‘X-Men’ Mutant Comes Out as Gay [Spoilers]


X-Men mutant Benjamin Deeds comes out as gay in the new Uncanny X-Men #14, out today, Bleeding Cool reports:

And one of the nice things is that this issue, which will likely get all sorts of attention, is really, really good. It’s a character piece, it’s a training issue, it’s recently joined X-Man Benjamin Deeds (for it is he) learning to use his mutant power of sympatico, becoming like the person he is talking to, and weaponising it on behalf of the X-Men. He’s Zelig as a superhero.

Said Joe Taraborrelli, Sr. Communications Manager of Marvel Entertainment to The Huffington Post:

"Continuing with Marvel’s rich tradition of character development and storytelling, this shape-shifting mutant can alter his appearance to mimic anyone he is in close proximity with. The fact that Ben has come out as homosexual is just a small facet of who he is and what he is going to bring to Cyclops’ select team of X-Men."


  1. bobbyjoe says

    Marvel keeps on moving forward, while DC keeps going backward. Marvel had a high profile same-sex wedding (Northstar), while DC refused to let a lesbian get married (Batwoman). Marvel’s X-Men keeps adding GLBT characters, while DC’s Teen Titans recently ditched their only gay character. For every step forward Marvel takes, DC takes one great leap backward. Since Marvel outed this new character, DC will probably fridge the transgender character in Batgirl.

  2. says

    Not be a negative nelly, but the X-Men already have several LGBT characters, such as…
    Mystique: a bisexual shapeshifter
    Northstar: a gay Canadian speedster
    Karma: a Korean lesbian and devout Catholic that can control minds
    Prodigy: A bisexual black man that copies the knowledge and skills of anyone near him
    Anole: A gay kid with lizard-like abilities
    Bling!: Black lesbian made of diamond
    Graymalkin: Gay mutant whose powers increase in the dark

    At this point, having another gay member isn’t really earthshaking (unless it was Wolverine or Beast, which I am sorely disappointed that it wasn’t either of them)

  3. DAlanJ says

    Not to get too fanboy picky, but FURYFIRESTORM, Karma is Vietnamese.
    I would second the motion that marvel seems to be quite gay friendly, and there’s even more gay characters that weren’t listed in that fist post.
    Peter David wrote about a gay relationship between two other characters: Shatterstar and Rictor in his recently concluded X-Factor series.
    I would also highly recommend “The Young Avengers” which features a tennage couple: Hulkling and Wiccan, who have been in a relationship since they were introduced years ago. Dennis Hopeless is writing about them currently and he’s worked their relationship into being a wonderful and critical part of the story without it using the gimmiky, “Look! It’s gays! They’re kissing!”
    If you’ve ever wondered about reading comics I can’t recommend their story enough.

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