1. Eric says

    What’s especially insulting about it is that right now on their Twitter stream (@AMCTheatres), they’re using images of Sir Ian McKellen to sell tickets to the Hobbit movie.

    Of course, the danger here is the same danger as shown in the Phil Robertson controversy- by caving in and marketing to right wing fringe groups, it confirms that they *are* a group in society that companies should be marketing and capitulating to, regardless of how disgusting those views are. Worse, this film is going to be used as “proof”, and it’s going to be used against LGBT youth.

  2. Alex says

    Shouldn’t we wait for the film to be reviewed before grabbing the pitchforks???

    Yes, the organization behind it is sleazy but, really, aren’t most of the entertainment mega corporations corrupt? Who owns A&E? What company airs Trump’s program “The Apprentice” even after Trump made repated racist and homophobic statements? What corporation owns the racist, homophobic, and destructive Fox News (the same company that airs the Simpsons and produces The X-Men)?

    As for the film itself, the trailer shows a documentary that is well made. It clearly has an agenda about the negative effects of single parent homes vs two-parent homes.

    But is that horrible to even say that a child might be better off by having two parents than having one? Obviously, a good single parent can raise awesome children. On average, though, would children be better off if they had two parents actively involved in their lives?

    That’s a separate question from gay marriage.

  3. AdamTh says

    I think for the most part, we should ignore this film. Yes, the Chrissies will make a big deal out of it, like they did with Kirk Cameron’s films. Let them.

    Sometimes the best way to convince an idiot he should shut-up, is to just let him speak.

  4. jjose712 says

    Alex: Oh come on, don’t make me laugh.
    Everybody with a brain can see what’s the real matter of this film from miles.

    But i agree with Eric, maybe it will be contraproducent to make noise, because this will probably be a total faliure, and the attention of a boycott could indeep help the film.
    This is not ender’s game (wich bay the way, it tanked)

  5. says

    AMC is all about money — and they host “special showings” of all sorts of films that run for a day and then disappear, and they’ll bail on a film if it’s not generating enough audience (i.e., money). (It’s worth noting that “Ender’s Game” vanished from my local AMC theaters after a couple of weeks. “Thor” ran for almost two months.)

    And in response to Alex’s comment: FotF is a hate group; we know what their agenda is, and any information presented in this film is suspect. (And if it is, in fact, well-made, that in itself would be a surprise.) I think what’s going to be most worth paying attention to is the press response: it’s almost axiomatic that the press gives FotF and its ilk a free pass on their BS, and I’ll be watching for reviews to see how it’s handled. And then I’ll start writing letters to the editor.

    And yes, we all know raising children is a separate issue from same-sex marriage. Tell that to the “Christians” at FotF. Your remarks on that point are almost too naive to be real.

  6. Princely says

    This is a case of letting it die a silent, lonely death. Nobody outside of the wacko right will see it on the single night it plays. It’s a non-factor in the market.

    @MIKE IN THE MARKET, I don’t think Alex would disagree with you. A job with four hands on deck is easier to do than just two. I don’t think it matters to Alex that it’s two men or two women who do it. It’s not necessarily a value judgment as it is a statement about efficiency.

  7. Rad says

    Have you ever been to a Fathom event? They SUCK. We went to a Star Trek “Special Showing” a couple months ago and it was awful. Aside from the fact that it was well publicized and poorly attended, the quality of the showing was horrendous and the audience really could care less about the viewing. And it was EXPENSIVE. I would not care to do one again.

    That said; BFD; what difference is this to the local ABC affiliate broadcasting “The 700 Club”? So what? Good luck to them.

  8. AC says

    Went to see Saving Mr. Banks on Christmas at an AMC outside of Denver. They ran the trailer for Irreplaceable, but also, more disturbingly, for Son of God – the movie version of that garbage “History” Channel miniseries The Bible. Graphic scenes of whipping, torture, etc. – looks like Passion of the Christ all over again. The thumpers are alive and well out there. Be vigilant.

  9. AJ says

    I’m pretty sure that anyone who pays for Fathom Events can rent the space. I wouldn’t blame AMC. If this gets whipped into a boycotting frenzy, the film will get more attention. Anyone can make a documentary. It’s very hard to make a good one and I doubt this is one of them.

  10. Lymis says

    To the degree that this demands any sort of response at all (I could care less), it seems to me that the appropriate thing is to work to schedule an appropriate Pride themed special event for next June, or some other gay-friendly documentary, rather than trying to punish AMC for this one.

    I may be wrong, but in our area, these events are usually held in theaters in the upscale areas, and I don’t see this attracting customers, unless it does become a Chik-Fil-A thing.

