News: San Vicente Inn, George Michael, South Dakota, SXSW

RoadStudy: 2 in 5 men 'serosort' to prevent HIV.

RoadMarriage battle will be coming to South Dakota.

Cordova-goffRoadTransgender teen Pat Cordova-Goff takes the field for girls softball team.

RoadReporter tries to run to next assignment, bites it on live TV.

RoadTyler the Creator arrested for inciting SXSW riot in Austin. "Tyler, The Creator, real name Tyler Gregory Okonma, was performing at Scoot Inn at 1308 East 4th Street. The venue had reached its maximum capacity of 999 people inside. During the performance, Okonma yelled into the crowd of people waiting outside the venue, 'All y’all outside the gates, y’all push through.'"

RoadWest Hollywood's San Vicente Inn gets Jeff Klein facelift: “At first, I just planned to keep it running how it was, which was basically a gay bathhouse, and then close for the refurbishment,” Mr. Klein said during a recent tour. “But then there was a near overdose. Seriously! It was like land of the missing teeth in here. I couldn’t bear it.”

RoadNeil Patrick Harris Skypes into interview shirtless.

RoadMale model fix: Filip Hrivnak.

LoweRoadRob Lowe is 50.

RoadGeorge Michael reflects on drug habit, arrests: “I’ve completely stopped. I have decided to change my life and I haven't touched it for well over a year and a half now…I knew I deserved to go to prison. I just thought ‘get your head down and get on with it.’”

RoadMoscow's largest gay nightclub shut down: "The Central Station gay nightclub in Moscow is reportedly shut down, after experiencing a series of attacks last year. The landlord claims the club is vacating the premises due to the Moscow Arbitration Court’s resolution."

RoadCasper Star-Tribune: time for Wyoming to say yes to gay marriage.

RoadBuzzfeed talks to Le1f: "Le1f tells me he’s using the Hey EP to get all of the pop songs out of him before he records his upcoming full-length debut, which he says will be “weird and fun or poppy and political — which essentially isn’t pop.” He hopes it will sound like a mix of M.I.A.’s halting first album Arular, and Dizzee Rascal’s frenetic 2003 LP Boy in Da Corner. "

RoadRampaging elephant destroys house, then saves crying baby.

TraugerRoadTennessee federal judge Aleta Trauger: Gay marriage bans will be "footnote" in history.

RoadNorthampton, Massachusetts to get rainbow crosswalk: "If successful, Shaw believes the crosswalk would be among the first in an East Coast community."

RoadElton John and Bernie Taupin reflect on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: "I didn’t even know what a joint was when I made Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. That all changed when I made the next record, but in 1973 I was very naïve. And the naiveté is the most pleasant thing about this record, probably."

RoadDetails on Lady Gaga's scrapped "Do What U Want" video with R. Kelly: "If this video ever gets released, it will certainly ruin what’s left of Gaga’s career. Even without R. Kelly, the video is still nasty. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Interscope executives saw the part where R. Kelly pretends to piss ARTPOP BBQ sauce on Gaga’s stomach, then licks it up. I can only assume Gaga didn’t know R. Kelly’s history of peeing on underaged teenagers."


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Rob Lowe was a beautiful teenager. He’s still good-looking. I should have known he was a Pisces with those beautiful eyes. We Pisces have gorgeous eyes…when they’re not blood shot.

  2. Stefani says

    I clicked the source provided for the Lady Gaga story and surprise surprise….it is nothing more then a troll site dedicated to publishing negative stories about Lady Gaga.

    I understand that Towleroad needs add revenue so I get that you will publish any click bait story you can, but it would be nice if you didn’t use every opportunity you had to besmirch the name of a tireless advocate for LGBT rights.

  3. LiamB says

    I got to laugh at that Cheng woman. I’m far from a fan of Gaga, but one look at that blog and her Twitter feed is all one needs to see that it’s a troll site. I mean, yikes! The cray cray is strong with that one.

  4. Flub says

    I mean, given Gaga’s antics thus far, having R.Kelly piss BBQ sauce on her stomach isn’t that much of a stretch. Yes, her advocacy for LGBT rights are admirable, but ugh, she’s grossbot now.

  5. Andrew says

    Totally unfair to the girls to have to play against a dude who declares himself to be a girl. There’s nothing in the article about him being on hormones. He is a physically male and is going to compete on a girls team against other girls teams. This is nuts. Shame on us LGBs for getting mixed up in this insane gender war of the trans activists.

  6. Phyliss Shaflea says

    Why are there sports teams broken down by sex anyway? Best team sports I ever had the most fun on were a mix of males and females. Dickbombs like Andrew can’t see the forest for the trees about this. Sports = Play. They are not genetically coded into sex and gender. It’s like totally fine for men and women to play for the same sport on the same team.

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