1. Albert says

    It’s unfortunate juxtapositioning, but Thomas is basically right about the types of players the NFL hasn’t had big problems with. Michael Sam is the first to come out before his pro career can start, but hopefully others will follow. When there are more openly gay players on various teams, the atmosphere in locker rooms across the league will change too.

  2. gr8guyca says

    @ Bellah. My reaction exactly. It was a terrible analogy. What he seems to be saying is that NFL players have accepted people who have done criminal things, therefore they should accept people who are gay. If a straight person had made this comment, he would have been pummeled by the press.

  3. mike/ says

    @ Bellah – huh? they’re (not just Thomas but Joe & Mike agreed) referencing that NFL teams have not really made statements about the ‘alleged’ murderers and known wife-beaters in their organizations, in effect giving them support! and their worried about a potential great player that is gay?

    they weren’t ‘equating’ Michael Sams with criminals; they were pointing out that NFL teams are hypocrites if a guy can do his job. sheeeeshhhh……..

  4. Eric Gonzalez says

    The mud slinging never ends, does it? The man was speaking of the wretched dichotomy in the NFL. He was not equating gay with criminal.
    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  5. mike/ says

    i think it was Groucho Marx (or maybe it was the 3 Stooges) who said, “Everyone’s a critic.”

    lighten up, people! just ’cause you can’t be a ‘Thomas Roberts’…….

  6. Jack M says

    Roberts is right. He is not equating being gay to being a criminal, but he is addressing the topic of what is and is not spoken out against in the NFL. You never really hear the NFL objecting to those in the organization who break the law, but gay men who have never done anything wrong are the subject of negative comments. It’s time to call BS on the NFL.

  7. Sean says

    @FFS- It is certainly your right to express your opinions regarding the intelligence of posters here at However, in the future please do not use big words that you are unfamiliar with. (The correct structure for your last sentence should have been “Lest the rest of us forget.”) It negates your argument and makes you look silly dear.

  8. RexT says

    I must say, I rather like the NFL ‘Anonymous’ comment (while I loathe Anonymous comments getting any attention), as it speaks to the integrity of the organization. If ‘Locker Room TALK’ is a concern, their Leadership, at the NFL and within each Team, completely lacks integrity. Our ethics within the Workplace – of almost every company in the US, and supposedly including the NFL, considers inappropriate language anywhere within or on Company property or a Company event etc – a violation of the Employee Rules of Conduct. (Which includes managers, directors and officers). If Coaches, Managers at the Team level are standing by, allowing ‘Talk’ in the Locker Rooms which is offensive to any group of people they are and should be brought forward for full review and disciplinary action. Whatever is being said behind the door of a locker room, should be palatable in front of the locker room door, just as in any business, behind the door does NOT excuse anyone nor provide anyone the right to speak with animus against a group or a minority.

    Obviously, the “Locker Room” noise – is old and tired anyway, and those who continue to toss it around are idiots, but adding the word ‘Talk’ changes the dynamic of the issue. Talk is relevant to the Ethics of the Company, which each Team is, while the NFL is itself a Non Profit Organization. Talk is subject to Management Scrutiny and isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Those who engage in homophobic locker room ‘Talk’ – while ‘earning’ multi-million dollar paychecks will not hesitate to abide by the Ethical standards of their Company once it’s clear they have a personal choice, Stop or Go. Period. Just like it is in all major business organizations, but for a very few who continue to slide under the radar.

  9. Robert says

    A player comes out as openly gay and already the NFL homophobes are warning other players that might be thinking about coming out that this announcement is likely to “hurt” Michael Sam’s career.

    And these are the same people who assured everybody that a gay NFL player would be “welcomed”.

  10. Rick says

    What a stupid thing to say.

    Roberts just could not help being a fag in this situation, could he, by taking a slap at the NFL (and football and sports in general), just as the day after the Super Bowl, he had to inject “Downton Abbey” into the discussion.

    He could, instead, have taken the opportunity to talk about breaking stereotypes, but instead, he just reinforced them by saying what he did.

  11. Quicksilver says

    I used to like Thomas Roberts. But man, the more exposure he gets, the more I am realizing he is just a pretty face and not much else. Half of what he chimes in with on this show just gets odd looks from everyone else. He truly is that annoying guy in class that didn’t do his homework but wants his participation grade. He want to Russia and said he didn’t see any homophobia. He is actively toeing the company line when it comes to these Olympics. I don’t know. I’m over him.

  12. andrew says

    Michael Sam joins Thomas Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, Robbie Rogers, Cheyenne Jackson, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Jason Collins and a whole host of out and accomplished gay people who are showing America what gay people look like. There very presence on the national stage helps the cause for LGBT equality. They also give young LGBT folks, even those living in the most bigoted areas of our nation, outstanding role models and examples of the possibilities.

  13. David says


    “It’s very thoughtful of Towleroad’s readership to post frequent reminders of how idiotic most of you are.

    “Lest the rest of us might forget.”

    How often I’ve expressed similar thoughts.

    Some people here are victim of a common progressive mistake: the false assumption that mentioning two or more things in the same statement amounts to equating them.

  14. DC Insider says

    Just a thought, but Sam has been in sports locker rooms for his entire life, and has seen thousands of naked guys there. Like most gay men who go to gyms, he does not walk around with a major boner the entire time.

    I find it so weird that all these guys who are so concerned with gays in locker rooms frequent their local gym, because I hate to tell them, half that locker room is as queer as a three dollar bill.

    Go Michael Sam!

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