1. Dawson says

    I don’t get it? Is there a gay angle? Is the actor gay? Is this important to us or just eye candy?

  2. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Dominic Cooper played Dakin in gay playwright Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, in which there were multiple gay angles.

    But I suspect it’s posted here more for the eye candy, and I have no objection to that, either.

  3. Zlick says

    What’s the gay angle to all the science and, in particular, astronomy posts here? Um, none. It’s a gay-centric site with links to stories that have an interest to the proprietor, who happens to be gay. Low and behold, I’m also a gay man who happens to like science and astronomy, and might also be interested in the music, movie, and theater posts that don’t necessarily have anything directly to do with homosexuality either.

    In this case, I seem to recall James Bond having more than a passing appeal to gay men, even though he’s as hetero a character as has ever been hatched. Surely, then, the exploits of Bond’s creator, which are sure to emphasis similarities with the creation such as a penchant for going shirtless at times, is of interest to many gay dudes.

  4. JWL says

    I’m sure straight guys are always complaining when chicks show up on the cover of Sports Illustrated. “What have these bikini babes to do with football?!”

  5. anon says

    Ian Flemming drank and smoked himself into an early grave. The fun stopped for him well before age 40.

  6. woodroad34d says

    James Bond to Raoul Silva as Raoul starts to feel up James Bond (so as to embarrass James Bond)….”what makes you think this is my first time?”

  7. MindiG says

    Dominic Cooper is a well versed actor. He was amazing in The Devils Double. Leave it to an idiot to bring up the whole (gay) angle. He plays Flemming in a smooth and debonair way. Dominic Cooper is an amazing actor and yea he was in the History Boys but if you recall he started in Theater. I love he is not afraid to take chances. If it is a part he thinks is right for him he does. He is also very humble. So before you throw out silly comments you might want look at other work he has been in.