    Let it die.

    Notice it and see if it’s part of a pattern – if we get credible reports that they are refusing gay events and promoting anti-gay events, for example. If this is a one-off, it’s likely to do horribly.

    Or, and I certainly couldn’t afford to organize it, if it’s that big a thing, set up a matching funds thing and get people to agree to match their sales figures dollar for dollar to go to Lambda Legal or another pro-gay organization, taking a page from the anti-Westboro Baptist playbook, where they got people to donate for every minute Phelps protested, and funded the local gay community center with it.

    I’m not going to boycott AMC over this, unless it becomes a clear pattern.

  11. C.J. says

    Went to see “Saving Mr. Banks” yesterday and the preview for this “one night only” event played. There were audible groans when it was over. That made me smile.

  12. johnosahon says

    The only thing that will make this “documentary” successful is us complaining and trying to boycott it. I am not stupid enough to play that game, thank you very much.

  13. Dback says

    Cinemark/Century Theaters is also showing it. Ignore it and let it fizzle (though I have to admit, i have hissed a couple times when the trailer for it ends)–we’ve got bigger fish to fry, and don’t need another “free speech martyr” controversy erupting.

  14. FFS says

    Between Cinemark and AMC, there’s no place left to go to the movies. Fortunately, most Hollywood fare sucks ass, these days, so I guess we’re not really missing out.

  15. Tyler says

    Twice now I’ve gone to the movies and had a trailer for this movie play while waiting for the actual trailers to begin. I booed loudly when I first realized what was being advertised, and the second time I booed for the entirety of the trailer.

  16. Robert says

    This is a case of grab some popcorn and giggle yourself silly at the attention whoring done by these people. You do not need to boycott the theater, the film, or the people behind it. You do need to Read them.

    This bomb will be so bad, you probably won’t even find it on the torrent sites.

  17. bobbyjoe says

    This is being promoted by Fathom Events, not AMC. Fathom Events also promotes the Metropolitan opera broadcasts in movie theaters, the National Theatre Live broadcast of plays, the Rifftrax guys (i.e., Mystery Science Theater), etc. Those are their three most successful venues, and all three have major gay audiences. So the question is, why would any of those organizations (particularly those like the Met) be happy that money they were helping to make was being funneled into anti-gay propaganda?

    The key here is demanding equal representation, not falling into the disingenuous “they’re trying to censor us” trap a la Phil Robertson. Why IS Fathom Events only pushing talks by anti-gay groups? We (and the Met, the National Theatre, Rifftrax, etc) should insist that Fathom stay out of the political propaganda business, but if they’re going to wade into that arena, they need to represent all sides, not just one. So if they’re going to have anti-gay events, then they also need to have pro-gay ones– and I’m sure there are a lot of celebrities who’d be on board with a pro-gay live event. If Fathom refuse, then THEY’RE the ones who are censoring a viewpoint, so we won’t have to listen to the phony “free speech” hissy fit thing they threw about Robertson.

    But it’d be a good idea to contact some of Fathom Events other big draws and ask them if they’re on board with Fathom’s one-sided anti-gay agenda. Here’s their contact information:

    The Metropolitan Opera:
    Phone: 212-799-3100

    National Theatre Live:
    Phone: +44 (0)20 7452 3333


    Fathom Events:
    Phone: 1-800-295-8587

  18. Dave says

    In 2008 when we started the Boycott of Cinemark for their CEO’s stupidity in donating to YES on 8, I have to say I’m not very concerned about this film. When I saw the trailer during a recent movie, I thought, oh, this will be just like the Glen Beck Fathom films that showed last year. I don’t think this film is going to have any impact.. especially with how forward we are moving with Marriage Equality.

  19. FakeTyler says

    Sorry, that last post was not from the real regular-commenter Tyler, who is pretty dang intelligent, but from a resident troll who’s about as impressive as an anal wart.

    Continue on your day, plz.

  20. Bernie says

    since this movie sounds like an Academy Award winning movie…..I say let these fools show their movie for the 2 1/2 folks that are going to show up……their ignorance and stupidity speak volumes and will fool very few people………..

  21. says

    In case anyone’s interested, there is a petition out there asking AMC to simply change its advertising acceptance criteria to disallow ads from known “hate groups,” as determined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    The petition acknowledges that they have a legal right to advertise whatever they like, but argues that it is just a stupid business practice to insult some members of your own audience. You can find it here:

    Of course Haters are gonna hate. But corporate America doesn’t have to enable them, and it won’t, once it decides that it’s not in their financial interest.

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