1. That'll Do, Dawg says

    I believe what Kluwe says, but it’s becoming more difficult to take him seriously when he appears like some sort of cap-wearing hipster doofus. He just seems too aware of and enamored of his “persona”. He’s spun this to being about HIS persecution rather than the mistreatment of gay atheletes in the NFL.

    Thanks for your help, dude. Now go grow up and do your self-promotion elsewhere.

  2. Paul R says

    It is pretty difficult to take someone seriously when conducting national media interviews wearing that hat, no matter how cold it is in Minnesota.

  3. JoeinMA says

    Kluwe is wearing a Principle 6 cap. You might want to learn a bit about Principle6 before you disparage Kluwe simply because you don’t care for the way he looks in the cap.

  4. Dback says

    I think he’s a great example of a straight ally who deserves to be in the LGBT athletics Hall of Fame. He’s really stuck his neck out on this issue, and I think it’s pretty damn remarkable & admirable. I don’t care what his hat looks like, I value the integrity of his words & actions.

  5. Carlie says

    Three thoughts:

    He was persecuted. He was harassed (and possibly fired) by his employer over this.

    He already has a second career; he is a published essayist and is writing his first novel.

    It’s funny how some don’t have any trouble taking in a message irrespective of the package that’s delivering it.

  6. Steeeve says

    I am sure Ellen will have him on again as a result of this. He’s intelligent, charismatic and a great role model.

  7. iowan says

    @That :: I see what you are saying, but it is a two-pronged issue. Not only has he been an advocate, he also put his job and future on the line in a way that may have been unexpected.

    I read the transcripts. Wonder who among his former teammates will willingly corroborate key events. And wonder what other conversations may come to light about his performance as an employee. If your supervisors and bosses find you overly difficult, they may get rid of you. Should they also blackball you (if that is even possible here)? Of course not, but there is always the reality of the situation to consider.

    He is now embroiled in a legal fracas, which I hope is no surprise to him. Going public with his statements practically demanded a legal response from the organization. Their reputation is on the line, and any misrepresentation of facts (from either side) might have serious effects regardless of ‘truth’. I’m wondering if he has just been getting his ducks-in-a-row for the last year and is now launching a plan to open up his employment opportunities. Time will tell.

  8. Jack M says

    What would Chris say if someone judged a member of OUR community by how they looked? You haters need a reality check.

  9. Paul R says

    Umm, I wasn’t criticizing him. I like, admire, and respect him. I know what Principle 6 is. That doesn’t mean it’s not an ugly hat or that it will mean anything to most viewers. Saying it’s distracting isn’t a judgment call against him. My point was that when you appear on national media, not everyone watching is going to know your entire back story, and he might have reached more people without the hat.

    Obviously he’s a bright, well-meaning, good-looking guy. The hat just isn’t flattering. And I have no doubt that he never would have made the claims he did without ensuring he’d be able to get corroborating statements.

  10. Zlick says

    Well, Chris Hayes specifically asked about the hat, so Kluwe got to explain about Principle 6 on the air. But I agree, the hat’s not flattering – and I’m sure P6 makes some other apparel he could have worn. And get a hair cut! BUT none of that detracts from his amazingness as an ally.

  11. Randy says

    You have to love a guy who actually does what he says he’ll do. Remember integrity? It’s so rare in anything that appears on the screen, it’s easy to forget what it looks like. So it’s good to see this refresher course.

  12. tinkerbelle says

    No negativity from me, this guy is on the ball. Thinks well, speaks well, not hard to look at and his heart seems to be in the right place, He’s using his own situation to pass a message on for the greater good. That’s generosity. Go Chris!

    And who cares about the damn hat? I see worse fashion faux pas 10 times a day minimum.

  13. fanboi says

    I thank Chris Kluwe. I think its great he’s doing this. Sure this may be about him, but his is the case he has evidence about, so that makes sense. I hope he shines a big bright light on everything. But he’s got a tough road ahead.

  14. Thomas Cardellino says

    Sometimes, I really can’t suffer the smug stupidity and baseless vanity of commenters herein. Most times, when I observe this LGBTI communal cannibalism, I just try my best to bight my lip and hope for better in another Towleroad article. Andy and his staff do a job at times so vital and so timely in service to straight as well LGBTI folks worldwide that their work is compelling to read. Nevertheless, the gut wrenching disgust I feel about those particular cannibals who denigrate Chris Kluwe in this article’s comments could not just be ignored. These selfish animals who somehow learned to type, Could not care less that Principle 6 is embodied in the Olympic Charter and its plain meaning is being ridden roughshod over just to placate a worldwide cabal of pro-Putin fascists within the International Olympic Committee. No, that’s such an inconsequential concept to even spend 1 minute to Google in the face their inhumane fashion faux pas perceived by the mentally and morally least amongst us. No wonder wider progress on LGBTI Equal Rights worldwide is such a slow slog. The magnitude of the deadweight of barely human warm bodies with merely a pulse seems at times daunting. Yet, these very same knuckle draggers will be the first to enjoy the benefits, mindlessly, of the hard fought string of important victories won by people who would never even perceive the wearing of a red hat as some warped personality defect.