1. David From Canada says

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem. I’ve noticed time and time again that too many people post such cruel, thoughtless remarks on the Internet about so many news stories. What on earth is going on inside people?
    Hang in there Tom. The haters will soon move on to their next victim. In the meantime, you’re a great guy, and move on like a good soldier. You’ll be fine.

  2. David says

    Not surprising. The world is full of A-holes who can send hateful crap messages when they are anonymous, not unlike this page.

  3. Adrian says

    Andy, please take these awful messages down. I get that it’s “news” of a sordid sort, but the best thing we can do is NOT spread these around – that is exactly what the posters wanted, for everyone to see, especially gay people. Please take them down and replace them with messages of support. May not be as juicy a story, but at least you’re putting positivity into the world, instead of furthering these people’s destructive message.

  4. Richard Fry says

    With the absolute avalanche of positive support that has been sent to Tom Daley today, why on earth are you focussing on the negative? Homophobia exists. We know. Congratulations on putting a negative spin on one of the best bits of gay news we’ve had recently. Young people who heard that Daley had come out today may Google to find an article and come across this one. A real shame.

  5. David From Canada says

    Yes, I agree with Adrian: We get the hint, and don’t need to see so many of these heartless responses. Take at least half of them down. Make room for something much more worthwhile.

  6. Tiger says

    Adrian – NO. Leave them up. If they are hard to read, they SHOULD BE. We need to wise up and realize that this is exactly where we are now – little more than accessories. Quit fooling yourself that we’ve gained much.

  7. Henk says

    @Adrian: Yours is a particularly naive response. By your reasoning, it would be best not to have any negative news anymore, as it spreads ‘negativity’ around the world. Understand though that it’s the homophobes who are spreading negativity, not those being informed about it. It’s a journalist’s job to inform the public of news of import, wether it be good or bad, as it is a way of raising public awareness and also creates the possibility of public resistance to this kind of (homophobic) behaviour that would not come about if we were only shown the ‘positive’ side of things. That would be irrisponsible journalism indeed.

    I understand that ignorance is bliss — but only for those who have the luxury of ignorance. Tom is not so lucky.

    Andy, we do not know eachother personally, but I applaud you for bring this to our attention. Keep up the good work.

  8. James says

    These idiots on Twitter are just looking for 5mins of fame, and you are giving it to them.

    Take this crap down.

  9. Grover Underwood says

    there are some lovely people in the world; maybe they all get some horrid disease and suffer being before they die

  10. Luke says

    What is the point of this thread? If you do a search for slurs and epithets about Tom Daley, you will get many results. It is part of the makeup of social media. But, there are far more people saying supportive things, yet they get no publicity. Why is this news?

  11. Ryan says

    Screw the haters. Hate is the most pointless of all human emotions.

    I hope Tom looks at the thousands and thousands of messages of support he’s no doubt getting. I’m sure there are a lot more people happy for him than are on Team Homophobia.

  12. Patrick says

    I think if everyone just blocks or reports those people on Twitter the robots will do their thing.

  13. Patrick says

    I think if everyone just blocks or reports those people on Twitter the robots will do their thing.

  14. JD says

    I think the guys that post that stuff on twitter are saying more about themselves. Its a whos-whos-list of indenial closet cases.

  15. Gerry says

    People posting these vile things are just cowards. They’re prolly using fake accounts. I like Google’s approach now forcing people to use their G+ accounts to comment… at least people can’t hide their snark.

  16. gregory brown says

    I agree with Sean M. The so-called “social media” have some positive uses certainly but I think that they function as “anti-social media” too often. People spend less time face to face than on Facebook, absolute twits tweet. When I read the comments sticking to online news stories I wonder how many posters ever get out of Mom’s damp basement and deal with some kind of reality.
    There’s nothing new in this: is anybody else here old enough to remember the torrents of twaddle that were unleashed when CB radio was deregulated? Inet allows the instantaneous spread of anonymous idiocy.

