Former FL State Rep Ana Rivas Logan Leaving Republican Party Over Its ‘Extremist’ Positions

Another former Florida GOP lawmaker is switching to the Democratic Party.

Rep. Ana Rivas Logan, like former Gov. Charlie Crist, says she is leaving the GOP because the party has become radicalized by the far right-wing. The Huffington Post reports:

Ana Rivas Logan"The GOP of today is not the party I joined; it's not the party of my parents," Rivas Logan said in a statement. "It's a party that has been radicalized and held hostage by a group of extremists. It's a party that attacks women and minorities — and one that asked me, and my former Hispanic Republican colleagues in the Florida legislature, to turn on their own people by supporting extreme anti-immigrant policies. It's a party I was no longer proud to be a part of."

Rivas Logan served on the Miami-Dade County school board before heading to Tallahassee in 2010. She lost a nasty re-election primary in 2012 after redistricting shuffled her into the same district as another incumbent Republican. Miami-Dade GOP chair Nelson Diaz suggested her switch was motivated by a desire to regain office.

Crist tweeted his support for Rivas Logan's switch, "Bienvenida @anarivaslogan to the Democratic Party! Glad you are here my friend."


  1. Gregory In Seattle says

    What worries me about this is that, as the Dems absorb more and more “rational” conservatives, the party will become more and more conservative. It has already slid pretty hard to the right — the positions it takes today are indistinguishable from the Republican talking points of 30 years ago — and seems liberal only in comparison with today’s GOP.

    Us dyed-in-the-wool liberals are being squeezed out.

  2. Tom says

    Good for her. I hear you though Gregory. We could benefit maybe from a stronger left leaning branch of the Dems. But this require a spine and a pair, things a lot of Dems. don’t have much of these days!

  3. 1♥ says

    RE: “The GOP of today is not the party I joined; it’s not the party of my parent”

    The GOP didn’t change overnight. She was right there the whole time, agreeing with what they said and did. The GOP is what she wanted them to be and now that she has to face all that ugly in the mirror she wants to pretend she had nothing to do with it.

  4. crazycorgi says

    These people are Democrats in name only. They are still committed to the Republican platform, just not the part that now excludes them. They will still be anti-everything, and Bible everything, just “liberal” to their own agenda.

  5. wct says

    I’d really love to see her voting record of GLBT rights before I get all huggy with her. Anyone have this data? Otherwise, I just consider her to be another political rat jumping ship.

  6. wct says

    “Rivas Logan when serving on the Miami-Dade School Board was a strong proponent of the school “choice” initiatives that the GOP under Jeb Bush made a fundamental tenet of their ideology in the state during the 1990s and 2000s. Then as a State Legislator she voted as a GOP partisan opposing women’s reproductive rights and gay rights, while supporting more school “choice” plans and the Republican economic agenda.”

    F*ck her….let’s see her make amends for her past.

  7. David C says

    But Crist didn’t leave the Republican Party over any of its positions. He left because he couldn’t win the GOP senatorial primary.

    As for Rivas Logan, her motivation is transparently similar. So just why is this being reported here?

    I know why: Rivas Logan’s shout of ‘the Republicans are extremists’ is one that TowleRoad likes to repeat as often as possible. But with the Democrats being the center of defense for late-term abortions (see Texas for a recent example) the Dems are at least as extreme as the Repubs.

  8. pickles says

    I’d say the ‘party of her parents’ means ‘fiscal Republicans’. And now, they just have no leg to stand on. The Democrats of recent, Clinton, Obama have CLEARLY created stronger economic environments. They have saved huge business (GM, Chrysler, housing). Add in the fiscal benefits of supporting equal rights- and if the gay marriage ‘business’ is an estimated SEVEN BILLION dollar economic boost- what fiscal Republican can be against a $7b business, regardless of religious views? The Dems have finance, economy in the bag but the f-ing Repubs claim they’re better at it. Any one with a brain can see through that lie. Maybe she’s not as dumb as her former party.

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