Chobani Yogurt CEO: ‘We Oppose Russia’s Anti-LGBT Law’


The CEO of Chobani yogurt a U.S. Olympic Committee sponsor tells CNBC:

"We oppose Russia's anti-LGBT law."

Chobani follows AT&T, which two days ago denounced Russia's anti-gay law and urged other USOC sponsors to come out and do the same.

DeVry University is another USOC sponsor that has come out against it in the past 24 hours, via Twitter:

"As a USOC sponsor,DeVry Uni & its parent organization DeVry Education Grp ,supports the diversity of our US Olympic &Paralympic athletes…as well as our DeVry Grp colleagues around the world. We are against Russia’s anti-LGBT law & support efforts to improve LGBT equality."


  1. Jay says

    @William Actually Russia didn’t accept their product. Chobani’s cargo destined for Sochi was not allowed into Russia. I wish they would have come forward against Russia’s anti gay laws before that incident, but I still appreciate their support.

  2. andrew says

    Thank you Chobani for speaking out against Russia’s anti LGBT laws. Evert individual and corporation that speaks out against injustice is a very good thing.

  3. MikeBoston says

    I, too, appreciate the statements made by these few companies in support of equality.

    But I would be even more appreciative of them withdrawing financial support of what is massive public relations project for Russia.

  4. Curlee says

    Chobani recently shrunk their single serving containers from 6oz to 5.3oz just like many of its competitors had already done. Of course, the price never shrank. Over 10% less product, but same price. Corporate greed. Now I buy only the store brand or Fage, which are still a full 6oz.

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