  17. Rad says

    Why Twitter needs to just go away. Let’s just give the lowest dregs of our society a public outlet.

  18. Mike Ryan says

    If you’ve a Twitter account you can file a complaint against each one of the homophobic bigots demanding their accounts be closed. That’s one why to thank them for their ridiculous rants.

  19. Michael says

    Have you ever met one of these homophobes in real time. I have never ever met any group of individuals who will put their tail in between their legs and cower in fear more quickly than a homophobe who encounters a man who doesn’t back down.

  20. JeffNYC says

    Why does Towleroad need to show ua Tweets from individuals on Twitter whose lives and opinions are insignificant to us?

    It’s just the cyber version of man-on-the-street interviews. One or two, perhaps, might be interesting. But far better would be to refer to them and show none at all.

  21. Chuck Mielke says

    An obvious lesson from those hateful posts: some people have so invested themselves in the traditional male/female dichotomy that they can see no difference at all between straight/bi, straight/gay, or bi/gay. Talking the reality of such nuances as transgender, heteronormativity, etc. to such folks would fall on utterly deaf and uncomprehending ears. The preposterous vanity of ignorance.

  22. Saturnalia says

    SO wait a minute, yuou do not like what people has to comment, so you are going to try to shut down their accounts, they do not break any laws, mind you. What should we do about Towleroad, or Joe my God who constantly rant and insult republican or catholic figures based on their looks or habits? Should I report it to blogger or what not for constantly publishing lies about eastern europe and russia? Or for commenters here? Get over yourself, and stop acting like a spoiled child who cries every time it does not get his way.

    Poor Tom, I realy thought he was heterosexual. As if his life is not full of hardships already, he will get drawn through mud by homosexual activists for stating that he is straight earlier.

    I was routing for him in Olympics, and in Barcelona. Just hope Chris Mears does not turn gay also, Britain would be shocked and humiliated.

    He should date Colton Haynes. They both like to post sweet nonsense on twitter.

  23. Hey Darlin' says

    I have a feeling the JOY Mr. Daley experiences from living his life on his terms far outweighs the peanut gallery on Twitter.

  24. Fenrox says

    Ugh, and the worst part is that he ISN’T GAY, HE’S BI! Bi people need icons and he is a GREAT one.

  25. Saturnalia says

    I heard once on MTV that bisexual men are just homosexuals who are afraid to admit it, or something. What was the name of show, Undressed or something.

    He just says he stil fancy girls, so as to not lose their support, like, bunch of them would think, owww, he jsut did not met me yet, insert girlish giglle.

    And like 90 percent of messages are not bad either, just the one who says that they sould deport him or something and that he shames sport.

    Must admit, after Van Hansis, and Colton Haynes and Luke MacFarlane, he is the fourth one I could not believe was gay and consider a loss for heterosexual part of humanity.

    Just to ask is Charlie Bartlett gay, that actor from Gayby and Chicago Fire?

  26. Tom says

    while we have taken several steps forward over the past few years, its clear that we still have a ways to go, sadly.

  27. david in iowa says

    Some one a bit more techno should screen shot or save the post with all the haters comments and hash tags. Then repost-cut and paste it on the AP wire web site or Facebook page. Also USA today has a huge FB following. Let’s throw a little light on the haters. Watch them scurry like roaches.

  28. Whatever Heather says


    The internet is filled with people that feel disinhibited enough to post remarks that they would never have the balls to make to someone’s face !

    Not that a sense of feeling offended is a bad thing, it’s just that this is the age we live in now. Get used to it.

    The internet is not reality, not anymore than the media is reality.

    Turn that sh*t off and get a life !

  29. acorlando says

    I particularly loved the way he put it.
    “…I still fancy women, but I have found someone special and he happens to be a man.”

    I hope I live long enough that this can be the new normal.

