1. Mark says

    I wished they would rework this and use images of Putin and the Patriarch or the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill

  2. Rick D. says

    LOVE. Rare moments like this when I am reminded that, just perhaps, the Russians have chosen the wrong guys to f*ck with…

  3. Thomas Cardellino says

    Why Sochi? I mean, c’mon now you have “put” and “in” to work with while you use a tired beat and predictable self-caressing dancers. My business experience has nothing to do with entertainment, but as a consumer, I’d have to ask why would you try to “santorum” an isolated village in the Caucuses Mountains that has been famous for its gay tolerance in the past. AND, we’re told it has been Missy Putin’s fave vacation spot ever since he could scrape together a few extra rubles as an unmarried junior KGB official. Now that’s an interesting little bit of insight into this born-again bachelor. It’s as if Mitt Romney ever since his youth went to spend summers on Fire Island.