1. Ben in Oakland says

    “Moore argued that millions of religious people across the U.S. agree with Robertson’s POV”

    The question is, do they agree with Robertson’s POV that homosexuality is a sin, or that we are no better than horse fuckers, drunks, and terrorists?

    And what does Moore himself think?

  2. Steven H says


    Agreed. And apparently millions of religious people across the US (in other words, Southern Baptists) think that blacks were happy to live in the Jim Crow south. You go Moore! Represent!

  3. says

    Well done, Carol Costello. Free speech is your right but it’s not without consequences when it’s hate speech. Yes, you have a right to say it and society has a right to tell you your views are warped, unwanted, & hurtful.

    How quickly Southern Baptist asshat Moore was willing to embrace Muslims when it came to hating LGBT.

  4. Steve says

    And those millions of Christers are idiots too. For almost 2000 years, they have tortured, murdered, oppressed and silenced countless people and groups they’ve hated. Now people are finally standing up to them and saying “no more” and they freak out at their loss of privilege and power.

  5. Me? I'mALWAYSRIGHT says

    I’d rather have religious people keep their *opinions* about gay people in the closet than have them *demand* through violence and the law, that gay people lead their lives in the closet.

  6. Jaker says

    there is no comparison between a redneck reality star’s religiously regressive comments in a magazine article and a broadcaster saying on air that a public figure should be shat in the mouth. that’s stupid.

    moore is right about getting what you hired for to market to an audience who agrees with this point of view.

    here’s what will happen: the market of duck dynasty will go full steam with protests and boycotts against, who will decide to bring him back because money. he will become a martyr/hero to the right and the lgbt community will take a black eye and a setback in the court of public opinion as being whiny totalitarians. the pc left overplaying its hand of outrage again. should’ve responded with mocking critique, not demands for silence and firing.

  7. Jaker says

    it’s also interesting that al the focus is going on the anti gay comments, not the condescending ones about black people in the pre civil rights era.

    glaad, signorile and others ignoring this to the detriment of uniting black and gay people. just terrible strategies all around.

  8. dommyluc says

    And while the Duckwad lovers are trying to defend his free speech rights, which were never in any way violated, New Mexico now has gay marriage, which shows you that the Christofarians can’t concentrate on 2 things at once.
    And the reason this is blowing up, Jaker, is because A&E knows that the sponsors are the ones that are going to bear the brunt of the anger, and that means major revenue loss all around for the network if major boycotts are begun, and not only on the Duckwad show. Phil Robertson is a loose cannon who has said things like this before, and this is not 1983 anymore. I do agree, though, that his comments on black people were just as offensive, but I think that is going to hit the fan next. He can try to use his Bible excuses for his gay hatred, but his racism is going to do him in for good.
    BTW, has anyone heard anyone else from that family saying anything to defend him? Or are they trying to protect the brand? I guess they learned a lesson from the Paula Deen slavery incident.
    Oh, and when are these free speech stalwarts of the right going to demand the reinstatement of Martin Bashir, and finally apologize – on their knees, preferably – to the Dixie Chicks?

  9. Brian says

    Its 2013…do we still have to be offended every time some fool says something mean about us? Who gives a s*@t what this white trash thinks about anything?!?! I’m certain when he was talking about the ugly male anus, he was referring to his own!

    It’s hard to take us seriously as equals when we insist that no one can harbor ill feelings about us. I don’t really mind if you dislike gay people…I only draw the line at laws that create inequality. Other than that, think whatever the hell you want.

  10. says

    He’s about as much martyr material as the New Mexico cake bakers. Zero. Less than zero. He’ll have no more appeal than he had before, he may even in fact lose some because not all southerners support his racist, homophobe views.

    Jindal & Palin jumped on the bandwagon because they’re both ignorant press whores. They know that no matter how ridiculous they look with their misappropriated claim of ‘free speech’ violation that their support base won’t care. Anyone with an conscience knows full well they’re not championing free speech. They want a racist bigot to be able to say anything he wants and not suffer any consequences because his views are their views.

