1. Gregory In Seattle says

    And after a commercial break, a different anchor was reading the news.

    Ms. Martin was never seen again.

  2. Mike says

    Hope that she has a warm coat. Those gulags can be freezing this time of year . . .

  3. Moz's says

    she will end up in jail despite greenwald and snowdens praise for russia being a bastion of liberty

  4. SpaceCadet says

    That is very brave of her and I hope she stays safe, not just in her job but as in her life!

  5. says

    No gulags. She’s American and working for RT America, probably in DC. But she could lose the job… Unless they want to show how evenhanded they are. Of course if she were in Russian on Russian TV, it would have been cut short AND she would lose the job.

  6. johnny says

    Yup, if she were in Russia, it would be cuff slapped on and she’d be “disappeared” in less than 10 minutes. You’d never see her face on air again and she’d be a memory.

  7. edude says

    Good that she spoke her truth. Going along with the denial and propaganda doesn’t do anyone any good, including Russia.

    However, humorous though some of the other comments may be, all of that may still happen to her if she sets foot in Russia.

    Let’s not forget the many journalists in that area who have paid the price for speaking up or investigating in the past, including the ones who have been shot or poisoned quite dead.

  8. says

    Very brave Abby. Speaking out against the old political norms and ways is the trademark of this generation of reporters and is what informs the young. Won’t ever see/hear anything like this on Faux.

    She was honest in saying she doesn’t know all the dynamics but that the most important thing was the innocent Ukrainians caught in the middle.

    Keep speaking out Abby.

  9. arch says

    Bit late, I watch RT sometimes and it is just a Kremlin propaganda tool, she should have realised that years ago…