PGA Golfer Steve Elkington Tweets Homophobic Michael Sam Joke

Elkington M_sam

Steve Elkington an Australian pro golfer who plays on the PGA tour, decided it would be fun to crack a Michael Sam joke on Twitter this morning.

Tweeted Elkington:

"ESPN reporting Michael Sam is leading the handbag throw at NFL combine….No one else expected to throw today"

Elkington then tried to explain: "I'm for Sam I'm against ESPN telling me he's gay…." and had also tweeted earlier that "ESPN covering Michael Sam as a gay athlete is embarrassing ….."


  1. Jay Phillips says

    if I looked like Steve Elkington, I would do as little as possible to draw any attention to myself..

  2. dws says

    This from an athlete whose hardest decision is which shade of chartreuse to sport at the country club each Thursday.

  3. Randy says

    If Elkington is itching for a fight, let’s put them both in the octagon and see which one emerges victorious.

  4. Richard Harney says

    I can appreciate a good racial or gay joke, but this one is just plain dumb. It’s not remotely funny, even for a obligatory chuckle.

  5. JJ says

    “I’m for Sam I’m against ESPN telling me he’s gay….”

    Right. Then why heap ridicule in Sam for something ESPN did?

  6. wheelie81 says

    If you can look at what he said without a bias already, I actually don’t know that you can say it was meant to be homophobic. I interpreted his comments as being that he is disgusted by the fact that ESPN and others are making more of a deal out of the fact that he is a gay athlete rather than just an athlete. We need to quit raising our pitchforks and torches every time someone says something that someone else with an agenda (i.e. Towleroad) labels as “anti-gay”.

  7. TampaZeke says

    I don’t Tweet but people who do should ask him if he’s willing to say these things to Michael Sam’s face.

  8. Zell says

    “I’m for Sam I’m against ESPN telling me he’s gay….”

    This “explanation” is worse than the original tweet, which probably wouldn’t be considered offensive at all if it had been actually funny.

    But even worse are the bitchy commenters on Towleroad calling him out for his physical appearance. Keep it classy, boys.

  9. FFS says

    Oh, boy. Just think how pissed Elkington is gonna be when he sees ESPN playing video of Michael Sam being black.

  10. Francis says

    What’s ironic is that Michael Sam and, really, most gay men, would destroy this guy physically in any and every sense. I don’t really find offense in what he said—too ridiculous to care about.

  11. Mike says

    He has a “history”. He’s a genetic defect.


    In December 2013, Elkington was widely condemned for remarks he made on Twitter following a fatal helicopter crash in Glasgow’s Clutha pub. He wrote: “Helicopter crashes into Scottish pub… Locals report no beer was spilled.” The tweet was quickly deleted but not before being shared by users of the social networking site. The comment provoked a furious backlash from his fellow players and commentators alike.

  12. Matthew says

    If you say that Michael Sam’s being gay means that he is sort of like a woman and that he crossdresses, that is homophobic.

    If you say that Michael Sam’s being gay means that he is fundamentally linked to transsexuals and crossdressers – i.e., that he is “LGBT” – then that is forward-thinking and progressive.

    No, sorry. LGBT is not progressive. LGBT codifies and validates Steve Elkington’s homophobic ideas about gay people. LGBT is reactionary and inherently antigay.

  13. says

    What a tool.
    In defense of my lame ass homophobic attempt at humor let me just offer up a clueless hetero privilege excuse.

    He’ll have you know that he’s not a homophobe. It’s just that ESPN covering the fact that Michael Sam is a gay football player bothers him. Everything that ESPN covers should be all about what he wants to see and only through his non-homophobe-but-don’t-want-to-see/hear-anything-about-gays perspective. That’s all.

    Don’t piss him off ESPN. No more gay coverage or he’ll be forced to make more lame anti-gay jokes.

    Yeah. No homophobia and no hetero privilege there. None at all.

  14. NotSafeForWork says

    Handbag / gay…well isn’t he just witty along with being red, puffy and possibly aggravated Rhinophyma.

  15. gregorybrown says

    Throwing handbags isn’t hard to imagine when you come from a country where dwarf-tossing was a popular pub pastime until recently. Maybe they’re still doing it. And Elkington looks like the kind of lad who’d throw back a few quarts of Fosters and manhandle a brace of little guys while the barbie’s heating up.

  16. m.r. says

    It seems he’s gone on to now being racially insensitive.

    Here’s his latest tweet: ” It goes back to “a ball hit an oriental spectator”.There’s no oriental spectators..There just spectators..”like m Sam…He’s just an athlete”

  17. says

    Your analogy shows how clueless and desperate your argument is. If being oriental wasn’t at issue there would be no need to call attention to anyone’s race. But there is an issue with being gay in professional athletics. Thus the ESPN story. Bemoaning that ESPN is covering the groundbreaking story of an out gay football player doesn’t give you the right to make lame anti-gay jokes. Only your hetero privilege lets you even try to portray that one excuses the other.

    Keep digging though, Elks. You may actually learn something out of this.

  18. Jude says

    Well, if we’re talking about what is traditionally “manly”, I’d say football wins. Golf? Haha, not so much.

  19. ny2.0 says

    Ok, I really hate to be shallow but has this guy looked in a mirror lately? I always had a sort of perfect image of Australian men’s physical appearance, this guy has completely ruined it.

  20. Guillermo says

    I DO NOT think his comments are anti gay at all… MS came out to make his truth to start with the right foot, but that’s it! it was a BTW FYI end of story…LET START TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!! his not the “Gay Football player” which is all the media is talking about and I am also sick of it.

  21. MickyFlip says

    Not surprised by the wit but I do say…

    This coming from a guy who considers chasing ping pong balls on a cart as a sport. Okay, he’s a real athlete. Moving on…

  22. Excuse Me! says

    I agree, we should not target bigots for the way they look. Instead, we should expose their ignorance and invalid reasoning with intellect and logic. But having said that, I have to admit, sometimes it’s just impossible to ignore the obvious–what is up with the fugliest “straight” guys and their fear of gays? I am sure everyone remembers, now-a-hell’s-charcoal, Sam Kinison, in that regard. In my opinion, the fact that these uglies are ignored by gays is the reason that makes them so mad.