1. Alan says

    Saw Kinky Boots almost a year ago with Billy Porter’s understudy (who was teriffic), then saw it again last night with Billy Porter. He was just tremendous!!
    If you have the chance to see the show,GO!!

  2. Tony says

    I really hate it when singers completely change the melody of a song and still call the song by same name. This is fine Billy, but it’s not “I Am Changing”. The composer wrote I Am Changing with a particular melody. Another composer wrote this one. If you thought this was an improvement on the original, that’s fine, but It’s a different song completely and thus should have a different title.

  3. Tony says

    I feel I need to clarify myself…I am huge fan of Billy Porter. His talents and artistry are huge and astonishing. Truly a great singer and performer who has contributed to the artistic community infinitum. My post above really wasn’t about Billy (the great Tony winner)…it’s more about raising the issue about staying true to a composer’s written melody and inflecting your own interpretation. It’s art, so maybe there isn’t a right or wrong answer…..after re-reading my prior post, I see that it could be seen as a criticism of the greatness of Mr. Porter. For that, I feel so bad. Billy Porter is a great artist, humanitarian, and icon for us all, especially the countless young people who rightly admire him and are inspired by him, me included. I apologize to Billy Porter, truly and completely. I was just talking about the musical debate that often goes on, again maybe not a right or wrong answer. But again, I am so inspired by Mr. Porter and feel is only at the beginning and hope he will grace us for many years with his gifts that heal, inspire hope, and provide joy to millions. God Bless.

  4. says

    He is such an amazing singer! I have seen him in Kinky Boots 5 times on Broadway, there are even rumors that the show will go to London with Billy as Lola again. If so I may have to buy a plane ticket!

    I totally agree with Tony above – Billy does bring joy to millions!

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