1. Kenneth says

    Glenn Beck would have sex with a giraffe if it would galvanize his base and raise his profile. See how that works Glenn? Of course, with GLenn Beck, that’s probably true.

  2. e.c. says

    I noticed that too Taylor, interesting that Beck ASSUMES that Hillary will be POTUS. Guess he doesn’t have too much faith in the bright shining lights of the conservative movement.

  3. Mikey says

    Wasn’t he just announcing himself as some sort of ally, and then he uses “lesbianism” as some sort of smear on Our Next President. He’s ridiculous.

  4. mike1969 says

    The real question is: How many times is Glen “small penis” Beck going to watch this lesbian porn off of xtube before he just torrent the video?

  5. Hawthorne says

    Not to go off on a tangent, but I think Sean asks an interesting question … why are homophobes so obsessed with gay sex? Does anyone know of any article or study on the matter?

  6. thom says

    All of these rightwingnuts have a running theme in common: S-E-X…in all of its forms.They are obsessed…take cue from Teddy Haggard and stop airing your fantasies. TROLLS, please.

  7. woodroad34 says

    Oooo, Glen Beck (who, btw, is looking extremely gay in that picture) is gonna bring all the pervy (republican) straight men to Hillary’s side with that image alone.

  8. Art says

    Glenn Prick is such an EVIL Krapstian. Just like all Krapstians, he makes up lies about someone and then “judges” them for something that never happened.

    And who give a krap if Hilary makes it with a guy or gal or both? She has more of a Christ like heart than any Jesus Nazi I know!

  9. emjayay says

    What’s worse than how totally vile and transparently a fraud Glenn Beck is, is how many Americans actually watch and listen to him on Fox previously or not, and think they are getting anything more than victimizing grifting absurd garbage.

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