Tom Daley Posts First Photo with Boyfriend Dustin Lance Black to Instagram


Tom Daley made the first public acknowledgement that his boyfriend is screenwriter Dustin Lance Black on Saturday, posting a photo to Instagram with the caption: "#splash celebrations :) Beef Wellington…yes please!!!"

Daley was referring to the broadcast of his first episode of the UK version of the reality diving competition Splash.

Daley and Black had been spotted in December in Houston where Daley trains for the 2016 Summer Games, but the two had previously not acknowledged that yes, they are an item.


  1. crispy says

    Immediately after, he posted a picture of a busty woman in a bikini with the hashtag #stillfancygirls.

  2. MercyMe says

    What does a 39 year old guy see in a teenager? Is Dustin not compatible with adults? Is it ok for adults to date teenagers? Dustin should have more in common with Tom’s mom than with Tom himself. Dustin is the same age as the person that gave birth to Tom.

  3. Perry says

    Hey look, it is a guy with a Peter Pan complex dating a guy who has daddy issues. This relationship definitely will stand the test of time. lol

  4. Homo Genius says

    ok for those of you commenting on the age difference…. isn’t it possible that DLB is just using him for hot sex and being child Daley thinks they are in a serious relationship?

  5. j says

    good for DB – that’s a smoking hot piece he landed – what TD sees in this pepaw is beyond me – what a waste – i give this 10 months – max

  6. Dan E says

    I have good friends 20 years younger and 20 years older than me. People who find age a barrier to forming connections probably aren’t worth knowing.

  7. TRH says

    They are both attractive, intelligent, accomplished individuals, who, like anyone else, may have faults. If their relationship lasts only one more day, or a decade, so be it. Why not support their attempt at making a go of it instead of tearing them down at every opportunity? The gay community can only be helped, by having high-profile couples, of all types, succeed.

  8. David says

    I find the attitude to the couple by some of the trolls online kind of pathetic. DLB is rich, successful, looks great for 40 and has bagged one of the hottest guys in the world. You can almost smell the rancid jealousy humming off the posts above.

  9. Randy says

    “What does a 39 year old guy see in a teenager?”

    I imagine the same thing we all see in Tom: a champion. And, yeah, it’s OK.

    Sorry you’re so jealous, MercyMe.

  10. mason says

    newday…how exactly is his future being extinguished? from what i can see he’s on a hit tv show in the UK, he’s training for the 2016, oh and he has an oscar winner as a boyfriend. that doesn’t sound anything like what you’re talking about. and as for the gossiping about being a ‘serial user’ do you have proof, know someone who was ‘used’ by DLB. do you? because from where i stand (yes i have a standing desk) all i see is a lecherous queen who is nothing short of jealous.

  11. says

    We have no idea what is going on with the Daley-Black relationship, unless either one has explicitly said why they’re dating the other one.

    All we can fairly do is wish the couple well, whatever their intents are.

  12. gabriel says

    MERCYME, you sure are on a crusade! I clicked the link back to Andy’s December post (I didn’t see it at the time) and started reading the comments. MERCYME writes “Google Jeff Daleacy and Dustin, google Robby Rasmeussen and Dustin, go to Flickr and search for Frank Fay”

    And so I did. What’s amazing is that googling each of those just brought up all the posts MERCYME made on several different news articles due to his/her poor spelling of two of the names. Why are you literally copy/pasting the same thing on so many articles? Do you have a Google Alert for Tom Daley and post the same thing on every article? Talk about predatory…

  13. Red says

    They have been dating since they met in March 2013 so it’s been 9 months alright? That is a long time and they obviously have a serious relationship. Honestly, if Tom loves Dustin and Dustin loves Tom, what does it matter to you? Nothing. Let them be happy with each other if it’s meant to be.

  14. TRH says

    @ MERCYME. As a general statement regarding relationships between ‘teenagers’ and ‘adult’ men, I agree with you completely. But there is a world of difference between someone who is ‘thir’teen and ‘nine’teen. And there is also a world of difference between the maturity level of say Justin Beiber and Tom Daley who are both nineteen. I mean, there’s no comparison.

