1. Matt27 says

    Nice ballad, different GM. I am sure it will be hit for the last dance in school discos (if there are any).
    @Rickon, I am hardly a teenager nor girl, but I liked it.

  2. Sean says

    This is a disappointment. Like much of his last album “Patience”, there’s little in the way of an actual hummable chorus in this. Not much of a discernible melody to pick up on at all. Frustrating that it just goes on and on in one direction. His voice is still lovely. I just wish his innate talent for pop craftmanship would shine again. Because he’s created some damn catchy songs (goes w/o saying). Though I realize he didn’t write this one. This treacly song sounds like it should be played at a Sweet 16 Party during the father/daughter slow dance. Zzzz.

  3. says

    I love George. Have for thirty years. But this is the first song I’ve heard him sing that doesn’t feel like it could possibly relate to his life in any way at all. That’s a shame, because a strength of his music has always been that it seems to offer glimpses into his struggles, joys, feelings.

    The song is lovely. Unfortunately the lyrics don’t read like something he’d write or even sing. Can’t wait to hear the rest of his new album, though. He’s too brilliant to pass based on one single’s listening.

  4. woody says

    stylistically, he hasn’t changed at all.
    which is ok with me. i like george michael.
    his slow stuff is the best chill out in the bathtub music when you feel like forgetting about the world.

  5. says

    I would like the song had his vocal not been tinkered with. The bends between certain words/notes sound creepily synthetic.

    While it’s (seemingly) acceptable to use autotune in pop and dance music, in a ballad it just sours and makes the song sound and feel less authentic.

  6. Christopher says

    Who or what inspired this song? If I knew George had a teenage daughter, it might make more sense. I kept listening trying to understand, connect…. nothing. The hollow echo was distracting.

  7. Julie B. says

    I’ve loved this guy since the 1980’s and I especially love that he’s an out gay man. Plus, he’s the type of guy that attracts both men and women -even lesbian women-I think he defines male sexiness. I respect his right to do his music as he sees fit-and I just watched the video-it is totally hetero syrupy – it’s beautiful and maybe it’s cool that he can relate so well to heterosexual issues–but somehow it feels like a bit of internalized homophobia on his part. Also, perpetuating stereo types like -virgin female gives it up to a guy who hurts her by just moving on. I just don’t get where his head is at with this song and video. That said, the video is transfixing.

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