1. CPT_Doom says

    The You Can Play project should totally use his rant as a PSA. He said exactly what they are preaching – you don’t need to “approve” of a gay teammate, you do need to respect them as a fellow human being and, if they have the talent, fellow player.

  2. Nick Name says

    His comment about being stereotyped as a Texan is spot on. When I first started watching his video i instantly assumed it was going to be a redneck homophobic rant. Boy was i wrong. What a great guy.

  3. says

    ‘Overwhelming responses in support’
    and hope for the future. Dale gets it.

    Now if we could get some positive news on the condition of our favorite Brony Boy Michael Marone it would be a Happier Valentine’s Day.

  4. Jerry says

    Given the number of NFL players who have been arrested for rape, wife-beating, vicious dog-fighting and even murder, an out-gay man should be the least of their worries.

  5. Zach says

    I remember when he talked about being abused as a child after the Sanducky trial.
    Truly a brave and kind mind. Anyone who thinks he did this for publicity (and I’ve seen those posts out there) needs to shut it.

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