1. ascanius1 says

    don’t waste time trying to reason with religious folks.

    just ridicule them.

    religion is in accelerating decline in the industrialized west.

    do your part to hasten its demise.

    laugh at it.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    OK : I’m just going to sit back and wait for the comments.
    This is too easy.

  3. says

    He has 35 followers on Twitter. He means nothing. They say this stuff just so they can get mentioned on our blogs. I’m convinced of this.

  4. Clayton says

    What’s wrong with being gender nonconformant? My husband and I are both a little on the Nelly side and it doesn’t bother either one of us one bit.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    Well I didn’t last long in my retreat !

    One question; is his mouth wider than his eyes ?

    That might explain a great deal.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Dear Pastor Larry,

    I didn’t write any letter to the Romans…..nor to the Corinthians, nor the Phillipians, nor have I ever been to any of those places.
    And by the same token I never said anything against my gay followers who loved me.
    You are giving quotations from someone who never met me, never knew me and spent the first half of his life persecuting my followers.

    Then he fell off a donkey on the way to Damascus and claims he saw the light to love all men ( except the gays of course).

    Now seriously, would you buy a second hand car from ‘St.Paul’ ?
    Signed :

  7. JJ says

    Okay, by that logic he punishes heterosexual men by making them only attracted to young women, and he punishes heterosexual women by making heterosexual men only attracted to young women. Not to mention saddling them with unwanted children.

  8. woody says

    these preachers really have nothing even remotely sensible to say. what vacuous nonsense.

  9. bierce says

    In Romans I, the sin is not homosexuality, the sin is denying God. The people God punishes are humanists, and He punishes them by forcing them into homosexual relationships. If they were already gay, this wouldn’t be punishment, would it?

  10. robertL says

    Witches chins are a sign that god is punishing you for lying. Chjeck this asses chin out!!!!!!!

  11. Mark Twain says

    Let’s face it, becoming a pastor is one of the few jobs still open to people with sub 85 I.Q. (since you can buy a licence for a few bucks and then all you have to do is read from one book and utter nonsense and clichés). So it’s just logical lot’s of moronic stuff will come from these guys. Be compassionate and feed them.

  12. Craig says

    Really? Hmmm. Last night at the Ash Wednesday service, one of the most sacred services of the Christian year, I was told “the blood of Christ, the Gift of Salvation” by the man standing at the right hand of our Rector. The man offering the wine as our gay sub-deacon. He was surrounded at the Altar by at least a half dozen more gay men in various capacities.

    It’s amazing how much you can appreciate the people around you as gifts from God, when you accept that God made all things, and gay people are included in those gifts from God. Pastor, you need to get your own spirituality right, especially in this season of Lent, inwardly reflect, and ask God’s forgiveness for your hatred toward your fellow man. My Rector, the Bishop, the entire Episcopal House of Bishops, and our Presiding Bishop, a woman, btw, all beg to differ with your theology.

    Here’s the mission statement from last night’s bulletin, Pastor. It’s why we’re a great church: we celebrate EVERYONE at our communion, in our clergy, and in our congregation or people stopping by for visit!

    “Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will be a spiritual home, open to all, providing food for the journey, and calling people to change the world. We will move toward this vision through spiritual formation embodied in the experience of Christ’s love, in innovative worship,in progressive Christian education and in generous response to the gifts we have received. We will strive to be a diverse and supportive community. We will celebrate individual gifts and integrate people of all ages into our programs. We will be a beacon to our wider community, known for our care of creation and for our promotion of social justice.”

  13. Jumper says

    Yup, 4-year varsity swimmer and water polo player, rugby player, ex-naval officer. I am just SO effeminate. Asshat

  14. roger says

    Well, it’s true that some gay men adopt the characteritics of women to sell themselves to straight guys. It’s like saying “Look at me. I’m available and I have a fanny”.

  15. Burt says

    I’m so glad he doesn’t personally know any of whom he speaks.. He couldn’t possibly.

  16. Tarc says

    Funny, every ‘pastor’ I’ve met is a dysfunctional dimwit that was fully incapable of dealing with real life, so they have to justify their fears and inadequacies with the imaginary simply to make it though the day. Honestly, pathetic in every way.

  17. disgusted american says

    actually gays and lesbians are special people who can see life a lot more clearing then a heterosexual – we see life from both sides….we have Insight you’ll never have, ever!

  18. walter says

    just another christian bigot spreading hate and intolerance and then when people challenge him he will start crying that christians are being persecuted

  19. unokhan says

    “sugar in his tank”? …. o lawd how did i miss that one all these years… *on the floor*

  20. Bill says

    I found his sermon to be very enlightening. Now I know why the Romans fed these people to the lions.

  21. Bob says

    Hmmm, if god has already punished the gays, why to these mofos keep thinking it is their job. Do they think they can do it better than god?

  22. Jim says

    Here’s a thought: two or three gay Marines should pay a call on Pastor Pussy and teach him what being a man is all about. How about it, guys?

  23. Bill says

    @Buck: The “god” who was punishing him by making him look like a Muppet was probably his gay makeup artist, who was not amused by his preaching.

  24. Randal Oulton says

    If his picture says anything, it’s that he’s as gay as a birthday tablecloth.

  25. emjayay says

    Given the link, the Brando and Dean reference is kind of odd. And I prefer to believe James Dean was gay. It was the fifties, it’s not like it would have been a good career move to come out. Just ask about a hundred other big actors at the time…..OK, they’re mostly dead, but you know what I mean.

  26. Doug says

    Perhaps someone should tell the dear pastor that his choice of rouge isn’t overly masculine…

  27. Jack M says

    So if gay men are effeminate and lesbians are mannish, then it’s not a choice, right? Oh, wait.

  28. Ted says

    And he is punishing the rest of us with that god-awful face lift and hair comb-over…did he go to the same plastic surgeon as Bruce Jenner?

  29. Chuck says

    He has gay face. Ugly gay face, I might add. I’m gorgeous and I’m sure all of you are too.

  30. spg says

    Soooo…. what ‘sin’ is he being punished for… surely looking like an ogre……

  31. Cinemaniac says

    Does anyone else detect a Hint of Mint here? “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.”

  32. says

    …..punishment??? HILARIOUS. from my graduating class of high school i’m the only dude who doesn’t look like a total dad yet! YAY! thankgodforbeingfemme 😉

  33. GregV says

    I take issue with the way one sentence is written in this article. The letter Paul wrote to the Romans does not at ANY point mention actual gay people.
    He describes a scene in which straight and married people (men on one side, women on the other, just like in some conservative religions today) from a cult are in a religious temple using sexual rituals and idols (and perhaps idols IN the sexual rituals) to worship birds and reptiles. The whole scene in his letter has nothing to do with gay people or same-sex couples.
    Even Paul, as homophobic, mysogynist (and even anti-Christian at one point) as he may have been, did not necessarily mean that it was specifically the genders that bothered him. Seeing people doing sexual things to bird and reptile statues (as he saw it, inappropriately doing to them as they would normally sexually treat their spouses ), or whatever the rituals to worship birds and reptiles were, would have clearly been seen by him as disgusting no matter what the genders of the people in the temple.

    With men on one side and women on the other, doing these rituals with their spouses just wouldn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean that he would have thought differently of men putting their spouses aside to put snake dildos into women as a “worship” of animals.