News: Stephen Amell, Obamacare, Denzel Washington, El Salvador

RoadStephen Amell covers up the goods for an impromptu Christmas card posted to the actor's Instagram.

RoadKanye's keyboard will appreciate the break.

RoadShe's just being Miley.

RoadCybill Shepherd to guest star on Trophy Wife.

RoadDecember saw a surge in sign-ups on, passing the 1 million mark, according to the Obama administration: "Combined with numbers for state-run markets due in January, that should put total enrollment in the new private insurance plans under President Barack Obama's health law at about 2 million people through the end of the year, independent experts said. That would be about two-thirds of the administration's original goal of signing up 3.3 million by Dec. 31, a significant improvement given the technical problems that crippled the federal market during much of the fall. The overall goal remains to enroll 7 million people by March 31."

RoadDenzel Washington rumored to be playing the Green Lantern in the new Superman vs. Batman movie.

RoadMichael Fassbender mugs for British GQ.

RoadThe year in scandals.

RoadProstitute mistakenly texts on duty police officer in wrong number epic fail. 

RoadGOP megadonor Harold Simmons has died: "Simmons’s spending was not confined to Republican political candidates: His foundation gave $600,000 to Planned Parenthood and a Texas affiliate in 2011, according to CPI, and the same amount to a Dallas LGBT center this year, according to the Dallas Morning News."

Pin RoadA very apropos 'You Can Play' pin.

RoadThe (fan-created) Frozen reprise that might have been but never was.

RoadSpeaking of, the animated film has done equally well overseas and here in the US according to Deadline, raking in $243.5M abroad and $491.8M globally.

RoadChaparrastique volcano erupts in El Salvador, thousands flee.

RoadNY Times asks: What does the way you speak say about you?


  1. Paul R says

    That NY Times quiz was eerily accurate when it presented the places where people speak like I do.

  2. ratbastard says

    The NYT test is flawed. It correctly stated where I was probably from, but it basically based this guess solely on one question; what do you call a traffic island where multiple streets intersect, which we call in the Boston area a rotary (Brits call then round-a-bouts). Rotaries / round-a-bouts are rare elsewhere in the U.S., but are very common in Greater Boston. I knew immediately when answering that one question it would flag me as being in Boston. It asked one or two other questions about things that are uniquely referred to in Eastern MA, R.I., parts of Maine, but these words although commonly used by people who are from this area, are also commonly switched back and forth with the more common American English / slang words, and I myself will use both the regionalism and nationally understood words. I did not choose the regional words in the test, other than the word rotary.

  3. DB says

    Only 5 of the items in this post labeled ‘News’ are actually news. The other 10 items are all celebrity gossip/trash/ boring filth.

  4. LiamB says

    DB, don’t like the content, then you are more than free to either skip it or move on to another site. This is Andy’s blog, and he is more than free to do whatever he wishes with it. Entitlement is never sexy.