1. says

    the best way to not be “forced Out” is to not continue to allow others to “Force you to STAY IN” – before coming out, you *are* allowing the opinions of others to “force you to remain closeted” – people should be encouraged to come out, and supported, and not ‘forced’ to remain closeted.

    kudos to this man. may more follow him :)


  2. Paul R says

    I can’t begin to imagine the double-entendre comments here that will follow his. Oh wait, yes I can.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Sorry to be shallow, but boy is he CUTE!”

    You’re not being shallow, JACK M. He is a good looking young Brit. And beautiful eyes…he must be a fellow Pisces.

  4. Perry says

    Glad he came out when he wanted to and not on the timetable of others who have nothing better to do than to tell others how they should live their lives. He was out to those people that mattered to him and that is all that matters.

  5. Cal says

    ‘they believe that five percent of the population is gay, so if you halve that for gender, that means there is 2.5 per cent gay men’…not the brightest bulb in the box

  6. Rocket Scientist says

    @Cal, It’s still 5% gay men, because if you’re only counting men, then you also have to halve the population: 2.5 á 50 = 5%

  7. Rocket Scientist says

    @Cal – I apolgize. Didn’t realize that was a a quote. 50 lashes with we noodle here. ;-0

  8. tcw says

  9. FFS says

    I’m kinda starting to worry about when the first gay professional athlete who isn’t a walking wet dream will come out. After this initial stream of tasty pieces of meat, I’m worried that the first uggo will be met with, “Congratulations, buddy. NEXT!”

  10. GregV says

    @Cal: Yeah, I don’t think Liam thought that comment through. His league is all men, so using the figure he cited (from what “they say”) 5% would be gay MEN.
    If his league were co-ed with half the players being women, then he could still guess that 5% of the players are gay PLAYERS (and then it might be fair to say that 2.5% of the players could be gay MEN).

    That 5% figure (or ANY figure counting gays that any survey ever comes with) is only counting gay people who are willing to out themselves to the surveyor, though.
    No survey ever counts fully closeted people, so the real number of gays in the league (and in society) could easily be double or triple that number or more.