Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1520

SUBMISSIONS ONLY: The popular web series about struggling actors is returning.

DO WHAT U WANT: Afterhours at NYC's Eastern Bloc with club kids and Alan Cumming.

BRENT CORRIGAN: Heading back to the adult film industry.

CASEY NEISTAT: Snowboarding in NYC.

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  1. bravo says

    Ah, Brent Corrigan. With so many amateur and professional sites, and so many of these videos available free on numerous sites, porn stars (sic) are easily replaceable in a heartbeat. Or cum shot. There’s always another naked guy on another site, and usually you can watch for free. Thanks to the economy over the past 7 years, there will always be cash starved 19 year olds with big cocks and lightly fuzzy cracks.

    Remind me, was Corrigan the one who started to do porn while underage? Did he deceive his company? Did his company know and go wink-wink (like his butthole)?

  2. mike128 says

    What is Corrigan running for political office with that clip? Will we come along with him? Are we committed to the journey? It’s just porn. Make it if you want – if it’s good, we’ll probably watch it. Jesus…

    And it’s tough to take Eastern Bloc seriously when you know the owner is dating Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper, kids… is there anyone LESS edgy?

  3. bernard says

    I feel like I grew up with Bent Corrigan. We’re the same age, just a few months younger (I’m July and he’s October). It’s been fun tracking our lives over the years as he rose to be an internationally recognized adult film star and I went through college and now my professional career, and as he stayed as twinkishly attractive as always and I inflated with lard like a balloon.

  4. Dave B says

    Jeepers, what a mealy-mouthed & self aggrandising appeal for… um, what exactly? The bit where Corrigan pretended he was better than porn (until he couldn’t make ends meet), or the bit where he goes bareback (again…) & tries to spin it Lucas-style, only without the audience, dollars or girth?
    Way to confuse a branding/mission statement. Also, m’eh.

  5. Jonnycakes says

    I sort of feel bad for him.

    He’s had a difficult life.

    Heavy emotional baggage from the murder and its aftermath.

  6. Jake says

    I feel sorry for Corrigan. Obviously, he wanted to break free of porn but couldn’t find an alternative career.

  7. anon says

    I suggest that Brent call up the people from Looking and see if they have a part for him. It would be to their mutual advantage.