1. james st. james says

    He has a collection of bags, some casual, some formal:
    “I am not getting enough attention”
    “I am hot under here”
    “Don’t look at me”
    “Haven’t you ever seen a grocery bag before?”
    “Paper or plastic? Paper is safer” (public service announcement)

  2. Lars says

    Either this is a Joaquin Phoenix-style prank, done for publicity/business purposes, or he is genuinely reacting to the weird artifice of celebrity.

    Either way, I am only mildly interested at best.

  3. CRAIG says

    Well… actually because this is the US and not Europe, what he’s done is to repeat an infamous quote from the legendary French Footballer called Eric Cantona. Once you understand the context you wlll appreciate that it is a complaint or expression of frustration about the media and press intrusion into his life.

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