  15. Joseph Singer says

    @MercyMe: If you don’t want to date someone older than you then don’t do it. It’s really none of your damned business if Tom Daley dates an 18 year old or a 45 year old. If it’s not right it will unravel. Meantime it really is none of your affair. So, if *you* don’t want to date an old fart that’s entirely your thing.

  16. says

    It’s creepier to me that adult gay men are concerned about this at all, to the point where there’s a stream of bizarrely vitriolic comments about their dating life. 19 year-olds can make decisions for themselves. Whether it works out for them over the long term hasn’t the slightest impact on any of our lives. Meanwhile, they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

  17. Grover Underwood says

    what’s really creepy is people not minding their own damn business

    unless you’re either Tom Daley or DLB, their relationship is really none of your business

  18. Tristram says

    It’s sad, we often expect so much of our out gay celebs. Tom actually strikes me as pretty dumb – and ‘young, dumb and full of…’ is probably Lance’s type: i.e. easily manipulated. I guess we can’t all be Jack Andraka.

  19. Tom says

    I have no prob with Tom dating a 40 year-old. But couldn’t he have done better than Dustin?!

  20. HERMES says

    Bacall started seeing Bogart when she was 19 and he was 44. Think that’s creepy?

    If not, consider other possibilities: your own internalized homophobia; unexamined (and outdated) social programming designed to keep you from living your own life fully; projection of your own victimhood and unwillingness to see yourself as in charge of your life onto an already very accomplished young man.

    Do you really think Tom is unable to choose for himself, and if it doesn’t work out in this relationship, to learn and move on?

    Nope, can’t see any herd animals in this story, just in the comments section.

    I trust these two adults to make their own choices, and hope that some of the posters here will take a look at their own lives, see what outrageous thing they are actually longing to do but are too scared to go for it.

    Come on guys, get out of mom’s basement and go live a little,

  21. Retro says

    I’m 19 and generally attracted to older men well into their 30s. It’s hilarious hearing gay men sound like Puritans.

  22. David in the O.C. says

    I had no idea Tom’s father looked so young. Huh? He’s what?

    PS: A snarky (and obviously expected) joke is not preventing these two from dating, so lighten up… and the gay community is not obligated to give their tactic approval of any and all gay relationships. If Tom were dating Betty White, would everyone be celebrating their new found love? Doubtful.

  23. Francis says

    Two adult men dating one another. Cute. Look to be in love and happy. Congratulations Tom and Dustin!

  24. ann says

    They look nice together but I am not sure about it. It does seem like Mr. Black have bit more in would more in common with Tom’s Mom rather then Tom. They seem happy together.
    Why didn’t Tom just say on The Jonthon Ross Show say that it was Dustin Lance Black he fell for rather than just referring to DKB as him? When did they meet? Tom was slightly vague on long after 2012 Olympics they met.
    How did text him if did not know who Mr Black was or did someone text for him (Tom)? How much time have they been together as a couple?

  25. Bazza says

    The jealous “Acid Queens” appear to be in their element with their vitriolic comments!!

  26. anon says

    Tom: Dustin, can you get me into showbiz?

    Dustin: Sure, babe! Hang w/ me and I’ll get you all the roles you could wish for.

    Tom: I love you, Dustin!

  27. says

    Speaking from the perspective of need, it’s not obvious why Daley would need Black. Black is an Oscar-winner, yes, but he is not nearly a household name to the extent that Daley is. If Daley wanted to become a star, he wouldn’t need Black.

    It may be safe to presume that they two are with each other because they want to be with each other, and that ulterior motives aren’t very important.

  28. Bill says

    Err guys, while the picture seems to suggest that they like each other, where was the official anouncement? Is there some lingo I don’t know regarding how people express themselves on instagram, or was there more than was quoted in this article?

  29. Rob says

    Good for them! Tom has landed an Academy award winner, and DLB has landed one of the hottest athletes around. Who cares about the age – really? I think their happiness matter a whole heckuvalot more than the combined ridiculousness of the internet! (PS I’m 19 years older than my partner and we’ve been together almost 21 years)

  30. pike says

    Mercyme is the wonderful @tcolors5 on twitter.He has been harassing
    ,stalking,slandering TD and DLB since the news of them dating came up. He is really a crazy stalker going on and on about how we have to protect our children. Fascinating to see how his mind is unravelling really. A textbook case of a mental breakdown surely.

