1. jamal49 says

    No, diet. He’s a diabetic who has gone into diabetic shock on several occasions. He’s very careful with his health and diet and a very smart man. He wouldn’t use steroids at all. Several of my friends are natural body builders and their physiques are similar.

  2. EchtKultig says

    And in: 3…2…1….someone saying “you’re so wrong, I know a lot of guys who have a body like that who don’t use steroids.”

    Well, you probably *don’t* know a lot of guys who have millions of dollars at their disposal. I have no doubt most of these quick Hollywood body transformations are supervised by trainers who have access to doctors who can write legit steroid prescriptions. Why work out for 10 hours a week for 2 years when 5 hours a week for 1 year and legally-obtained steroids will get the same results? Your career isn’t going to wait.

  3. EchtKultig says

    Jamal, FWIW, insulin is growth promoting and there are videos on youtube about abusing it for that reason.
    I really don’t know about any individual case for sure. But the preponderance of evidence is that most Hollywood actors who have had to have buff bodies in a hurry are using something that would be considered doping by WADA.

  4. Really? says

    And in 3… 2… 1… someone will cry, “STEROIDS” because no matter how long they sit in the gym’s streamroom looking for d!ck they’re still not in shape. Like nobody works out, the weights are just too heavy for that.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    Not saying he is using steroids or not, but you can still be using steroids AND working out hard at the gym. My point being it’s not like you just take steroids and are magically buff. And I think it’s perfectly reasonable that Nick could have achieved his build without the use of steroids so it’s strange that some of you are so quick to say he must be using.

  6. Dan E says

    Yea, sorry, I don’t understand this steroids nonsense. Particular from the guy who is saying that *because* he has millions of dollars, this is more likely to be steroids? Um, no. If you have money, you can afford the training and diet help to make getting a body like this pretty easy, assuming you have the discipline to stick to the programs.

    This looks quite natural to me (though it would be easier to tell if he were shirtless…).

  7. Brian says

    He’s also a shorter man, which makes him look even larger than he is. Nearly everyone in entertainment is much shorter in real life than you would think.

  8. Håkon says

    A bodybuilder friend has told me that steroid use is fairly discernible to those who see enough muscular bodies. According to him, the two tell-tale signs are water bloat and overly prominent veins. I can’t attest to the latter on Nick, but the former is in plain evidence.

    By the way, I don’t think anyone displays jealous by simply stating the obvious. Look at pictures of Nick from a couple of years ago, and you’ll see that today’s comments are fairly warranted.

  9. Dan E says

    I… don’t see water bloat. I see a young man who is built.

    To your point, this is why I said it would be easier to discern were he shirtless. But what we’re looking at here, given his height, is perhaps 20 pounds of muscle. A man in his 20’s with access to the kinds of nutrition and training he has access to can easily put on that kind of weight in 6 months. Hell, I’m 43, and I’ve put on about 7-8 lbs. of muscle so far this year.

    I think people who haven’t trained seriously don’t understand the gains you can make when you train seriously.

  10. Håkon says

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. That man’s face is a lot wider than it was even just last year. Hence, the water bloat.

    But yes, if he were shirtless, I guess we’d be able to tell many things a lot better…

  11. Jonnycakes says

    Never understand how someone can be homely as a hedgehog, then suddenly get some muscle and everyone thinks he’s hot.

    If he wasn’t a D list celebrity no one would give him a second look.

    Matt Bomer he ain’t!

  12. Seattle Mike says

    Wouldn’t his veins become more prominent if he had reduced his body fat? Isn’t that a possibility?

  13. Steerpike says

    If he was on steroids he’d look a lot puffier. Steroids are as obvious as bad plastic surgery. You cannot hide steroid use these days.

  14. pablo says

    You can achieve vascularity with steroids. You guys need to stop acting like steroid use is this rare thing that doesn’t happen and the only time it is ever brought up is by “jealous queens”.

