1. Jim says

    If the guy in the Caddy ad actually took the month of August off maybe he wouldn’t be such a d*uche

  2. says

    I dunno, Styler. I mean you (and by you, I of course mean Rick) insist on adding your opinion on minorities, women, effeminacy and trans issues under dozens of usernames dozens of times a day on numerous posts. You seem to have an opinion on most things. You’re just too much of a coward to put a face to those opinions.

  3. Tyler says

    Rick, if you’re going to impersonate me, don’t be lazy about it. If you’re trying to convince others that you and I are the same person, you’re failing. Linking my name to the same address you link your Styler character is so transparent.

  4. Tyler says

    Rick, if you’re going to impersonate me, don’t be lazy about it. Unless you’re trying to convince people that you and I are the same person (that’s the only explanation I can think of for you linking my name using the same link you use for Styler). In which case, you’re similarly failing.

  5. AnthonyR says

    Fkn Hilarious! “Why do I work so hard? For This? For Dirt?” Haha I love it! Xo’s BTW the guy in the Caddy ad, Hot!

  6. Wayne says

    I like the Ford ad better… kinda genius. But I’d rather have the Cadillac. N’est pas?

  7. Håkon says

    Great riposte, Ford. The original Cadillac ad was indeed infuriating – if Neal McDonough’s character was the master of his domain, he should have pioneered a surgery to rectify those sloping shoulders. (Did he finish puberty?)

  8. Sergio says

    No kidding, Hakon. The feminine shoulders were the first thing I noticed about the actor, and his flat ass was the second.

  9. says

    The ad has effectively put me off of Neal McDonough for LIFE. And that’s a shame, cuz I used to dig him. The vomit rising in my throat the first time I saw that ad…..I can’t.

    Ford – well met. Now get back to opening more plants in America so more Americans can work, plz.

  10. Kevin K. says

    McDonough is a right-wing Catholic, so I guess that ad shouldn’t be too surprising. You can read about it on his Wikipedia page.

  11. WeHo says

    Had Cadillac used one of these 1-per-centers, would the commercial be OK?

    Net worth:
    k.d. lang – $15 million
    Andy Cohen – $15 million
    Neil Patrick Harris – $16 million
    Lance Bass – $22 million
    Melissa Etheridge – $25 million
    Suze Orman – $35 million
    Ricky Martin – $60 million
    Ellen Degeneres – $65 million
    Rosie O’Donnell – $100 million
    Anderson Cooper – $100 million
    George Michael – $160 million
    Elton John – $370 million
    Tim Gill – $400 million
    Chris Hughes – $700 million
    Jann Wenner – $700 million
    Michael Kors – $780 million
    David Geffen – $5.5 billion

  12. theo says

    WEHO, the choice of actor was irrelevant in the Cadillac ad, but I’m glad to see you wasted so much time cultivating a list of rich liberals.

  13. peterparker says

    As a side note, the home in which the Cadillac ad was filmed is in the Hollywood Hills, just down the hill from my house. After tearing down two houses and spending about two years building the home, the developer put it on the market for $28.8 million. It sat on the market for month after month after endless month. Until they finally withdrew the listing a few weeks ago, unable to sell it. I thought that was kinda funny.

  14. says

    WEHO misses the point entirely by listing a number of “liberal wealthy people” who consistently are on the right (left) side of history. The folks who say “I’m wealthy! i don’t need the tax breaks! the working class do!”

    this will be lost on WEHO. but that’s OK. WEHO is not a real person of worth, only a miserable troll who will die alone under his bridge.

  15. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Leave it to Villareal to mischaracterize the second ad as reeking of self-righteousness.

    Is there anything that he can’t or won’t insult, no matter how benign or outright good?

    And Pasho Murray does an excellent job.

  16. SpaceCadet says

    I liked Neal McDonough in Star Trek: First Contact. Ironically, in the novelization of his character, he’s gay and has a boyfriend. Of course, the novels don’t count as canon.

  17. Jeff says

    Neal McDonough is a strict catholic
    and turns down anything that might be racy or too sexy. He doesnt even do sex scenes. I learned this while searching for nude pics of him.

  18. peterparker says

    @JEFF: Ewwwwwwwwwwww…why would you want to see Neal McDonough naked?! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. woody says

    Interestingly, GM Cadillac takes a government bailout and runs a “your own bootstraps” one percenter commercial.
    Ford struggles on it’s own and sides with the 47 percent.