    We didn’t get the rights we’ve won by placating morons like these. We won them by standing up to these idiots and pointing out when they cross a line of decency. No LGBT group sought this trash out and provoked him. He made these statements because in his (white, hetero, male, faux-christian) privileged ignorance he thought they were perfectly fine. The only way he’ll grow as a human being is being made to face the fact that his views of vaginas, morality, & civil rights are not everyone else’s truth.

    Robertson & this developing situation is a case study of most of the social ills in America today. Ignorance, racism, & bigotry championed by zealots & fundamentalists as a right of personal conscience.

  11. calpoidog says

    Frankly, I don’t care and don’t think he should have been punished. He was hired for a redneck show and if people are learning manners and talking points from him they have bigger problems. Most people like this do a fine job of sinking their own ships. I’m tired of being overly sensitive to insensitive comments from people who really don’t matter (like members of government)

  12. JustSayin' says

    Is any of this about us and our rights at all, or is it REALLY just about selling all those piles of Duck Dynasty merchandise ?

    I mean, come on, for all the effort people are putting into this controversy, you could have actually DONE SOMETHING that matters.

    If this whole thing doesn’t seem obviously contrived to you, then you’re a friggin’ rheatahd.

  13. CrackerPlease says

    We don’t really need to worry about being demeaned, because hey, we’re significant enough to be manipulated into helping corporations sell useless crap that nobody needs, just like every other moronic pawn.


  14. Jaker says

    @litper. lol. i’m a liberal who can see clearly when the left goes off the rails and overplays its hand.

    we would get so much more respect and props if we recognize his right to his opinion while coolly and calmly pointing out the absurd regressivism of his comments instead of “omfg outrage! silence him! fire him!” we’re trying to win the middle, remember, who will have a more nuanced vuew of this instead of knee jerk outrage, which will push them away from us. it’s not very smart.

    instead we get carrie prejean part deux, when support for our cause took a dive.

    he will rejoin the show as victor. just watch.

  15. says

    Yes, it’s all about freedom of speech. I can’t wait for A&E to start a reality show featuring the Rev Phelps and his KKKlan.

    I would like to see the right defend their freedom of speech to be pathetic on a national TV show week after week. Especially while they are picketing at a military funeral.

  16. EchtKultig says

    “here’s what will happen: the market of duck dynasty will go full steam with protests and boycotts against, who will decide to bring him back because money. he will become a martyr/hero to the right and the lgbt community will take a black eye and a setback in the court of public opinion as being whiny totalitarians. the pc left overplaying its hand of outrage again.”

    Yes, you said it so well I can’t really add much to it. GLAAD needs to learn how to apply a “long term consequences” filter to their actions. Every time some inbred old racist hillbilly confirms the fact that he’s an inbred old racist hillbilly, it doesn’t need to be a national gay rights crisis. Now the right has another lucrative cause-celebre.

  17. Mike Ryan says

    Can you image replacing Signorile with Dan Savage. There would have been sparks flying and headlines across the nation today. I can’t wait for Savage to weigh in. The Bible is a piece of crap and those who adhere and rely on it are absolute fools.

  18. Henry Holland says

    “@litper. lol. i’m a liberal who can see clearly when the left goes off the rails and overplays its hand”

    See: Chik-Fil-A, Stoli vodka for just two recent examples.

    But hey, the Professional Left only cares about getting their press releases and spokespeople in the latest 24 hour news cycle, not doing hideously boring work such as running for every office there is (remember how quickly Howard Dean’s successful 50 state strategy got dismantled once he left the DNC?), standing outside of supermarkets in the freezing cold to get petitions signed and so on because that’s not sexy, that’s not going to get the idiot cable news channels to pay attention to you.

    This shit has been going since I’ve been involved in politics (ca. 1978) and it’s maddening. It’s why the right wing still has such power, because they take the long view, that having the local school board packed with (R) people helps, having the local planning commission packed with (R) people helps etc.

    Plus it gives grifters like Bob No Eyebrows a steady paycheck.