  15. EchtKultig says

    Thank you Hakon for being someone else here showing some sense.
    The point is, everything I’ve read from honest sources about steroids says for 95% of people, they will make much faster gains on them than off them. Yes, of course they still have to work out hard in the gym. That’s exactly why there’s an incentive to use them: Nick Jonas isn’t a day laborer. He probably doesn’t like spending 2 hours a day in a gym if I he could be playing video games, texting hollywood starlets, driving his Ferrari around or whatever it is he does in his free time. They see their time as still being more valuable than the “common people”. So of course if you’re some young Hollywood actor, other actors hook you up with the “best trainers” who are going to tell you a “dirty little secret” and take you to see Dr. Whatever to save you a lot of your valuable time. And if you look at blogs of guys using them versus not using them, there are ways to disguise that they are being used. Not everyone is going to look like a bloated 1980s bodybuilder who’s on them.
    But as I suggested, it’s hard to be completely sure. Someone else said he was short, I didn’t realize that. If he is, yes it is easier to get a bulked up appearance relatively quickly.

  16. EchtKultig says

    Here is a good analysis of the issue:


    WTF, we can’t post links anymore? He concludes most male actors do use steroids if they are getting buff for a role.

  17. EchtKultig says

    oh sorry
    I didn’t show up the first time I refreshed the page.
    At least Towleroad is working again!

  18. Alex says

    You guys have absolutely no clue what havoc steroids would play on a type 1 diabetic.

    Yes, insulin is anabolic, but only to the extent that if a type 1 does not have insulin, he/she begins to lose weight at an alarming rate…diabetes was also called the “melting disease” as the muscle and fat just melt off your body. Insulin does not have the effect of steroids in building muscle mass… it is simply necessary for someone with T1D to use the calories they take in. Otherwise , it is all peed out.

  19. Gary says

    I think he’s disciplined to do it without drugs. He has talked about his diabetes. At least that’s what he told me last night before we went to sleep.

  20. sugarrhill says

    The thing that posters here that immediately scream STEROIDS is that actors, models get paid to be in shape and get in shape. It’s not impossible for anyone with the right training and diet to achieve certain health/body goals within a specific amount of time. A year/six months is a long time to get your body into the right shape, especially if that is all you do.

  21. EchtKultig says

    “insulin is anabolic, but only to the extent that if a type 1 does not have insulin, he/she begins to lose weight at an alarming rate”
    Nope. About a year ago some (non-diabetic) guy made waves on youtube for admitting he used steroids, but if you actually watched several of his video he said insulin was actually a more important part of his doping routine over the course of a year that steroids were. He uses about 1/20th the dose of a diabetic.

    “what havoc steroids would play on a type 1 diabetic” – again, wrong. If your diabetes is being controlled – and I’m sure Jonas can afford the top of the line insulin pumps – your physiology is hardly different from any other man’s. In fact, a guy from my high school who was diabetic went onto become a competitive bodybuilder in the early 2000s. I have no doubt he used steroids at some point. He was one of the tiniest kids in HS, thin as a rail his senior year, and became freakin huge. It’s actually the catabolic steroids that are especially dangerous for diabetics. And he’s still around, not dead. Working in sales and marketing, which seems to be where many former bodybuilders are put out to pasture LOL.

  22. alex says

    Being rich and connected in Hollywood means easy access to all sorts of things, including steroids. But, it also means you have tons of free time to work out and money to buy trainers and nutritionists when you’re not working.

    The easiest way to gain and keep muscles is to eat multiple (6-7) smaller, “clean” meals every day. Most employees aren’t keen on paying people to take three meal breaks during a shift. But, a rich actor/singer between projects doesn’t have that problem.

  23. Jeton Ademaj says

    the lot of you are blithering fools. it might be steroids, it might be insulin (which IS far more anabolic than any androgen, but it’s also far riskier), and it could very easily be JUST working out and proper diet.

    vascularity is NOT an indicator of the use of anabolic hormones. water bloat CAN be. this person’s physique is easily within the realm of what many or most young men can achieve without pharmaceutical help. furthermore, he’s at an age where his face and body will WIDEN naturally anyway.

    i wonder how many more decades of Gay Progress must pass before a smaller percentage of gay men are reflexively venomous?

  24. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says

    My body looks about the same as Nick’s and I’ve never used steroids. Its just eating right and working out!