It is AIPAC, the key arm of the Israel lobby; a group that is openly pushing for a US war on Iran that would likely trigger a global recession, as the renowned economist Nouriel Roubini recently warned. The national security/foreign policy position page on Warren’s campaign website reads as though it was cobbled together from AIPAC memos and the website of the Israeli Foreign Ministry by the Democratic Party hacks who are advising her. … Warren’s statement on Israel consumes far more space than any other foreign policy issue on the page (she makes no mention of China, Latin America, or Africa). To justify what she calls the “unbreakable bond” between the US and Israel, Warren repeats the thoughtless cant about “a natural partnership resting on our mutual commitment to democracy and freedom and on our shared values.” She then declares that the United States must reject any Palestinian plans to pursue statehood outside of negotiations with Israel. While the US can preach to the Palestinians about how and when to demand the end of their 45-year-long military occupation, Warren says the US “cannot dictate the terms” to Israel. … Warren goes on to describe Iran as “a significant threat to the United States,” echoing a key talking point of fear-mongering pro-war forces. She calls for “strong sanctions” and declares that the “United States must take the necessary steps to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon” — a veiled endorsement of a military strike if Iran crosses the constantly shifting American “red lines.” Perhaps the only option Warren does not endorse or implicitly support is diplomacy. Her foreign policy views are hardly distinguishable from those of her Republican rival, who also marches in lockstep with AIPAC.

  12. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I always hope the politcal trolls here are getting paid, otherwise they’re giving it away for free while the Koch brothers would gladly give them Cheetos and Dr. Pepper money. If you’re here on your own time, don’t be a chump! Apply to get on the Koch brothers’ payroll today!

  13. JackFknTwist says

    It must be killing the Repugs that they are being challenged by such an articulate pugnatus super intelligent woman.
    Not only does she see through the fascist leaning extremists of the Far Right she also calls them for what they are, undemocratic and un American………

    @ SAM :
    I totally agree, eight years of Elizabeth Warran’s Presidency would be wonderful for the USA, right after eight years of Hillary.
    By then all the angry old white dudes will be dead, I hope. Bye bye Scalia.

  14. Red says

    Glad she said it, she is right. The Koch Bros, ALEC, Groundswell, Scalia, Thomas, Boehner & House Republicans are destroying this country and democracy. Harry Reid needs to put his foot down and end these filibusters, nothing will ever get done by POTUS and that’s exactly what those treasonous right wingers want. I don’t know why more people aren’t alarmed by what the GOP is doing to the country with the MSM assisting them.

  15. Red says

    Glad she said it, she is right. The Koch Bros, ALEC, Groundswell, Scalia, Thomas, Boehner & House Republicans are destroying this country and democracy. Harry Reid needs to put his foot down and end these filibusters, nothing will ever get done by POTUS and that’s exactly what those treasonous right wingers want. I don’t know why more people aren’t alarmed by what the GOP is doing to the country with the MSM assisting them.

  16. Kev C says

    Elizabeth Warren is typical socialist scum. If anyone is afraid of her, it’s because she’s actually insane. Even Mayor Bloomberg thinks she’s a kook. A white women pretending to be a native-american. What a disgrace. But she can’t cruise on her white, wealthy female status forever.

  17. johnny says

    Warren is nothing short of a hero and it’s amazing how many trolls are here to put her down. Rethugs are scared sh*tless of her because she speaks THE TRUTH and they can’t stand hearing it. She’s gaining power and that really freaks them out.

  18. MIke says

    Jack M, there seems to be a clown car load of Democrat Senators and Congresmen today racing to put a bullet in the brain of the black guy’s “signature achievement”.


  19. kdknyc says

    Oh if she were to replace Harry Reid! I blame him for not reforming the filibuster, which is enabling the repubs to rule, even though they didn’t win the presidency. She would have the balls to do it!

  20. anon says

    What she doesn’t seem to grasp yet is that the US Senate is a failed institution in general. It’s an anti-democratic and a highly dysfunctional institution. However, it’s hard to say, because Senators are barred by Senate rules to “defame” the Senate as an institution.

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