1. Merrin Reagan says

    While it’s tempting to think that this is a case of overcompensation for decades of “is he gay?” rumors, it’s probably more a case of taking whatever acting work he can get. Most unfortunate, given the actual fact of gay people in Mr. Estrada’s immediate family.

  2. Ambrose says

    Estrada: another example of a has-been, mediocre actor of the homophobic old generations trying sadly to resurrect a semblance of a career by pandering to fringe religious extremists.

  3. Bart says

    The man needs the work,why act like he’s homophobic. And the fact he is who they have as their star tells you this will get seen in church basements and will bore to death most of their intended audience.

  4. Cocoa says

    Did anyone watch the trailer? I’m with Andy, it looks awful. It looks cheesy, sounds like every actor just called it in and read the lines, and most of all, if you go into the trailer blind, you leave with no idea of what the movie is even about.

    Content aside, the movie looks terrible. Add the content, and it looks less appealing than a rock to the face.

  5. Jerry says

    Estrada hasn’t been UNemployed (at least one project every year since CHiPs ended in 1983), but he HAS BEEN (pun intended) almost completely off the radar. One-offs, guest roles, direct-to-video, voice work, kiddie TV.

    The life of a working actor who has no other marketable skills. Work for whoever’s checks don’t bounce.

  6. ElCid says

    OK. I only wonder whether all the bitter critics here would hire Eric Estrada so he can make a living.
    I’m getting a bit tired of persecuting everyone who works for some stupid anti-gay organization…
    I mean, come on, people like Estrada and others must still eat, get housing, clothing and pay bills, right?

  7. UFFDA says

    WOODY – “…and they like their gay friends.” You’re so right about that, and that’s not going to change. I’m around young straight men and women and their gay friends and the gay guys couldnt be more a part of all the rest. Any questions about it would be regarded as sorely “messed up.”

  8. BZ says

    Long before this, there were persistent rumors that Estrada was conflicted about his sexuality – and those rumors persisted even after CHIPS was off the air.

    What I’d like to know is, how in the world did he cross paths with Staver and land this job? Is this his way of saying he’s ex-gay when he never publicly owned up to being gay in the first place?

  9. Marco Lue says

    Liberty Counsel is a film production company? What do their donors think of Staver’s narcissism and hubris? Nevermind. Liberty Counsel is just a money making scam by Staver, who continues to make a living by tilting at windmills in court [and losing] and fanning the flames of fear and bigotry. I expect Frank Schubert of Prop H8 fame to do the film’s PR.

  10. jarago says

    I had never heard of any gay rumors about Estrada even he looked hot in those tight shorts on “Chips”. His acting career has been over for ages he went from tv to made for video horror-sci fi- action schlock and now he is religious schlock.

  11. says

    It must take a lot of nerve to lie like this. The courts have consistently ruled that students can have voluntary religious groups on campus. The school is only banned from requiring them for students who don’t want them. They are making it out like the Bible is being banned (and I hear fundies saying as much). It’s just not true. Also, if anyone would be banning the drama club, it would be this crowd. They are always trying to censor what the students put on. It’s like bizarro world to listen to this crowd.

    Poor Eric Estrada. This is probably the only work he could get. I would never assume that any actor is endorsing the script they are playing. Dixie Carter was a right wing nutjob in real life but played liberal fireband Julia Sugarbaker quite convincingly.

  12. Douglas says

    The movie doesn’t look so bad. Let the Christians make a movie about supporting the arts. Perhaps the school boards that defunded them because we, gays, took them over will find the money to allow the kids to choose their influences. That is one of the themes of the movie. If the kids choose God, good for them. If they choose to be open minded, good for them.

    We can’t act like the GAY MAFIA that the right wing is accusing us of being.

    Let them have their voice. It does not diminish ours, now.

  13. ThomT says

    I’m assuming this movie is a comedy? And hiring a has been actor like Estrada should provide evidence that they had no intention of making a “real” movie.

  14. anon says

    Well, this is probably a better gig than selling plots of land and condos. The irony is his gay fantasy CHiPs role in the 70’s and the fact he was a break-out hispanic/latino (along with Freddie Prinze) star, coming twenty years after Desi Arnaz.

  15. jarago says

    And the producers of this movie have very progressive views they hire a Latino actor to play a JANITOR! Hey at least he could have been the gym teacher.

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