1. keating says

    I know we’re supposed to salivate over the hunks but the whole thing is so tired — Versace in South Beach circa 1995. But I sympathize: divas get a little desperate as they enter middle age.

  2. UFFDA says

    Good God that tuneless sucked!

    Still, why not “objectify” (what a stupid word) men, they love it, so do the women. What difference does it make? None, except to the legion complainers who can’t possibly be made content.

  3. JMC says

    Absolutely amazing music video, Jlo never disappoints with her visuals. All the songs off her new album have been total disappointments so far though, especially considering this is her her long awaited (by me anyways) return to urban music.

  4. steve says

    I’m getting tired of celebrities making music videos where they display how proudly narcissistic they are. But, I guess if you’re making music to sell liquor at night clubs – it works.

  5. iban4yesu says

    JLow a gay icon? lol You could do better even with an undead/resurrected/zombie Selena! Seriously, she had a potential which was taken away too soon.

  6. American Dreamer says

    You can’t deny Lopez is still looking pretty good after all these years

    What I liked about this video is the guys all had healthy bodies

    They were muscled but naturally muscled

    No steroid muscle heads and not too heavy on the tattoos.

    Also this is a pretty accurate description f South Beach

  7. AriesMatt says

    Loved it – song, video, pre/post skit… Very fun and I predict a major hit for JLo. Serious bulge action going on in some of those speedos, too. Dayum!

  8. Ulu says

    What a crap song! That dude’s botox job is gonna give me nightmares too. I don’t mind the objectification however, but why not include some guys with hair on them for some sexy diversity? Scruffy is no less sexy than hairless….

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