UK to Boost Aid to Nigeria as ‘Witch Hunts’ Against Gays Intensify

The UK will boost aid to Nigeria this year despite the signing of an anti-gay law by President Goodluck Jonathan which is leading to 'witch hunts', trials, lashings, and likely worse for people suspected of being gay across the African nation.

CameronThe Mail Online reports:

David Cameron warned last year the UK would review its massive aid programme if the country pressed ahead with legislation that includes a ten-year jail sentence for gay men holding hands in public.

But the Department for International Development, under pressure to meet targets on aid spending, said last night the West African state would not lose a penny despite a decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to sign off the law this week.

A spokesman added that aid to Nigeria would be increased as planned, from £200million last year to almost £270million.

Since Nigeria's law has gone into effect 38 people have reportedly been arrested — 11 in the northern Islamic Bauchi state where homosexuality carries a death sentence, and at least 24 in three southern states, according to Dorothy Aken'ova, the executive director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights.


  1. phluidik says


    I just read an article about how the UK is upping aid to Nigeria, despite the recent signing of the so-called ‘kill the gays’ bill by the Nigerian president. Already, a number of people have been arrested, “tried”, victimized and/or brutalized under this new law. I suspect that what we’re seeing is only the beginning there, and that it’s going to get far, far worse.

    The UK seems to be endorsing the worst kind of witch hunt here.

    So, my query is, how can the UK possibly justify not only continuing but also increasing the level of aid given to any nation that has begun not walking but indeed racing headlong down the path to their very own holocaust?

    How many members (or suspected members) of the GLBT community need to die and/or have their rights so inhumanely violated before the UK withdraws such support and makes a stand for what is right and just? 10? 100? 1,000? 100,000? More?

    The support of this nation should be terminated immediately and suspended indefinitely so long as such laws are on the books, and so long as the number of atrocities committed and the associated body count continues to increase.

    Otherwise, the UK as a whole will be a willing participant and supporter of these crimes, and that’s a pretty terrible thing.


  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Why does Nigeria need aid? They make over $50 billion a year in oil profits.”

    The Nigerian oil men steal the oil profits, EUCTKULTIG. Then they put the attention on LGBT Nigerians so that the hetero (so they claim) Nigerians won’t notice who is cheating the hell out of them.

  3. jazzy says

    Colonialism ended a long time ago. It’s time for Europeans to stop these African neanderthals from sucking on their teat just because of liberal white guilt. Time to move on. Africa will always be a mess, no matter how much aid we pump in.

  4. David says

    England should be ashamed of itself. Promoting a possible gay Holocaust in Africa. If you are sending money to this regime you are supporting their homophobia.

  5. Rick says

    “The Nigerian oil men steal the oil profits, EUCTKULTIG. Then they put the attention on LGBT Nigerians so that the hetero (so they claim) Nigerians won’t notice who is cheating the hell out of them.”

    Your first sentence is correct, Derrick.

    Your second one is not. The homophobia of Nigeria’s leaders reflects the cultural norms of the overall population…..and blaming it on “Western colonialism” is not accurate because the Muslims are even more homophobic than the Christians are (it is the one trait they seem to share).

    The corruption of the elite just reflects the general African trait of laziness and lack of enterprise….which is why Africa (and the African diaspora) have always been so backwards and probably always will be….

  6. woody says

    The cameron government is going to have to reverse this. This must me playing very badly in England.
    I checked to see if the UK government might have an ulterior motive: that they might be afraid to anger nigeria to protect british oil interests there. But BP has already pulled out of Nigeria.
    This doesn’t make sense.
    My gut tells me cameron will stop this increase.

  7. barrybear1980 says

    Firstly, please stop referring to the UK as England. For the time being whilst our main parliament sits in England it rules the whole of the UK.

    Secondly, it is not just Nigeria that we should stop sending aid to. We should also stop seeding aid to India and Uganda amongst others.

    If anyone in the UK knows who we should contact regarding the Nigerian aid programme, please let me know…. Thank you

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