Frank Ocean Writes F-Bomb Check to Chipotle for $212,000


Over the weekend Towleroad reported that Chipotle was suing Frank Ocean for the $212,500 advance it paid him, after he backed out of singing "Pure Imagination" for their animated ad that went viral last September. Ocean claimed he was promised final say over the ad and was told it would not contain a logo.

Fiona Apple ended up performing the song. Watch the ad HERE.

Ocean responded to the restaurant chain with a check (above) containing a strongly worded note that he posted to his Tumblr today.



  1. Macmantoo says

    Doesn’t make sense to sing a song for a commercial and not have the logo appear.

  2. max says

    What a total PoS he’s acting like…especially for a good message. They’re better going with someone a bit more mature and less full of themselves.

  3. Joe in Ct says

    Not impressed at all. He paid back the money he owed them and wrote an obscenity on the check. Bad karma.

  4. Michael says

    So low class.

    You take the check to do the job and then whine when you have to return the money because you didn’t do what you were contracted to do.

  5. Bellah says

    so he cut ties with a corporation that appropriates the culture not their own. good. I have never and will never give chipotle a penny.

  6. says

    We have no idea what the circumstances are. We know what Chipotle says but Ocean has made no public other then writing them a check (he could have stiffed them and gone on to court) and make a notable remark. I think we’ve all wanted to do that at one time or another and if it involved more than two hundred thousand dollars we wouldn’t have hesitated. Benefit of the doubt here. I could be totally wrong but hey, who are we to judge?

  7. Steve says

    You shouldn’t have signed the contract if you didn’t agree to the terms and conditions.

  8. robroy says

    Geez- if you want artistic purity don’t sign up to make corporate ads. And its not like he is the worlds best singer. He had to realize why they hired him.

  9. steve says

    the only song I like by him is “Eyes Like Sky” plus he wrote “Freedom” and “1st and Love” for Brandy which are both awesome. Otherwise…? I wonder how much of this has to do with a racial narrative…him feeling like a black guy that has been crapped on having to give money to a “white” company. what the hell happened is what I’d like to know. probably typical selfish drugged-out celebrity bullcrap.

  10. Cadence says

    Steve and others, I believe the point is that Frank didn’t agree to the terms. According to his lawyers, Chipotle wasn’t upfront about their involvement in the commercial. According to Chipotle, the commercial that Frank Ocean saw didn’t contain their logo. Ocean should have returned the money, but obviously he feels like the company duped was not honest in the way that they handled the situation.

  11. Brian W. says


    What evidence do you have that Frank Ocean is relying on some racial narrative or that he has a drug problem?

    Just because he happens to be black? Check yourself please.


    Some of you white girls are never satisfied. Such a f*cked up community this is.

  13. JMC says

    the White Gays™ of Towleroad continue to find a way to be racist about literally everything involving a black person.

  14. Mikey says

    It’s weirdly coded, too. Assuming he’s a rapper. Assuming there’s a racial narrative. Calling him low class.


  15. AngelaChanning says

    I agree there is subtle and overt racism in this thread. If I were a betting man, my guess is Chipotle probably played hardball and it got personal. I am sure they will cash the check.

  16. Tristram says

    Sounds like chipotle did muck him around.

    Also frank wrote ‘scared of the beautiful’, which Brandy recorded for her most recent album two eleven. It’s a wonderful song and practically inspired the whole project according to her.

    Finally, to be blunt, some (but not all) of you queens should stick to commenting on music and musicians you know something about. Frank Ocean a rapper? B__ please.

    That’s all.

  17. Tristram says

    @ANGELA totally agree. Any artist of any variety who
    Has dealt with big business know how arrogant and manipulative they can be. I’d wait to see all the evidence.

  18. jjose712 says

    It’s curious, people here alway push celebrities to come out, but once they come out they don’t give them even the benefit of doubt.
    They critizied them relentlessly, no matter what they do.

  19. Hrm says

    Interesting how many people want to play the race card, as if someone can’t help the way they behave because they are black. Look in the mirror if you want a REAL racist. Someone can be any race and display a lack of class, and there’s no “code” to it. Poor behavior is poor behavior. He made a commitment, and backed out of the commitment, so he should have simply returned the money, instead of acting like he was somehow entitled to keep it without doing the work. Also, sorry, but he’s not worth that kind of money. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he should get a blank check to act like a jerk.

  20. Chris says

    What advertising doesn’t include a logo? So your claim is that he thought he was getting 212,500 to film a music video for which no company would take credit? really? If his contract stated final approval, then you might have a claim, but it obviously did’t

    He violated the contract, period, and creating a public spectacle of returning money that he should have returned is indeed classless, regardless of who does it. He looks like a petulant little brat. A terrible image for both himself, and the gay community.

  21. Liam says

    HRM: Based on what? The “evidence” presented by Chipotle? This is a business dispute and he felt manipulated. He paid the money back.

    What is more important to me is the vileness of the comments on this and other threads here:
    He just learned to write a check,
    he is low class,
    somehow his blackness had something to do with it,
    and my favorite calling him a fag.
    This site is just so full of unhappy old queens with nothing better to do than to run everyone down behind the screen of user names.

  22. Greg says

    It’s hard to imagine a better fit than Fiona Apple’s rendition of the song. It was beautiful.

  23. DJ says

    Thank you, Liam for saying what you said. I left JoeMyGod because all of the racist trolls there. It would seem like you can’t find a gay news blog where there aren’t old, tired, bitter, unhappy queens that only feel good by talking badly about others. But, as long as we continue to engage them, they will keep on keepin’ on, simply because no one else will talk to them!