1. enough already says

    There’s a reason the comments section of this blog are the laughing stock of the gayblog world.
    Andy puts together an excellent blog, every single day.
    Then the entrenched jerks go out of their way to ruin it.
    I didn’t care for the knee-jerk banishment policies at Pam’s one bit. It did, however keep this nonsense to a minimum.

  2. John says

    That poor dog. I have 2 Mals and this poor thing looks scared as hell. It looks like a female and if she’s a purebred her ears should be standing straight up when focusing. This ones only popping half way up which is an indicator of her mental state. I’m going to go hug mine right now.

  3. topher says

    @Enough Already: the gayblog world? Could you be more specific? It’s not like I’m leaving Towleroad behind (it’s been my primary source of information for years), but it’d be like to experience kindness in the comment section for once.

  4. emjayay says

    ENOUGH ALREADY: I’ve said the same kind of thing here a bunch of times. No gay blog I’ve found compares to TR, but there are commonly a number of Debbie Downers, plus a cruddy comment system that doesn’t ID commenters so one rotten apple can mulitply themselves into many. And steal other people’s names, like mine for example.

  5. Derek says

    @Will Your jaw or your nose? Seems to me like you could use both. That being said, I hope somehow this poor scared dog is rescued. That photo gets me in the gut.

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