1. litper says

    It was Boehner who hosted “Kill the gays” party in the House office just a few weeks ago, so don’t believe anything he says.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    A much better question is: Should gay people support the GOP?

    It takes a particularly vile kind of quisling to support a political party that has long been calling for you to be stripped of all human rights, if not outright killed.

  3. j.martindale says

    How generous of him! “By all means, we will accept the support of any self-hating gays who wish to work against the interests of the poor, the elderly, the workers, the unions, the sick, et cetera. We won’t even mind if they talk about supporting gay rights. Of course, the rest of the party will be shitting all over them trying to keep them in their place and enacting bigoted anti-gay legislation.”

  4. Nick says

    Looks like damage control over his providing meeting space for the Bring Russian Homophobia to America group. Seriously.

    And, this jackwagon has been working overtime and spending MILLIONS of taxpayer money to prevent gay people, including congresspersons, from having BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

    He’s only trying to give cover to his own reprehensible hatred.

  5. whitneyisadude says

    @Gregory SERIOUSLY DUDE. Why the fvck would one be a gay republican in the first place.

  6. Paul R says

    The guy is always on the verge of tears. I’ve never known anyone so emotional (especially a man of considerable power), whether for show or for real. He’s kind of beyond comprehension.

    Also, what else is he going to say? Those two candidates aren’t going to step down and are the GOP’s best hopes in their districts. I don’t see him saying, Nah, I’d rather have fewer Republican House members if it means we have to deal with homos. Having gay GOPers plays to the quaint notion of the party being a “large tent.” Or was it “big circus”?

  7. Whatever Heather says

    Pick either side, and you lose.

    Pretending that the Dems are any better is a huge fallacy. As the country increasingly slips into Police State status you people keep sucking the crap up. Wake up. All three parties are screwing us.

  8. Jack M says

    He is also reported as having said the GOP should be “nicer” to women. Anybody that buys this guy’s load of crap better have good use for manure.

  9. les says

    The Libertarian Party supported gay rights LONG before the democrats were on board. Just sayin’…

  10. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Whatever Heather – Both parties are bad, yes, but the Democrats are significantly less bad.

  11. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Les – The Libertarian Party supports the abolition of public education, the zoning laws that prevent a toxic waste dump from being built next to your child’s school and the pure food and drug laws that require your mother’s heart medicine to be safe and effective. They hold states rights so dear that they would have no problem if a state were to reintroduce slavery or ban atheists from holding public office.

    In just about every possible way, the Libertarian Party is much more scary than the GOP.

  12. les says

    @gregory: don’t believe everything they tell you on msnbc. There is a breadth of opinion among libertarians, and the positions you mention are pure caricature. Break the duopoly!

  13. disgusted american says

    any gay person that votes for this brand of GOP – needs thier head examined, and or go see a therapist on WHY You HATE YOUSELF, and WHY DON’T you think YOu Deserve Equal Rights????

  14. andrew says

    I think that Boehner is basically a good man who is hamstrund by about 80 wingnut Teaparty types. They have been able to thwart any move toward moderation in the Republican Party.

  15. shawnthesheep says

    What do you base this “good man” hypothesis on? Certainly not his words or deeds. Boehner is either a far-right nutjob who pretends to be a moderate, or he is a coward who is so selfish and unprincipled that he’d let the Teahadists destroy the country just to keep his Speakership.

  16. FFS says

    That support extends right up to the point of putting two puppet representatives that suck GOP tit in office and stops at supporting equal rights for LGBT citizens.

    Get bent, Boehner. Have fun ass-raping your Uncle Toms.