1. will says

    This sounds like an authentic accent and he’s very understated and poetic. I don’t really like the idea of an actor performing a monologue like this, out of context, like he’s a trained monkey. I’d much rather see a scene from the play with him interacting with Cherry Jones (both getting rave reviews).

  2. Markt says

    That character is haunted – but like really haunted. The demons that caused him pain in the past still are. That was phony memory crap; connected to nothing.

  3. Nick says

    It’s really not fair to anybody, leastwise Quinn, to take these lines out of the context of the entire play, these words were never meant to stand alone.

  4. Really? says

    Whenever asks why so many gay men are single I tell them to check out the comments section of Towleroad and they no longer ask that question.

  5. dommyluc says

    What? Are people here upset because it wasn’t Lady Gaga doing Tennessee Williams? After all, I’ve been told she is supposed to be the newly crowned Queen of Our World.

  6. Markt says

    I don’t understand anyone defending this performance. I found it very hard to pay attention. He’s not talking about anything real at all. He would have done better to recite his grocery list. He would have had some connection.

  7. says

    I met Tennessee Williams when I was 25 through a friend when he was in Miami for the movie Premier of “Sweet Bird of Youth” in 1962. He invited us to his party at his Key West home later that week and I turned him down.( because I thought they might be smoking pot there!) 2 years later I moved to San Francisco and discovered the Haight-Ashbury and smoked my first joint! Looking back, I often wonder what if?

  8. Markt says

    Bleacher Preacher – I’ll fill in the “what if?” Geraldine Paige said in private once “I knew Tennessee Williams. He was one of the most mean-spirited people I ever met. He remembered vividly every slight that he ever exprienced.” She said that to a student after he did the same monolgue, in the same way Quinto just did. He probably would have been referred to as a hater or a troll on Towleroad. Didn’t he die completely alone and alcoholic?

  9. Bobby says

    I think he’s fabulous and I think you haters are assholes who should stay away from the internet for a few weeks or months or forever.

  10. jjose712 says

    Really?: Very good point.
    And people still ask why not more actor come out of the closet.
    Obviously they come out for personal reasons and not for the support of the gay community.
    If they are not famous enough, they are nobodys and losers, if they are really famous, their fifteen minutes are expiring.
    God, what a bichfest, it’s really tiresome