1. coolbear says

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s not only the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s also heartening to see this kind of witty, playful popular genius out there among all the contemporary news of people with no appreciation of humor, beauty, or love.

  2. bravo says

    I cannot stop watching this video and others from the main guy, Mat Best. He is hilarious and super hot. He’s in touch with his gay side too. In his how to pick up chicks video he off-hand remarks that it works to pick up guys. And in his facial hair video, he camps is up quite a bit (in a homophobic way, but in a way that is just a tad too familiar for him.) Very sexy guy.

  3. Patrick says

    Ok, hot. Where is the poetry? Not nearly on the level of where it would be if these guys were gay. And by “poetry” I mean “Hells YES.”

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