  31. John says

    I am sure that the negative postings regarding age are from people that thought the relationship between Justin & David on QAF was fine. They are both consenting adults. As we all know life is about learning & sometimes making mistakes. If it doesn’t work out then lessons have been learnt & can only make them stronger & wiser human beings. A lot of us would love a little time with Tom that’s a given but c’mon let’s just wish them happiness & a happy new year.

  32. Bill Michael says

    OP —> “I’m sorry. I think DLB is kind of creepy.”
    Don’t be sorry OP, I think he’s creepy too and I wonder why Tom Daley, who could have anyone he wants, would pick him. Well, it’s none of my business but DLB looks like the “classic” lecherous old man who has found some new meat.

  33. Sam says

    agree with some of the comments made above. If Tom Daley was dating someone like say…Anderson Cooper, I highly doubt you would see anyone bat an eye. Its the fact that Tom is attractive and can do better looks wise and DLB looks super creepy (he could have been 20 and people would still be like MISMATCH!!!!11!!1!)

  34. Bill Michael says

    To those who lamblast those of us who speak our minds about the “age difference” I can tell you I have seen how something like this can be entirely one-sided. In this case, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but, I just don’t like to see people get hurt or used. I sincerely wish “Good Luck” to both of them. They have as much right as anyone to pursue happiness.

  35. Bill Michael says

    You know, I wish I could delete my posts. My partner and I, of thirty-one years, were also a very unlikely couple. I should remember what it was like.

  36. TonyC says

    I have no problem w/their ages & I want this to workout but those ” hungry eyes” of Daley says allot to me.. Dustin has to have mega patience , the reason why I never saw younger men than I

  37. Nipper says

    Matthew Mitcham’s longtime partner Lachlan Fletcher is something like 16-17 years older than he; they’ve been together at least since at least the 2008 Olympics when Mitcham was 19 or 20 years of age. They still seem quite happy and adjusted.

  38. SpaceCadet says

    Good for them and I mean that. Now that the relationship has been acknowledged can this stop being a story…that is until they break up?

  39. MajorTom says

    Christopher Isherwood was 48 when he started dating Don Bachardy who was 18 at the time. That relationship _only_ lasted 30 years. It ended when Isherwood passed away. Was it always perfect? No… but few relationships are. I wish Daley and Black much happiness–however long it lasts.

  40. Mark says

    Why does anyone care about heir age difference? It is their lives, their choice…

    2 ADULTS have chosen to be together – great for them!!!!

    So sad to see many negative posts

    You would think that people would be happy for one another.

    I wish them the very best – 2 great looking, successful guys.

  41. Just_a_guy says

    “Christopher Isherwood was 48 when he started dating Don Bachardy who was 18 at the time. That relationship _only_ lasted 30 years. It ended when Isherwood passed away. Was it always perfect? No… but few relationships are. I wish Daley and Black much happiness–however long it lasts.”

    Bravo. I adore Chris Ish. Something sexy in his very creative fiber. Don’t tell me dlb doesn’t have some of that same appeal.

    And how sad, Mercyme, that you troll dlb like it’s a crusade to knock him. Very sad…of you, right?

  42. says

    I suppose I should be surprised at the number of commenters on this post who sound just exactly like right-wing “Christians,” who think they get to dictate who falls in love with who. Sadly, I’m not surprised, I’m just disgusted.

    It’s the same sort of arrogant, self-absorbed, judgmental mindset. Why don’t you people get over yourselves and start practicing a little bit of live and let live?

  43. says

    I always feel a bit sad when I come to Towleroad and read some of the comments regarding celebrities. Doesn’t matter who Andy or his writers choose to highlight, there is always so much hate and vitriol it is rather sickening. One day, I would like to read the comments and not feel that way. Today is not one of those days.

    I know neither Tom Daley nor Dustin Black. Have never met them nor anyone who has. All I can do is wish them all the best.

