News: Mars, Toothpaste, Victoria Jackson, Sperm Whale

RoadLike father like daughter: Teresa Giudice's daughter Gia tweets anti-gay slur.

MarsRoadAstronomers spot massive new crater on Mars.

RoadSelena Gomez was in rehab because of her Justin Bieber.

RoadU.S. warns airlines of toothpaste tube threat ahead of Sochi. "According to the ABC report, which cited a senior U.S. official, intelligence has indicated that toothpaste tubes can hold ingredients that could be used to construct a bomb aboard a plane."

RoadNew species of 12-million-year old sperm whale discovered fossilized in California high school garden.

RoadClay Aiken talks to Politico: "In politics, the only way you can win is if you can make somebody else lose. And because of that we’ve got a culture in Washington where people aren’t even trying to do anything good any more. They are not even trying to do anything right for people. They’re just trying to make the other people look bad and make the other person lose."

RoadObama has some down time with his dogs.

RoadBroadway goes dark in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman; autopsy results inconclusive.

V_jacksonRoadFormer SNL star turned teabagger Victoria Jackson may run for office: "Jackson, who moved to Thompson’s Station last year, is petitioning as an independent to become a candidate for one of two District 2 commission seats, currently held by commissioners Betsy Hester and John Hancock."

RoadIf I Wasn't Straight I'd Definitely be Gay: Harry Styles picks up an art piece by Hayden Kays.

RoadManif pour tous', the French movement formed in opposition to France's legalisation of gay marriage, fails to defeat European Parliament report calling for discrimination protections to be extended to sexual orientation.

RoadCalifornia cannot ban gay-conversion therapy until the U.S. Supreme Court says whether it will look at the law, the 9th Circuit ruled late Monday: "California's SB 1172, which the 9th Circuit upheld in August, prohibits state-licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors from using sexual-orientation change therapy on patients younger than 18. After the full court refused to hold an en banc rehearing of the case, the challengers requested a stay of the mandate so that they can petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari."

RoadWho else was at the Amnesty concert with Pussy Riot?

RoadNeil Patrick Harris is inching toward the opening night of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

RoadTwenty shirtless photos of Cristiano Ronaldo.

JellyfishRoadGiant jellyfish washes up in Australia.

RoadDoug Ford defends his brother Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's decision to again skip Gay Pride: "He’s not homophobic. I brought my kids down there and I wouldn’t bring my kids back when there’s buck-naked men running down the street."

RoadRacing to save the stray dogs of Sochi.

RoadHuman Rights Campaign launching "war room" for marriage equality to disseminate information about state efforts: "Adding a bipartisan dimension to the effort at a time when a number of establishment Republicans are moving to back gay marriage, the war room will be led by SKDKnickerbocker’s Olivia Alair on the Democratic-leaning side, and Brian Jones, the former Republican National Committee official and Mitt Romney adviser, of Black Rock Group. Senior advisers to the project will be Hilary Rosen and Anita Dunn of SKDKnickerbocker."

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  1. Who is this Hoffman guy anyway, that he should be honored in any way? Just an actor stupid enough (1) to take heroin, (2) to get addicted to heroin, and (3) to overdose and kill himself. Not exactly a role model for anything worthwhile. We should honor people with self control and discipline.

    Posted by: Joel | Feb 6, 2014 4:46:10 PM

  2. Give me something to be proud about at a gay pride parade and then I'll go to one.

    As long as it still features leather men giving each other head and rim jobs in full public view, I'm out.

    Posted by: johnny | Feb 6, 2014 5:20:49 PM

  3. I wouldn't want my kids to see a CLOTHED Rob Ford in any forum.

    Posted by: Drew | Feb 6, 2014 5:58:50 PM

  4. "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claims he was singled out by police when he was issued a jaywalking ticket over the weekend in a suburb of Vancouver, and says that wouldn't have happened in Toronto."


    Posted by: Hue-Man | Feb 6, 2014 6:02:04 PM

  5. HRC is now dead to me.

    The ACLU hires Jimmy LaSalva & Steve Schmidt now the HRC is hiring Brian Jones. Unfu*kingbelievable. A Mitt Romney operative from Black Rock.

