CHiPs Star Erik Estrada Stars In New Film from Anti-Gay Group Liberty Counsel: VIDEO


Liberty Counsel, the group known for being anti-gay, anti-woman, and for filing suit against a public library for "endorsing witchcraft" by praising students who read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has made a movie. Uncommon tells the tale of a bunch of high school kids who band together to discover their own God-given talents after their school loses funding for theater, music, and dance departments. The full description of the film unironically tells how the students will have to combat the bullying of the establishment to be themselves.

The film will star the Liberty Counsel's own Mat Staver, the man who said Romney lost and gay marriage began being legalized because Romney didn't hate the gays enough, and 70's heartthrob and CHiPs star Erik Estrada. The narcissism of Staver starring in his company's own film is predictable, but Estrada is more of a surprise as he hasn't exactly been known for religious proselytization.

The preview alone is causing the film to be panned as terrible (surprise; it looks like a cheap attempt to cash in on Glee's popularity), but you can watch the trailer and judge for yourself AFTER THE JUMP...