1. Anthony R says

    Please tell me this is not true lol, a farse, a hoax. I cannot tell if this is actual police work and news broadcasting???

  2. Mike says

    Ha. Have seen som hunky cops that I would L‚ô•LE to be kissed by especially if it require a more deep interrogation later! This should be a real law. Yeah . . .

  3. Patrick says

    Love it. The Onion is so snarky and hysterically funny. The “news” scroll at the bottom of the screen was even funnier. There are a few cops here in Houston I’d like to ‘Stop and Kiss(actually boink them deep & hard)’.

  4. Jersey says

    That is hilarious, is it bad that I now want to become a cop in NYC so I can kiss all the cute black guys I see? Nevermind I know it is.

  5. Hank says

    There is nothing funny about crime and gun violence in our country. I’m sure the police aren’t getting their jollies frisking some smelly low life drug dealer who may be armed and dangerous.

  6. DavidR says

    Thanks Hank for your support of stricter gun control laws.

    On topic though: I wonder if more kissing is what what the world is missing?

  7. andrew says

    While this is funny, as are most of the Onion satires, Stop and Frisk is a good program. It inconveniences some innocent citizens but helps safeguard the entire community.

  8. Rrhain says

    @Andrew: Except it does no such thing. The overwhelming majority of people stopped have had nothing to find, it wastes the resources of the cops chasing down phantoms rather than focusing on actual crimes, and breeds distrust among the communities the police are meant to serve.

    All studies of Stop and Frisk show it actually hinders the job of policing rather than helping.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    “Stop and Kiss” a violation of the “abstinence only” policy. Bravo The Onion. Funny.

  10. Austin says

    Stop and frisk is a racist program that is emotionally oppressive and exactly the sort of political environment we do not want in this country. It is literally chilling.

  11. ReHashed Crap says

    How stupid are some of you? This is a joke! Although Stop and Frisk is a severe violation of ones human rights. I wonder how you’d feel if you were stopped and given an HIV test because Police thought you were gay?

  12. Lee says

    Of course people believe Onion is real. Stupid people who haven¬īt been from their computer desks for heaven knows how long. Satire is a subtle form and believe subtle these believers are not, just stupid

  13. andrew says

    I think that Stop and Frisk can be an effective tool in helping police make our cities safer. It must be carefully monitored by Police Authorities and Civilian Review Boards to prevent potential abuses. It would probably help the people who live in lower economic neighborhoods, that are often infested with thugs with weapons, the most. Upper class folks and ACLU type liberals can have academic discussions about it’s constitutionality because violent street crime rarely effects them. The 65 year old African American woman, who lives in a poor neighborhood and is often a prisoner in her home because she is surrounded by thugs with weapons may be understandably more concerned with her right to life.

  14. David Jarrett says

    I am now hanging out near the New York police academy. I am being frisked, stripped search, and kissed a lot.

  15. Armando says

    Maybe the 65 year old woman would feel safer if the police got out of their cars to know the people in the neighborhood and respond quickly when there was a crime.