    After all the work we've done for decades they go and hire the very people that have worked to oppress us when we've finally turned the tide.

    Where is the accountability? No apologies, no statements of regret, no remorse for the lives they've impacted and deaths their slandering lies played a part in.

    Posted by: SERIOUSLY | Feb 6, 2014 6:36:05 PM

  6. So HRC has hired THREE employees of SKDKnickerbocker including Hilary Rosen? Is this the Hilary Rosen who helped turn HRCF into the Human Rights Champagne Fund, an organization whose Prime Directive is raising money simply to self-perpetuate its own mythical kingdom, HRCtopia, with its own flag and castle, while spending millions of dollars a year just to open its doors each day with an inflated staff with inflated salaries, sucking it out of every local community they enter, whose outright Lie about how many members they have grows Bigger and Bigger? Is it the Hilary Rosen who's defended publicly closeted gay Repugs who work for some of the most homophobic members of Congress? The Hilary Rosen who was a paid lobbyist for the ruthless recording industry and consultant for British Petroleum after their disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill? The Hilary Rosen about whom an unnamed senior Democrat told "The Nation" magazine: "It’s an open secret in the Dem consultant community that [Rosen's firm] SKD has been signing up clients based on ‘perceived White House access’ tied to prior relationships and employment," and "while lobbying for corporate tax breaks and for-profit colleges," while "like Newt Gingrich and Ed Gillespie, she exploits weaknesses in current lobbying registration law to avoid revealing her clients." The Hilary Rosen who defended the needless continuing discharges of gays in 2009, and who regularly hisses that anyone who criticizes Obama, Inc., in any way just isn't as politically "sophisticated" as she and her tribe of Beltway insiders constantly passing jobs and money between themselves? THAT Hilary Rosen????

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Feb 6, 2014 6:51:37 PM

  7. That reminds me, I've been meaning to hit up Toronto Pride.

    Johnny, no one can give you something to be proud about. My guess is the feeling will continue to elude you for the rest of your life.

    Posted by: FFS | Feb 6, 2014 7:23:39 PM

  8. "Former SNL star turned teabagger Victoria Jackson"

    As usual leftists cannot hide their innate homophobia.

    Posted by: AG | Feb 6, 2014 7:30:11 PM

  9. She IS a "gormer SNL star turned teabagger Victoria Jackson", you stupid butt-monkie.

    Now go die in a fire like a good conservative.

    Posted by: Just Sayin' | Feb 6, 2014 8:27:13 PM

  10. Victoria Jackson was never a leftist. She left the Republican Party for the TP then left the TP to run as an independent. Her homophobia is Republican/TP inherent.

    Posted by: SERIOUSLY | Feb 6, 2014 8:38:07 PM

  11. @Joel,

    Right, because dying from a drug overdoes somehow negates the fact that this actor was enormously talented, influenced many actors with his craft, and left a legacy for generations to enjoy long after he's passed. Yeah, let's just pretend he and others like him never existed. Only perfect people who never make any mistakes like you are the only ones who should be honored. Idiot.

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | Feb 6, 2014 9:11:49 PM

  12. Give me something to be proud about at a gay pride parade and then I'll go back. Until they again feature leather men giving each other head and rim jobs in full public view, I'm out.

    Posted by: Dubeats | Feb 6, 2014 10:52:49 PM

  13. I have attended several Ottawa pride parades and have never seen anyone "buck-naked," because the organizers don't tolerate that. I attended one Toronto parade and although I didn't have a good view through the crowd the only totally nude participants I saw were a group of "naturists" near the front of the parade. Although there were lots of people "scantily clad" at both of these events I certainly never witnessed "men giving each other head and rim jobs in full public view," and I can see how that would turn people off.

    Councillor Ford seemed more offended that the naked men he saw were middle-aged and had pot bellies, but I don't see those attributes as valid objections to tell the truth.

    If you haven't been to Toronto Pride, this year is the one to go to since it's also the World Pride event and should be extra special.

    Posted by: Neil | Feb 7, 2014 1:26:19 AM

  14. You're starting to repeat yourself, Troll. Are you taking all of your medication?

    Posted by: FFS | Feb 7, 2014 3:45:31 AM

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