  30. Matt27 says

    Horrible messages. I hope Tom is able to ignore them and those people and focus to people who love and support him.

  31. Fahd says

    I don’t tweet, but if I did I would have written:

    “He’s really cute, and I would love to f*ck him.” #cutestbottomever

  32. Michael says

    Sorry but in September you come out with an interview where you declare you’re not gay even though you’re in a relationship with a man.

    He might be 19 but give me a break.


    Ironic. Andy is pearls clutching over vile Twitter comments, yet you can read the same vile comments here on this blog several times a day on any given story. Homopohibic bullying! Shut down Twitter! (it’s on Towleroad too.) Crickets….

  34. pj says

    I dont understand. I can do a search for slurs and negative comments about any public person who is gay, black, middle eastern, a woman, hispanic, jewish, deformed, controversal, etc and I would get a laundry list of hateful tweets. I love Tom, great to see him come out as BI but was showing all these tweets necessary? If that’s the case, do it on every other out person in the public eye.

  35. pj says

    What’s important is that he’s happy with himself, who he loves, and where he is personally in life. That in itself is what is important and is what will be the lasting impact on other divers and other athletes (and other people in general) young and old.

  36. Kieran says

    How are the above homophobic asssholes any different from the gays who’ll dismiss Tom Daley’s coming out with the usual, “ha ha, we already knew, ha ha”.

  37. says

    Mr. Daley, we’re all proud of you. The only people giving you crap are miserable mouth-breathers with nothing of worth to offer anyone. So, chin up. Haters hate in you what they hate in themselves. :)

  38. MickyFlip says

    Honestly, I thought Tom already came out myself a while ago. So I was surprised to see all these reactions pro and con.

  39. Jon says

    What is wrong with people? This world is going to hell in a hand basket with people like this who jump online and spew their hate. How many of these tough haters would have the balls enough to say it to his face? I’m so sick of the hate! Social Media will undoubtedly be the down fall of society. I’m proud to be a Tom Daley fan, he had the guts enough to come out and tell his fans instead of waiting for the paparazzi to stalk him and his guy out and splash it across the net.

  40. Steve says

    I think what’s also quite annoying is the amount of reports labeling him as gay. He very clearly stated his bisexuality but it seems few people take bisexuality very seriously.


    From the earlier Daley Towleroad Story:

    s someone else said earlier, this kid will never be inside a vagina again.

    POSTED BY: JOHN PAUL | DEC 2, 2013 12:13:02 PM

    E Y E R O L L

    POSTED BY: NICO | DEC 2, 2013 8:13:05 AM

    Shocked. SHOCKED!

    POSTED BY: NOT SHOCKED | DEC 2, 2013 8:37:08 AM

    What a surprise!

    POSTED BY: MIKE IN THE TUNDRA | DEC 2, 2013 8:44:36 AM

    He thought nobody knew?? Another typical delusional….

    POSTED BY: ANKERICH | DEC 2, 2013 9:24:04 AM

    Bisexual? Me too.

    POSTED BY: JACK M | DEC 2, 2013 9:26:56 AM

  42. Jack M says

    So why are we surprised there are so many hateful people in the world? We get exposed to it every day.

  43. says

    I agree with the previous posters, the majority of comments are positive and we should focus on these instead of giving a voice to the immature hate trolls, Tom has done more for his country than they will ever do. Put the good comments up please. Well done Tom

  44. TANK says

    Well, I’m happy for Tom for being honest, and I wish him well, but let’s be honest: don’t a lot of us wish that one of these days some big, strong, tall, he-man type of pro athlete would come out of the closet and admit that he digs guys? I just don’t see how having one more softspoken, slightly built, cute twink with an elfin grin helps us shatter the stereotypes. The average Joe out there needs to see that we can be macho and manly, too! Hey, Tank isn’t hating, but he is just trying to keep it real!

