1. says

    And there you go, two of the NFL’s best speaking openly and frankly about gay acceptance. Couldn’t be prouder of them. Next item: what’s with that hat on Kaepernick? He looks like a member of “Our Gang”, the little kid TV show.

  2. Belthazar says

    “He looks like a member of “Our Gang”, the little kid TV show.” – LOL! And Cam looks like the nerdy prep student.

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Well, waddaya know: professionals–and good-lookin’ well-spoken, intelligent professionals at that. Watta shame their professionalism hasn’t seemed into the NFL management offices.

  4. says

    I’m really pleased to see this. Kaepernick is a very religious person, so I’m glad to see he can look beyond his beliefs and be accepting. It’s a philosophy I wish more people would employ.

  5. Dan E says

    This is great.

    And @Larry: just because someone is religious doesn’t mean they have to “look past [their] beliefs” to be accepting. I have many very religious friends who will tell you that it’s *because* of their beliefs that they are accepting. There are many different flavors of very religious.

  6. Francis says

    Very significant indeed. Very wise words from both. Very professional. Then again—we shouldn’t be too surprised. They’re both part of a generation that is, by and large, accepting. Michael Sam will be accepted quickly by all if he produces. It’s all about helping the team win in the end.

    As for their style..I find it almost endearing. They’re two regular guys. I see individual straight guys wearing similar get-ups to these two all the type. I think it speaks to the whole super macho NFL stereotype being a bit played out.

  7. woody says

    It’s generational.
    These guys are a lot younger than the NFL bosses.
    The problem is in the front offices, not the locker rooms.

  8. Jack says

    Cam and those glasses! LOL! He looks like one big Nurd! Kudos to them both. I thought Colin was (and has always) been (a closeted) gay. Members of Our Gang definitely! LOL!

  9. says

    @Dan E: Your friends are the exception, not the rule. If they were the rule, there wouldn’t be state legislatures–and even our own Congress–debating laws protecting people’s right to discriminate “for religious reasons.”

    Anyway, it was a compliment, so I’m not certain why you had to dissect my word choices.

  10. Rick says

    “I think it speaks to the whole super macho NFL stereotype being a bit played out”

    It is only a stereotype among effeminate gay men. Most football players are of normal masculinity, nothing more, nothing less. Which is what all well-adjusted men should be, regardless of sexual orientation.

    That they are willing to accept a masculine gay guy as a teammate should not lead you to believe that they regard effeminacy or cowardice among men as acceptable–They don’t….and neither do other men, nor are they ever going to.

    As for them being attractive….well, I am glad somebody thinks they are (LOL)

  11. Tyler says

    Rick, just because you’re a self loathing troll obsessed with masculinity doesn’t mean the straight men you worship feel the same way. The only guys obsessed with the performed and perceived masculinity of other men who are hiding something. You’re not out, so I can understand why you put so much weight in passing as straight and blending in. You’re truly sad.

  12. AriesMatt says

    Cam Newton is some kinda fine! Dayum!

    Kaepernick sounds like he’s from my neck of the woods (MS). From what I can tell from the net, he grew up in Wisconsin? WTF did that accent come from.

    Both these guys are awesome.

  13. Grady says

    Cam’s dad is a preacher & Kaep has religious tattoos all over his body, so it goes to show that you don’t have to be a bigot to be a good Christian.
    Cam has his own clothing line!

  14. emjayay says

    So, handsome, muscular young black guy wears gay hipster glasses (with too short arms), blue Ralph Lauren (I think) shirt with white cuffs rolled up, and a little PINK BOW TIE.

    Um, HELLOOOO??!!!!