‘Looking’ Back: Episode 6, ‘Looking In the Mirror’


At this point, you're either on board with Looking, or you're not. The last few weeks have inspired spirited debate about the show's success, but, with six episodes aired and two remaining this season, there's little time to change minds. If you're still not sold on Looking's understated touch, you know it by now.

The show's writers and actors have been combating criticism that the show is 'boring.' As someone who initially found the series boring myself, I have to say that the last two installments have won me over. Last week's intimate adventure with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Richie (Raúl Castillo) was exceptional, and it showed what this series is capable of at its best. This week's episode, "Looking In the Mirror," brought Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) back into view. While not as developed as Patrick's story, the other guys' plots are at least progressing, further introducing complications into Agustín's and Dom's lives.

Let's unpack the latest developments and chat about the most recent episode, 

  • I'm not sure if the most recent plot developments should be called "predictable" or "natural." Of course Dom doesn't know how to relate to Lynn (Scott Bakula) without sex. Of course Agustín can't resist the temptation of C.J. (T.J. Linnard). Of course Patrick isn't nearly as comfortable being Richie's boyfriend as he'd like to be. On the one hand, any viewer could've smelled any of these happening from miles away. But, on the other hand, good writing doesn't mean always pulling the rug out from under your viewers. (Are you listening, Ryan Murphy?)
  • Thematically, I like how these three stories all confronted this idea of what happens when you get what you think you want. While Agustín's was the most obvious example, even Dom had initially set out to have a platonic business deal with Lynn. Patrick and Richie's argument after Dom's party was one of the best scenes so far, but, as he stood toying with his scapular, I couldn't help but wonder if Patrick is regretting that invite to his sister's wedding.
  • Doris (Lauren Weedman) is still the best. "You are so gay-fired" is my new favorite Doris-ism.
  • Is it just me, or has Agustín become the most unlikable character? His tantrum over his art project was insufferable. His outburst targeted at Richie was completely out of line. And the way he treats his adorable boyfriend (O.T. Fagbenle) makes no sense. While Patrick is attempting to grow, Agustín is running out time to hit the road to redemption.

What did you think of the episode?