  45. Tank says

    Of course, I’d show you all Tank here’s instagram handle or pics or videos of myself, but then I’d blow my cover that I’m in no way a strong masculine interesting gay man at all. I”m what you’d call a troll, in the classic sense. I’m ugly; or rather I’m homely. And I’m not masculine as much as I’m just fat. I’d keep it real and show you all what I look like, but then I’d never be able to comment here again because my cover would be blown. Oh well, that’s just TANK! Always upset that I’m not the man I wish I was.

  46. Tank says

    No, Rowan. I just came here to make a stupid comment, like I usually do. You see, I’m unattractive and slobby and overweight, so I get upset when fit and attractive guys come out as gay or bisexual. Again, I’d show you all what I look like, but then you’d all laugh and never take me seriously.

  47. TANK says

    ^^To not @Tank from not @Tank

    I also came here to prove that if you want homophobic abuse, look no further than Towleroad, with its consistent cadre of refugees from The Island of Misfit Toys and others with various psychosis, esteem issues and personality traits that flourish in the Wild West of the comment section on nearly every story.

  48. says

    I agree on taking these Tweets off here. Not because I want to “avoid negativity”, but because we’re giving these @$$hats the attention they want. Hopefully Tom blocks those b*ttheads and not give them a second thought.

  49. says

    I agree on taking these Tweets off here. Not because I want to “avoid negativity”, but because we’re giving these @$$hats the attention they want. Hopefully Tom blocks those b*ttheads and not give them a second thought.

  50. says

    I agree on taking these Tweets off here. Not because I want to “avoid negativity”, but because we’re giving these @$$hats the attention they want. Hopefully Tom blocks those b*ttheads and not give them a second thought.

  51. JackFknTwist says

    Tom Daly is an Olympic athlete; these morons on Twitter are premier losers with opinions no one wants to hear.
    They seem so delusional they believe their 140 characters worth publishing.
    IMO the only advantage of all this $h1t on Twitter is that it spares the trees.

  52. MadHatter says

    You seem to be taking a lot of them out of context and look especially idiotic when you have one from 7 months ago…. I am not saying he is not getting attacked but I don’t think rather a few of those should be there.

  53. Dave says

    I don’t see why we need to give voice to these hateful people, especially when support for him has been overwhelming. These few heartless people are in the minority, if we’re playing a numbers game. Let’s not depress ourselves or give them any more influence then they deserve.

    Towleroad tends to troll the waters of the internet looking for the worst possible bigotry. Brian Fischer, anyone?

  54. Troy says

    It’s worth noting that most of these people are wrong when they say he’s gay, he said he still fancies women, that would probably mean he’s bisexual, not gay

  55. William Whitehead says

    Don’t worry about them Tom at least you’re happy and making something of your life where as most of them that are throwing homophobic abuse at you probably have nothing else better to do than sit on a social website throwing abuse and probably are a bum and have no job or career! I’m gay myself I came out when I was 18 I’m now 20 and I had so much abuse verbal and physical from people because of the person I am

  56. a says

    I’d just like to point out that the comment from mxrcwright was from 7 months ago and completely unrelated to him actually coming out.

  57. TANK says

    Well, it would seem that for being a lowly Internet troll, Tank sure drew a lot of attention to his thoughtful comments. Too bad the people were so insistent on bashing Tank that they forgot about such trivial things as standard English, coherent thought, and class. As I said before, I am happy for this young guy and wish him well, but I just wish that the he-man amongst us would come out also. About 99.8% of people outside of Oklahoma had already figured out that this guy wasn’t exactly Sylvester Stallone or Stephen Segal vis-a-vis the ladies. Tank is just saying that if a big, muscular, he-man type of gay guy came out, it would be a big deal in all of the media, not just on sites such as this one. Just keeping it real, folks!

  58. RonCharles says

    One look at Tom Daley, holding Mistletoe and standing in front of the Christmas Tree, and everyone immediately forgets about all the low-life, idiot losers who are making hateful comments about him!