  19. MAP says

    Im sure these duck people have been eating crab,shrimp and crawfish their entire lives…now what does it say in Leviticus about eating shell fish is an abomination?

  20. jjose712 says

    Jaker: You must be joking. If you want to be a silent uncle tom it’s your right but not everybody is that coward.

    And first of all, absolutely nobody demanded the firing of this guy. That’s something A&E did, and in my opinion they did it because right now the guy was harming them more than giving benefits.

    IN the past actions like thi were punished with a slap in the hand and a non apology.
    Well, i aplaud them for being a little further.

    And i couldn’t care less about the outrage, the people who are outraged hated gays in the first place, so we don’t lose absolutely nothing

  21. jjose712 says

    Henry Holland: Two very bad examples.
    First of all, Chick-Fil-A apreciation day was a success, but the fact that their PR has nighmares everytime their CEO opens his mouth makes me think the numbers are less than stellar right now.
    And Chik-Fil-A is not a brand outside the south, so he preached to the convinced.
    Put Barilla in the same situation and see the differences.

    And Stoli boycott really work, because the boycott wasn’t about make damage to Stoli (that claimed to be inclusive and tried to stay away of Putin’s policies) but it made news around the globe, and brought awareness about Russian’s situation on gay rights

  22. says

    It’s important to remember that “The Gays” didn’t fire this moron, the A&E network did. Sure we complained, as we should have, but A&E got rid of him immediately because his statements were against their own corporate policies of inclusion.

    Personally I don’t think firing him was a great idea because all it did was make him a martyr for idiots like Palin, Jindal, and others to rally around. Because now every ill-informed chucklehead is invited to give their opinion on local and national “news” broadcasts, this firing actually results in MORE homophobic speech, not less.

    Obviously A&E should have condemned and distanced themselves from his remarks, but there were other ways to handle this that didn’t leave “The Gays” looking like some repressive regime and playing into the Right’s plan.

  23. Lyndz says

    I love seeing the Christians squirm over this. No longer do major companies allow their brand to be hijacked by bigotry and they distance themselves with the bigot. Christians are now in the minority with their hatred.

  24. Scottie says

    Just so everyone is aware, the log cabin republicans and gay conservatives are outraged at the gay community over this and trolling EVERY gay blog blasting gay democrats. So don’t for one second think that any comment supporting this bigot is coming from anyone other than conservative republican gays.

  25. Joseph T. says

    Wait, Jaker so you want him to be condemned for his remarks on black people but you want the gay community to overlook his homophobic remarks on our people? Yeah, that makes sense.

  26. Junior says

    LOL the few consistent conservatives on here are lambasting the gay community for daring have a voice, and supporting this tool. Anyone surprised? Henry Holland, have a seat!

  27. mark says

    It’s already been stated that he signed a contract A&E mandates that while representing the company has to be respectful of all people, with no offensive commentary. A&E says you can make offensive commentary but may not remain employed by them. VERY company has similar rules. Don’t like it? ell, I don’t love the regulations of ob either.

  28. jar says

    There are always some oppressed who cower at fighting back for fear of reprisal. Their frightened minds use the warped reasoning that if I stand up and fight my oppressors will beat me, forgetting that they are already being beaten. It’s a form of learned helplessness that pervades this discussion. Refusing to act on the grounds that it will bring more hate expresses an acceptance of one’s position as a punching bag. They already hate you! What precisely are you losing? Please do tell what negative consequences from expressing disapproval of this man’s comments will ensue. Underneath this attitude is the masochism of self-hatred. The fear stems from an underlying belief that the hate is valid. That when a gay person steps out of line they deserve the derision that may result. This argument has been used as far back as the Anita Bryant boycott. The same hand wringers were out then, too, but that boycott was one of the first flexings of our political muscles.

    As for the melodramatic defense of this poor man, I have not heard anyone calling for his firing. Even Signorile acknowledged that it might not be necessary.

    I will bet that his racist comments will be ignored by the conservatives and the media because they want their outrage focused on the gay menace. Bringing his other comments into the discussion disabuses the notion that he is a mere Xtian being attacked for his faith.

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