Nigerian Man Receives 20 Lashes After Islamic Court Conviction for Homosexuality

Last night we reported on the deadly "witch hunt" currently underway for gay people in Africa. The situation is terrifying and grim. We also reported that several men had gone on trial in the Islamic northern Bauchi state.

BauchiThe BBC reports that at least one of those men has received punishment:

A Muslim man in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi has received 20 lashes after an Islamic court convicted him of homosexual offences, a BBC reporter there says.

Under Islamic law, a homosexual can be sentenced to death by stoning.

However, the court said it took into account that the man committed the offence seven years ago, and had stopped the practise.

In related news, a Muslim rights organization is warning the West to not interfere with the newly-enacted law, the AP reports:

Muslim Rights Concern in a statement Thursday warns Western countries to "desist from interfering in its (Nigeria's) internal affairs."

…Muslim Rights says this confirms fears that the U.N. is a "tool of powerful capitalist nations."

The UNAIDS agency says the law could criminalize people in programs to fight HIV-AIDS. The U.S. says it violates the rights of all Nigerians to free speech and association.

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  1. Todd B says

    I live in Switzerland & have noticed more & more “Invest in Nigeria” type commercials being shown on CNN International….. Coincidence??? Its pretty disgusting if you ask me & I think CNN should be called out on it.

  2. OldFartInVa says

    “Muslim Rights Concern in a statement Thursday warns Western countries to “desist from interfering in its (Nigeria’s) internal affairs.””

    I assume it’s okay to also desist in interfering in Nigeria’s internal affairs by ceasing ALL aid to the country.

    Hope fully someone will start a petition to the White House for this.

  3. bigeorge says

    This law is RIPE for abuse. Want to get rid of that pesky neighbor of yours? All you need is to spread innuendos about them being gay and police will beat the ‘truth’ out of them into confession.

  4. james st. james says

    Not long ago in the American military witch hunts for gay men it was the usual procedure to interrogate the victim and ask for the names of other homosexuals he knew. I imagine this must be the practice in Nigeria as well.

    Scary but we could have gone down the same path here as they have taken in Nigeria.

  5. says

    Fundamental Muslims, Jews and Christians refer to the Biblical Book of Leviticus – “A man shall not lie with a man.” This is a 3,500 year old text written at a time when starting a fire required rubbing two sticks together. No one would consult a doctor practicing medicine from that time! Webpages from Psychiatric Institutions world-wide all agree on the following scientific data: “Homosexuality is NOT a) a disease b) a mental illness c) a perversion” – and they all agree that homosexuality CANNOT be changed, therefore, it is NOT a choice, but they agree that homosexuals are BORN THIS WAY.
    Nigeria has returned to the days of cave-men mentality with regard to homosexuality. Why beat and kill fellow humans who are born this way? Is this how they view God? – not a born site, but a home for lesbians with over 1,000 (one thousand blogs and articles)

  6. Bill says

    @paulakey: it wasn’t that primitive when Leviticus was written, which is believed to have been at the end of the Babylonian exile (500 — 600 BC). One way of starting a fire was to use an iron implement to scratch against flint, which would create sparks that could ignite tinder. References to that technique exist during the first millennium BC.

    At the end of the Babylonian exile, the Persian king Cyrus (who conquered Babylon) allowed those who were exiled to return home and reestablish their religious institutions, but he wanted a report of what they intended to do. Possibly Leviticus was written as one of those reports (hence all the rules about rituals).

    One might speculate that they put all those things in about “death shall be the punishment” to impress Cyrus, but the more likely explanation is that those who were not exiled had started to assimilate with the local pagans and the returning priests wanted to reassert their authority and needed to twist some arms to do that.

  7. `Bezukhov says

    `I’ll wager that the perverts doing the whipping all got excited over doling out the punishment. And then went home and relieved their tensions with the first goat they caught.

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