What To Watch This Week on TV: Kirstie’s debut, Ashanti’s hunky holidays, a New ‘Sound of Music’ – VIDEO


— The former star of Fat Actress Kirstie Alley reunites with her Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman and Seinfeld-alum Michael Richards for a new sitcom titled simply, Kirstie. The series premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern on TV Land. Be on the lookout this season for guest stars including Kathy Griffin, Kristin Chenoweth, John Travolta and Cloris Leachman.



— Satuday Night Live serves up holly jolly hijinks with a collection of classic holiday sketches at 9 p.m. Wednesday on NBC.



— Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill on HBO's True Blood) joins Carrie Underwood and Audra McDonald in a televised live performance of The Sound of Music. It could be great, or it might be terrible, but either way we'll be watching Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC. 



— Emile Hirsch stars in as the titular Clyde in Bonnie & Clyde, spanning Sunday and Monday on Lifetime, A&E and History. The two-night event kicks off at 9 p.m. Eastern on Sunday. The gangster biopic also stars Sarah Hyland, William Hurt and Holly Hunter.


  1. UFFDA says

    Woof! If I were that lady I’d get those golden men right off the stage and out of all promos, ads, films and such. How can she possibly compete? Now where’s my hat.

  2. David From Canada says

    Kirstie Alley is old news and too controversial. She’s deeply involved in Scientology, and has been trying to cash in on her weight problems for years.
    In her latest book, she wrote a very homophobic chapter about gays and referred to them as queers(we can do that, but she can’t). It was about dating men and how she has been become an expert on spotting queers in the dating field. I found the whole thing very distasteful and disturbing, refused to buy the book and won’t be watching her new show.
    She needs a brand new Attitude, not another show.

  3. says

    Will Not be watching Kirstie’s new show because of the world’s most Unfunny person, Michael Richards.
    Second would be Will Ferrell. Ugh to both of them.


  4. MaryM says

    Kirstie Alley is certifiably insane.

    She was crazy enough to try to pretend that John Travolta was not gay.

    Then again her lunatic cult – Scientology – is one of the most bigoted cults out there.

    Scientology basically ensures that John Travolta and Tom Cruise can never come out.

  5. YSOSERIOUS says

    I thought the Kristie show was coming out last year, or certainly before December (she was on Hot in Cleveland during their broadcast season LAST year). I saw it was playing on Hulu and spent about 5 minutes before it completely turned me off.

    She’s nuts if she thinks this is the way to become famous again. As of right now, the only thing she’s famous for is being a lying POS for that fake ‘religion’ Scientology and being a defender of the QUEERS (I can say it, I am one, she can’t) that blanket that so-called religion.

    Maybe we could just ignore her from now on?