  44. Wondering says

    Can some of you please give it a rest with this “teenage boys” line. Tom’s 19 years old, so he’s above the legal age of consent.
    Your comments reek of jealousy.

  45. Tristram says

    Liberace was creepy, Christopher Isherwood was a sad chicken hawk, and Joaquin Phoenix is also creepy for going out with a 19 year old. There’s no double standard from where I’m standing.

  46. tagg says

    No one is “jealous” of DLB dating Tom…it’s just creepy. He’s a baby who has no experience what so ever in the Gay world. Dustin must have a need to be worshipped. Plus dude is fugly. It will last as long as Tommy boy stays infatuated but DLB better beware…all the rich gays in H’wood will know be after him.

  47. Nelson says

    First of all, Tom Daley is about to be 20 , so he is not exactly a “teenager” in the sense that it tends to be used in AMerica. I met my first partner when I was 20 and he was 35. Age never did matter much, and I was certainly the pursuer. I never WAS interested in guys my age, they seemed stupid and uneducated and boring. The age difference was only very rarely an issue, and only in very minor way. We were together for 34 years until he died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I cannot imagine how the idiots on here could judge someone by these pre-conceived notions about age differences. They don’t matter. I wish Tom Daley and Black great happiness, and hope that trolls like the ones commenting on here are few and far between,

  48. says

    Quite right Majortom.

    Don is a friend of mine. One of the reasons their relationship lasted as long as it did was the fact that it was “open.” Isherwood knew because of their age difference that while he had had a ton of sex as a youth (we’re all familiar with the “Berlin Stories” and “Christopher and his Kind”) Don had not. And so he was free to explore . At one point however, Chris thought he’d lost him. He said if he lost him it would be as if Don had died. So he then began to imagine what life would be like for him IF Don suddenly died — and he wrote his masterpiece “A Single Man.”

    Isherwood was far from a “chicken hawk.” I’ve never met a famous person so warm, open and excited about life. For years he could be seen bouncing around L.A. ( in “tennis”) like a teenage boy. But then suddenly illness turned him into his age overnight, and a year later he passed. See the documentary “Chris & Don: A Love Story” for the whole story.

    While Isherwood’s diaries are well known, Chris has been keeping one of his own — and it’s quite different from Don’s. About a year ago he read excerpts from it at an art event here in L.A. Very funny stuff involving Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston back when they were a couple. I hope he’s planning to have it published soon as Don’s insights ad writing style are all his own and razor sharp.

  49. anon says

    Those of you citing instances where a relationship with a LARGE age difference has worked out well seem to be forgetting the fact that Dustin Lance Black is a noted serial dater of teenagers. He didn’t find a teenager and then settle in for a years long relationship. He gets himself a new teenager every year. There is a difference.

  50. JustMe says

    @ANON, why is it any different than if a 25 year old gets a new 25 year old boyfriend every year? Besides, you only know of a couple of instances of DLB having a new young boyfriend – those of which you’ve read about in the press. For all we know he has had other boyfriends that are older.
    Don’t write about him as if you are his roommate or mother and all-knowing.

  51. Mark says

    I respectfully disagree with some of the posters here. The age difference between the two is insignificant if they love each other. I was 33 when I met my 18 year old partner, and that was in 1983. Today, we celebrate 30 years of partnership and last year we got married.

    I have never treated my partner as a son. I have never thought of myself as having daddy issues. We both knew what we wanted and we most likely both looked as hot as Daley and his Partner does in this photo.

    Sure, people can think what they want and they can accuse the older man of being inappropriate. However, the criticisms aren’t the same when it comes to an older man and a younger woman. And heaven forbid if an older woman were to pursue a younger man – lest she be called a Cougar.

    I think the photo of the two of them is golden and I wish them both a lifetime of love together, no matter what their ages are. They appear to be happy, and that’s all that should matter.

  52. JustMe says

    Oh, and in case anyone is wondering…the restaurant the two of them are at in the photo is Bob Ricard (London).

