1. Chuck says

    His non-bulky appearance in the London episode of the most recent season of ‘Parks and Recreation’ was a mistake, though. His looked great but he did NOT look like Andy and no amount of pie-eyed goofball acting could cover it up.

    I’m sorry, Andy is just so indelibly lovable that it will take a LOT to erase him. I could barely look at ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ when he was onscreen.

    Also, I am no longer excited for any more Marvel or DC movies. Thor: The Dark World was so unutterably shapeless and terrible that I don’t think I can face any more of that soulless crap.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    I’ll miss Andy’s Teddy bear body from P&R, his cute head somehow doesn’t quite fit with the new body (which is pretty impressive). Go, Chris Pratt—anything that helps your career.

    Is he going to leave (or has he left) P&R ? Or will they write the new body into the script?

  3. Mike B. says

    Re: P&R, they’ve addressed his weight loss with a throwaway joke about cutting back on beer. The AV Club’s reviewer suggested that’s that equivalent of a sly wink at the viewer, and that’s all the show will do to address his transformation.

    I read an interview wherein C.P. stated that his shirtless selfie got him this job; he was really doughy for his audition but he had proof of what kind of shape he could be in. Even after reading that, I really wasn’t prepared for *this*.

  4. AriesMatt says

    @tinkerbelle, Guardians was filmed months ago – like 6 or 7 or just after Pratt posted his viral selfie. PRex has been filming AFTER, so if you haven’t noticed this change in Pratt’s body, unlikely you ever will. In fact, in the very first episode of this season, Andy gave an explanation to his weight loss to Ben.

  5. Chuck says

    Thor 2 was awful. Odin was a stupid arrogant old prick, Thor was dull, Loki was on autopilot ‘hiss BROTHER hiss BROTHER hiss’, the Dark Elves were poorly defined and their leader was virtually characterless.

    The threat was the usual shapeless crap about ‘the universe will fall blah blah darkness’ the McGuffin was just another random ‘source of great power’, the wisecracking was leaden and repetitive, the action sequences were ugly, unarousing and tedious in that ‘huge, graceless obviously CGI mass-destruction that doesn’t matter at all way’ that they got from the equally hideous, inhuman and fascist ‘Man of Steel’ and the dimensional portal crap made no logical sense even within the parameters of the plot which could not be distinguished from that of ‘Transformers’ or a hundred other identikit holiday blockbusters. It was built with a kit. Every actor was wasted. Even Thor wasn’t particularly handsome or noble any more.

  6. Chuck says

    I’m done with Marvel and DC. I’ve outgrown it. I’m 37 and everything is just green-screen and deafening surround-sound and nothing matters. Time to move on to something nourishing, not just this empty junk food for tweens with ADHD.

  7. Helio Figueiredo (me) says

    I loved Thor. To each his own but I found the film much better written, acted and directed than the last one. Asgard seemed had a kind of lord of the rings film substance to it. The characters developed. Loki showed snark but also emotion, thor showed vulnerability and Odin showed what grief, either derived from the betrayal of a sun or from the death of a spouse can do to a balanced person. It’s not 12 Angry Men, or a cinema classic but it dies what it said on the tin. It provides explosions, sword fights, hammer blows and the kind of epic, unreal pathos that makes escape from the real world for two hours possible. Bring it on, escapism:-)

  8. leprechaunvict says

    I’m totally with those who prefer his original teddy-bear bod back when P&R started– I remember from the very first episode that aired, even in his leg-cast in a wheelchair I was like “OUCH WHO IS THAT HOT HOT DUDE!!???”
    Ahem. Anyhow, I also agree with those that say Hey good for him whatever kind of bod he has, he’s still adorable and seems like a nice down to earth guy in interviews.

  9. noob says

    Thor 2 was rubbish. It was worse than the first one. The script writers treated the audience like a bunch idiots with the nonsense they showed on screen.
    1. The Asgardians still have no way to deal with the Dark Elves cloaking technology even the latter went to sleep for millenia. What were the Asgardians’ scientists doing during all that time? Drinking mead and frolicking with women?
    After watching it, I thought the Asgardians were incredibly stupid and foolish. How the hell could they have guarded the peace of the 7 realms for so long is completely baffling.
    2. Odin was portraited as an old stubborn fool instead of the wise and powerful leader that he was supposed to be. Apart from narrating the backstory at the beginning of the movie, his only purpose was to say no no no no no to Thor.
    3. The Asgardians were using swords and shields to fight against the dark elves who were using laser rifles. Jezuz …
    4. The threat was so trivial that it was over in an afternoon. If you took an afternoon nap, you might just miss this “crisis” entirely. It has absolutely no weight and felt insignificant.
    5. Why of all people it has to be Jane who absorbed the Ether? What a ridiculous coincidence. It was a ridiculous device just to get Natalie Portman into having something to do in the movie.
    6. The leader of the Dark Elves has no character development, no background. He could just be a cardboard figure and it won’t make any difference.
    7. The warrior 3 had so little screen time and hardly anything to do. They were just there for being there.

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