1. Brad Doles says

    I think that is a first: an attractive man dancing with his shirt off. I would go as far to say that in 2014, any man who fancies himself good looking, has probably danced somewhere with his shirt off. Where’s the news…NEXT!!!

  2. Hrm says

    It’s a shame that we’re here participating in exactly what Sam tried NOT to have happen when he came out: make it all about gay this-and-that and sexual overtones. It’s the equivalent to Rush Limbaugh saying no one should vote for Hillary because she’d get heavier as she hit middle age.

  3. CPT_Doom says

    Apparently this was taken at a club Sam frequented while in school (he’s now 24, so has been legal for a while to drink). It’s not officially a gay bar, from what I’ve read, but a very gay-friendly place.

    As for the shirtless stuff – Gronk did it in Vegas, all the gay men and straight women lusted after him, but somehow that’s not a problem.

  4. says

    Nobody is sexualizing Sam.
    He did this last year after he came out at college.

    Sam is news. He’s NY Times front page news. Should gay web blogs pretend he doesn’t exist? Or that he doesn’t have a life off the gridiron?

    Sam is entitled to every bit of fun and happiness he gets. He’s entitled to play professional football also. That’s the point of our celebrating him and championing him. To give him those assurances that his community loves him, wants him to be happy, and has his back.

  5. says

    Like any comments board you’re going to get people’s views from gawdknowswhat angle. Maybe poster no one’s tail feathers are up today and if so good for him. His comment was hardly tawdry, ‘mind went to a dirty place’ is pretty tame actually. When something is really over the top or indefensible others on this board usually respond negatively to it. I bet Michael would get a kick out of knowing a short video of him dancing shirtless gave someone a thrill. Point is Michael took his shirt off and danced (openly in a gay bar) not because the larger gay community asked him to or coerced him into it but because he’s young, full of life, he wanted to and he had the support of every young Tiger in Missouri.

  6. Bob says

    Contrast this fine man to the grotesque “Prancing Elites” who were featured here a few months ago. I hope they are watching this. They can learn how a man dances.

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