What To Watch This Week on TV: BBC goes Greek, ‘Glee’ salutes Billy Joel, Hutcherson hosts ‘SNL’


— Despite last week's rather weak episode, this season of American Horror Story is still its strongest yet. With several forces coming together against the Salem witches at Miss Robichaux's, will Fiona (Jessica Lange) be able to withstand turmoil from within the coven once Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) discovers her secret? Find out Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern on FX. Catch up with our recap of last week's episode!)



— Were you clamoring for more Glee tribute episodes? No? Too bad! After tackling the Beatles, Katy Perry and Gaga earlier this season the students of McKinley High set their sights on Billy Joel this Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Fox. 



— Hunger Games hunk and LGBT-ally Josh Hutcherson hosts Saturday Night Live at 11:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC. He'll be joined by one of the best bands of 2013, HAIM. Check out the video from their debut album above.


— See what shocking things Sarah Silverman has to say in her latest special We Are Miracles, premiering Saturday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

What are you watching this week?


  1. Paul R says

    I second that about Overstreet. I’ve been drooling over him since before Glee. He does seem like a nice, self-deprecating guy despite looking like a god. But Billy Joel? Are they trying to capture an older demographic? You can’t tell me that any high school student is listening to Billy Joel unless their parents are playing it.

  2. AriesMatt says

    RE Glee and the older skewing music, I’ve been wondering why, also. Maybe it’s cheaper to license the music and songs for these artists? And it’s not helping the ratings, either, as the show keeps hitting lows.

    Personally, I think they missed the boat not doing a Cher episode. She just had a new album released and her music spans all generations (I think). Are young kids into her?

  3. Kenneth says

    One of the most appealing things about Glee has always been its inclusion of songs not likely to be familiar with its predominant base of viewers. Glee has introduced a generation of young people to music they never would have heard or appreciated, so this isn’t really much of a stretch.

  4. Sean Westmann says

    Just what video format does one need to view the Atlantis trailers? All I got were grey rectangles without even the courtesy of a note as to which video player is needed. :-(

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