Bigot Pastor Claims Gays And Lesbians Are Punished By Being Made Effeminate And Mannish: VIDEO

Larry Tomczak

Pastor Larry Tomczak has seen the execution of God's will and the punishment He enacts on gays and lesbians for being who they were born to be. Citing Romans 1:27, which states that gays and lesbians "receive in their own bodies the penalty for their sin," he remarkably avoids the low-hanging fruit of HIV/AIDS and instead says that this "penalty" is that gay men become more effeminate and lesbians become more "mannish." Yes, deviating from "God's loving design and plan" means the Almighty will curse one with gender non-conformity

While I could anecdotally provide a dozen or so gay men so masculine they'd make Marlon Brando or James Dean seem queer, the validity in Tomczak's assertion that heterosexual relationships encourage masculine behavior can be found rather easily in Marcus Bachmann.

You can see Pastor Tomczak's remarks AFTER THE JUMP...