  53. Oh vey says

    Mark, since you are married, isn’t it your husband? Isn’t that a marriage? Your “partnership?” Yuck. That said, the majority of issues people have with this is that DLB has a serial habit of dating very young guys and dropping them, so clearly he does NOT know what he wants. Therefore comparing him to your relationship isn’t appropriate unless you were a serial hit-and-quit type who bedded guys who were on their first relationship with a man every time.

  54. leprechaunvict says

    Well as long as Daley is able to focus as much as he needs to on training and isn’t being distracted by a “hollywood lifestyle” from diving training. I guess we’ll see at the next World Championships how that’s going…

  55. Ronny says

    My, but there are some sour grapes here. Interesting how often the comment “creepy” is followed by “and Tom could do better.” First of all, that does sound like jealousy. Second, how many of those complaining have an online personal ad where the age range of who you’re looking for starts in the 20s or 30s and stops at their own age? Is there a reason you couldn’t possibly imagine dating someone a few years older than you? It’s funny–I’ve been working for 30 years towards liberation, towards freedom from societal “rules” and strictures. I have not been working towards “everyone must be bookends and date someone of the same age and at the same level of physical attractiveness as prejudged by the gay mafia.” Boys, let’s work on ourselves, rather than ranting about how OTHER people should live their lives. I believe the Westboro folks have that act down. Best of luck to Tom and Dustin, if they are, in fact, dating.

  56. Klien says

    B-tchy catty LGBT, just stop. You look single and lonesome when you TRY and tear down a happy couple.

  57. Two Dads says

    Anyone in our community bashing a same sex couple with petty judgments has to be self loathing and hate their own life. Get over yourself and be happy for someone else’s happiness.

  58. Merv says

    The relationship is fine as long as DLB is respecting Tom’s virtue and not trying to pressure him into sex before they are married.

  59. Nike says

    Every time a picture of a same sex couple is posted, there’s ‘sassy’ mean comments posted where you just know the commentator is far more impressed with their ‘sass’ than the readers. It’s getting played out.

    Sometimes being original just involved congratulating a sweet couple. Even same sex ones.

  60. Paul says

    This would make a great ‘People’ magazine cover, but don’t hold your breath waiting. Might freak out the heteroes.

  61. Hawthorne says

    I’m happy for them.

    The gay community has enough discrimination and judgement from all sides, why on earth are we crucifying our own? Who are we to throw stones at them? To judge them? Unless you know them personally, none of us has any basis whatsoever to comment on their relationship or on their lives.

    Tom and Dustin – yay for you, yay for your love!

  62. Andrew says

    The age difference doesn’t bother me, but DLB’s history of going through one twink after another does. Watch your heart, Tom.

  63. Mark says

    Oh Vey: You said, “Mark, since you are married, isn’t it your husband? Isn’t that a marriage? Your “partnership?” Yuck.”

    You are right. I should have referred to him as my husband. At the genesis, he was my partner and later became my husband.

    Without you, I never would have known.

  64. ty says

    oy vey- why is partnership a bad word? I think marriage and partner are interchangeable, Re: Tom and Dustin, good luck to both of them, it would be gross if there was a 30 yr age difference, but it does happen in hetero relationships, so we can’t knock it.

  65. MickyFlip says

    Oh Cripes ladies. Get over it. You’re all just upset you’re not on Tom’s list as a possible beau. Unreal. I know a 49 year old who dates guys Tom’s age. Get over it. Smh…

  66. MickyFlip says

    And another thing…let’s get real. Do you all really think Tom is a victim here?? Ask me and Tom strikes me as a pretty smart kid who’s just in for the now.

  67. Dean says

    If Dustin Lance Black were female, the Towleroad article or headline would have almost certainly referred to Tom Daley as boytoy – without any spirited debate from the comments section.

  68. I wont grow up says

    You have to admit it’s kind of creepy, but they will make pretty babies. Of course they’ll have to wait until after the summer games. Because we all know what carrying a baby will do to Tom’s figure. Sort of like Ms. Zeta-Jones and her grandpa husband.

  69. Retro says

    Wow … The 15+ year age difference between Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti didn’t get such scrutiny. And these sports/entertainment celebrity hook-ups are not uncommon among straight couples. Who cares whether it lasts or not. That’s what life is about, and I think these two look happy in the now.

