1. will says

    I don’t think this is funny. This is sort of mean-spirited. While Bill Cunningham was taking the photos of men slushing their shoes in the water & ice, I would have loved to see little children secretly shooting Bill with BB guns and we could all have laughed at that, too.

  2. James in Albany says

    I thought it was funny. Especially the photos of the guys who’s shoes you could obviously see filling up with slush.
    Fancy shoes and a suit do not make for an intelligent man.

  3. northalabama says

    mean-spirited? like when the country was laughing at the atlanta traffic jam created by bone-headed government officials? i guess it’s only funny if it isn’t local…

  4. CPT_Doom says

    A lot of those guys were wearing sneakers – how does he know they’re not changing their shoes. I dress business casual at work and routinely wear my sneakers in (because I have a relatively long walk), and change into dress shoes I keep at the office. On a day like he’s showing, I would also have a dry pair of socks. I still wouldn’t want to walk through the puddles and slush, but I would also have a dry option when I got to work.

  5. Rrhain says

    Even if you’re wearing sneakers, they’re going to get soaked.

    That’s why you wear rubber boots. As the dialogue pointed out, only one woman wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear for dealing with slush and only two-thirds of the men had the similar preparations.

    This isn’t mean-spirited. This is stating the obvious: Wear appropriate clothes for the weather.

  6. Pablo says

    No, it’s definitely funny. This is all about ego. Wear some boots during the wintertime. The sacrifice of not looking so 1% or stylish might just keep your feet dry. Who would of thought?

  7. ratbastard says

    You spend anytime in NYC or anywhere in the northeast in the dead of winter, outside, you should have a real (no it fashion) winter parka and of course boots. And a hat….a winter hat. And gloves! Face mask optional. I’ve seen people on extremely old, windy days withno hat and gloves, boar shoes/no socks, and a jacket you’d wear on cool day in late October. Amazing. You spend more than 5 minutes outdoors you betterbe prepared a dressed appropriately.

  8. Ar B says

    It was funny to watch not just well dressed men but everyone diving off the sidewalk into a river of slush, even as your own shoes filled with ice water. On second thought, scratch that — it was especially funny to see suits and ties do it. (There’s a fetish out there for everyone.) What can yo do but laugh and carry three extra pair of socks in your pocket?

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