1. Dan says

    I think many blogs cut and paste because I have found names in an article that never were in the article previously…it drives me nuts because “john doe” makes some statement and i have no freaking clue this person is because the writer had not included that in the article having cut john doe’s info out from earlier in the article they borrowed it from.

    I do love gay Anderson though…he’s so much more of a real person now that he has freed himself by admitting he is GAY. Oh, one more thing.

    If there is a documentarian who reads this I have a sure hit/oscar winner. I want a serious 2 hour documentary on his mother mostly told by her because she tells stories so well. She is one of the most fascinating woman of the 20th century with stories to tell for hours and hours that would amaze people. If you don’t know her, check her out. What a life she has led in every way. Love her. After I win the $400 mil tonight in the lottery I am taking a few million and funding that documentary.

  2. UFFDA says

    Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson’s mother) is indeed a marvelous woman. Her son should finance the documentary…and he should ghost write her book (if there isn’t already one out there). Powerfully, tragically, her other son, Anderson’s brother, killed himself, he dropped from a window ledge after saying the most haunting of things, “Mother, I can’t feel anything.”

  3. AriesMatt says

    First I’ve seen of Seth as host of his late night show and he’s a natural. Love his genuine sense of humor. Doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable, too. :O)

  4. steve says

    my mother likes Seth better than Jimmy Fallon…which, for some reason I think doesn’t bode well for the longevity of Jimmy’s show…I wonder how long it will take before Seth replaces him… and in other news, when Anderson Cooper laughs I want to hold him and marry him haha

  5. really says

    Ahhh David Barton Gym, anybody outside of NYC ever go? Its like a Circuit Party every night, including the err showers. So interesting to see an A list gay like Anderson Cooper being more and more open about Gay sexuality. I mean once the Str8 world accepts gay marriage they will have to be convinced to accept (open) gay male marriage which is why I have been married 20 years. And most likely why Anderson Cooper has a relationship. At some point this discussion will become public, once marriage is

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