  59. graphicjack says

    having a hashtag #f@gg0+ makes it pretty easy for Twitter to ban all the bigots who post that… I hope they monitor this trash and punish accordingly… giving people repercussions that actually affect them might change some minds, and lord knows the worst thing we could do is deactivate their stupid Twitter accounts for a week… lol

  60. Astro Boy says

    What a shocker …. NOT!! To hell with these pigs.

    Now … lets talk about how hot Tom’s pits are!!!

  61. brian1 says


    You don’t draw attention because of your insightful comments; you draw attention due to your bizarre third person writing style and insistence on repeating the same catchphrases ad nauseam.

    And Steven Seagal is a bloated sixty something ponytail wearing laughingstock who hasn’t done anything of note in decades (if ever). If he’s your idea of a real matinee idol, well I really don’t know what to say to that.

    Just keeping it real!

  62. Robnova says

    These comments don’t surprise me…it really lets you see how awful people are and no matter how far we think we have come to being accepted there is still an enormous amount of hate. The shocking part is the amount of nasty comments coming from our own community. Given he is only 19yo I really don’t understand why gay men are being so critical. Everyone chooses to come out on their own time frame. You would think we would be more understanding.

  63. steve says

    in 20 to 30 years…or at least at some point in the future it’s going to be such common knowledge that being gay is simply genetic (as well as being more feminine, or masculine) – and that this kind of cruelty is unnecessary and embarrassing…and shameful. I feel like that day is coming. I’ve had trouble myself accepting other gay men…but I’ve learned to accept that other gay guys are simply hardwired differently than I am – and that’s OK.

  64. jonvincent says

    We should all support him – there are enough haters outside (and sometimes inside) the LGBT community. Any time someone comes out, it should be a cause for celebration by our community.

  65. Bill says

    @Gerry: the problem with that, at least with some implementations, is that people have a good reason to keep their email addresses private, mostly for spam-control reasons.

    If they don’t show the email addresses, then people with common last names (e.g., “Smith”) are effectively anonymous, or at least more anonymous than someone with an unusual name.

    The other problem is that some people, for work or similar reasons, want people to be easily able to find technical articles they’ve written, and don’t want the search results to contain links to comments that they make in their spare time.

  66. Adamastor says

    This should evolve the police, some messages are similar to death threats, and the police should knock their doors, of course they know where they live.

    Homophobia is crime.

  67. dan says

    Why would Towleroad post every negative twitter comment? We get it- people are still homophobic- why are you proliferating? I hope you balance it out with a post about positive support.

  68. jamal49 says

    @RICHARD FRY: Apparently, you didn’t read some of the snarky comments posted here when this story first broke. While they were not the vile homophobia that is on display in the screen captures above, they were pretty nasty and vicious. Sometimes, gay men can be as petty and as mean as everybody else when someone like Tom Daley comes out publicly.

  69. Patrick says

    YES. The haters ARE really f-ed up DEEP closet cases. Self-loathing closet cases. They’re just sad, empty nasty vile people.

  70. m says

    the problem with being in the public eye is that everyone watches your every move. tom seems like a really nice guy. i hope that he quickly develops a deaf ear to all of the bullsh*t. hard enough coming out when the whole world isn’t watching. can’t imagine the microscope he’s under. he deserves better. he and other brave athletes are helping change lives. the haters can go f*ck themselves.

  71. Ash says

    I’ve enjoyed sharing this link with some of the the above bigots and seeing them squirm, letting them know that their nasty views have gone viral and they have really shown themselves up for what they are. We all should contact them and congratulate them on their new found fame (they don’t seem to like it back).

  72. Ash says

    I’ve enjoyed sharing this link with some of the the above bigots and seeing them squirm, letting them know that their nasty views have gone viral and they have really shown themselves up for what they are. We all should contact them and congratulate them on their new found fame (they don’t seem to like it back).