1. Ranju says

    Hate to be nitpicky… but wrong kindof dresses for the era… those would be more more in style in the 1890s than 1910s and 1920s

  2. Grover Underwood says

    Minnie Driver is probably the most underrated actresses out there. Love her in most everything she does. She was absolutely fantastic in Will and Grace.

  3. disgusted american says

    speaking of dressing ……I wish Ellen would surprise everyone and wear a dress or two for at least Half the Oscars…..she’d probably look amazing….you know, wear something wild , like Carol Burnett or Cher woulda wore by Bob Mackie….

  4. Sean Maloney says

    Those getups are the most laughable thing in that scene. And the reason Driver will never appear on DA is two-fold: One, there’s only one season left. Two, she looks too much like Michelle Dockery, who’s a much better actress than Driver.

  5. Kurtis Edwards says

    Minnie is an underdog. I think About a Boy looks really promising because of her. I hope it gets popular.

  6. Knock says

    Is Driver still a Scientologist? They believe homosexuality can be cured with vitamins and labour camps.

  7. Rrhain says

    Driver is in the TV adaptation of _About a Boy._

    And no, Minnie Driver isn’t a Scientologist. She’s just British.

  8. TonyC says

    Minnie has a new show on abc?? I saw her in Lisa Kudrow’s ” Web Therapy” she was hysterical playing an actress .. Ellen should have done that skit with pants made out of that dress , then it would have been a bit funnier .. They look like they belong on a friggin stagecoach