Actor Daniel Franzese Comes Out as Gay in Letter to His ‘Mean Girls’ Character


Who thought we would have two items on Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese on the same day?

In a touching letter to his Mean Girls character Damien published on Indiewire, Franzese comes out.

Writes Franzese, in part:

"There were industry people who had seen me play you in Mean Girls but never seen me read in an audition but still denied me to be seen for 'masculine' roles…Damian, you had ruined my life and I was really pissed at you. I became celibate for a year and a half.  I didn’t go to any gay bars, have any flings and I lied to anyone who asked if I was gay. I even brought a girl to the ‘Mean Girls’ premiere and kissed her on the red carpet, making her my unwitting beard. Meanwhile, I was still in the closet.  Deleting tweets that asked if I was gay, scrubbing IMDB Message Boards for any indication."

"My friends and family all knew the truth but now it's time everyone does. Perhaps this will help someone else. I’m not afraid anymore. Of Hollywood, the closet or mean girls. Thank you for that, Damian. (And Tina.). … P.S.  I hate it when people say I’m 'too gay to function.' I know you do, too. Those people are part of the problem.  They should refrain from using that phrase. It really is ONLY okay when Janis says it."


  1. Caligula says

    he didnt need to come out-we knew…and stop blaming an acting limitation on gay discrimination! some gay actors cant turn the gay off…nothing to be ashamed of!!!

  2. Hmm says

    On the flip side, Mikey, since him being gay was pretty obvious, why make an announcement at all? It’s not like it was necessary. Either way, why would he blame a role for “ruining his life?” Perhaps it wasn’t because his character was “too gay” and more because he wasn’t particularly impressive compared to the rest of the cast.

  3. Tom Lang says

    Wait a minute. He played a Marine in some movie. I forget. But I do remember thinking that he played such a good gay guy for a gay guy and he was able to also play a military man. Though I did think the latter lacked enthusiasm

  4. antisaint says

    I second Tom Lang. I saw him in “Bully” and the only indication I had from that he was gay was on the bonus features of the DVD when he was being himself.

  5. anon says

    Are we at the cynical point where these announcements are career moves yet? Sort of like fake marriages and fake pregnancies.

  6. Gigi says

    Wow. Trollroad just keeps getting troll-ier.
    I’m glad that Daniel came out. I look forward to a day when this won’t be news. It’ll just be.

  7. Paul B. says

    Yes, he needed to come out if he felt he needed to come out. We all do….and “they” all need to hear it as often as possible. If you’re not comfortable with it…stfu.

  8. DANSWON says

    What is the point of all these petty negative comments? Good for him.
    I can imagine that would have been a bit of a psychological mind-phuck trying to distance yourself from a character of a film so often-quoted and referenced.

  9. Felix says

    Dad used to say: if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    Great for him. Hollywood is not friendly towards gay actors so the last thing he needs is our judgement.

  10. Randy says

    “scrubbing IMDB Message Boards”

    They allow that? I remember that one time when an actress didn’t want her birthday (hence her age) up there…

  11. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    He looks better with the beard, kinda “hunky,” too! Never saw the show, however, I applaud his willingness to be “out” in the biz, even if “Holly-weird” isn’t too kind to those who are “out.” Seems weird that the article says that, as the stars who are supportive of gays make it seem the opposite, however, most of us don’t see the industry from the “inside.”. I wish Daniel only the best.

  12. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says

    In more shocking news….President Lincoln has just been shot in the theatre!! John Wilkes Boothe is the prime suspect!

  13. Mikael says

    If making this announcement makes him happy then, what’s the big deal. It’s his life. Just let him be.