  70. Chuck Mielke says

    Re the age difference. My partner and I had 25 yr. between us and it worked fine for 27 yr., when he died. So you know-it-all agists should simply shut the f*** up and let these guys live their lives.

  71. Davelandia says

    I hope they are both happy together. When I was Tom’s age I dated guys DLB’s age and above… if you are attracted to each other and have a good time with each other whats the problem?

  72. anon says

    @CHUCK MIELKE…. ask the last several teenaged boyfriend’s of Dustin Lance Black if their relationship lasted for 27 years like yours did. HINT… If they did, he wouldn’t be dating Tom Daley now, would he????

  73. Gordon says

    Best to both of them, but the success of the London Olympics was actually the Paralympics – sadly, that legacy seems short lived. Daly seems attractive to a generation, as does Black… who selfied while having sex… Neither are role models, but it’s the Internet so all slightly attractive youth will admit to being bosezual & will bum for fame.

    I’d like to mention Alan Turing in this, given his recent ‘forgiven’ for being gay & being convicted, being gay is not a crime

  74. Mick says

    I am so glad for these two men. They are both hot, successful and happy. I love them both and wish only great things for them. The only thing ‘creepy’ about this relationship is the reaction of many of you creeps.

  75. Retro says

    Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent. There’s a 16 year age difference that no one seemed to care about as well.

  76. anon says

    @RETRO…. actually, many people did comment about the age difference between Rogers and Berlanti. But, then again, Rogers wasn’t 19 at the time either.

    Same goes for Nate Berkus and Jerimiah Brent.

  77. John says

    Gay people who are so judgmental confound me. Let these two very smart, very talented, very good looking guys do what they wish. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. That’s for Tom and Dustin to figure out for themselves.

  78. Steve says

    Tom Daley is a fake advocate for the LGBTQ community. Deny deny deny while people idolize him (which I still dont know why) and then all of a sudden come out dating the screenwriter of Milk? Can we not smell the publicity stunt from here?? C’mon, we need to be smarter then this. Stick to real advocates FIGHTING for our rights, not denying them and then using it for their own personal gain/publicity.

  79. Chris B says

    STEVE: Wow, that’s a different tack. Just as much BS as criticising them for the age gap, but at least it’s different.

    So Tom Daley publicly coming out as bi wasn’t a brave act but a craven publicity stunt, huh? How did his coming out, in your eyes, somehow “not count” as moving things forward for full acceptance of LGBT folks in society? The truth is, is that it’s much, much, MUCH easier for bi guys to stay in the closet than it is for gay guys like myself, so make no mistake, this was a brave act. Plus, the guy’s an athlete; don’t we want people to know that not all gay guys are hairdressers, and that not all bi guys are self-loathing closet cases trapped in miserable marriages?

    Besides (in case no one has told you), Tom Daley isn’t a gay activist doing advocacy work. He’s a diver. That’s what he does. He doesn’t “crusade for gay rights.” He dives. Got that?

    Best of luck to Tom & Dustin. You two kids look cute together.

  80. Chris B says

    STEVE: Wow, that’s a different tack. Just as much BS as criticising them for the age gap, but at least it’s different.

    So Tom Daley publicly coming out as bi wasn’t a brave act but a craven publicity stunt, huh? How did his coming out, in your eyes, somehow “not count” as moving things forward for full acceptance of LGBT folks in society? The truth is, is that it’s much, much, MUCH easier for bi guys to stay in the closet than it is for gay guys like myself, so make no mistake, this was a brave act. Plus, the guy’s an athlete; don’t we want people to know that not all gay guys are hairdressers, and that not all bi guys are self-loathing closet cases trapped in miserable marriages?

    Besides (in case no one has told you), Tom Daley isn’t a gay activist doing advocacy work. He’s a diver. That’s what he does. He doesn’t “crusade for gay rights.” He dives. Got that?

    Best of luck to Tom & Dustin. You two kids look cute together.

  81. Derrick From Philly says

    If 50 is the new 35, then 39 must be like….24. 24 and 19 aren’t that far apart.