1. Tim says

    They should get Bridget Bardot as a spokesman, she is a big homophobe (aka some hot men do not want her snatch, so she’s bitter).

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “They should get Bridget Bardot as a spokesman, she is a big homophobe (aka some hot men do not want her snatch, so she’s bitter).”

    Is she really, TIM. It’s sad to hear that. She was such a big international star in the sixties. She had gorgeous big lips.

    So, she’s a homophobe. That’s sad to hear

    Well, what about Ursula Andres? Please don’t tell me that she’s a homophobe too. And NOT SOPHIA!!!! NEVER!

  3. Randy says

    “France’s new gender equality laws include … banning companies with male-dominated boardrooms from bidding on public contracts and fining political parties and other political organizations for failing to nominate or appoint equal numbers of female candidates.”

    That’s equality of outcome, which the US Supreme Court correctly determined is UNEQUAL.

    People need to be judged by their abilities, not their genitalia.

  4. Mike says

    Bridget Bardot could not be a spokesman for anything. Yes she is homophobic DERRICK FROM PHILLY! Big time. In her old age Bardot has turned herself into nothing more than a reclusive hag. Only writing letters that are said to be sad and totally warped. Hope that changes.

    That could not be said of Sophia Loren. She was just at Cannes and it was reported just seven hours ago that she still “outshines” women half her age.” So do some men in drag.

    On the other hand Claudia Cardinale also a former sex kitten from some time ago has embraced her old age. She has always supported gay rights, feminist and human rights causes.

    Claudia Cardinale is still making films in her old age. Now she lets her inter beauty shine. Recently she delivered an outstanding performance in Le Fil (The String), a beautiful gay film about true love that has the entire world in awe in which she plays the mother of a gay son. Not only does she adapt she ends up loving her son anew and finds that she has gained a son in the process.

    Here is a taste of it:

  5. Pandion says

    This is a typically Catholic obsession, that “gender theory” should be part of a left-wing plot to “normalize” homosexuality. I’ve never been able to understand it. Whether “gender” is a socially constructed concept or not, who cares? What relevance does that have with regard to homosexuality?

    But the last two popes, Francis and Benedict XVI, are obsessed with “gender theory” so all fanatics in Catholic-majority countries are parroting their indignation at this big, bad “gender theory”-thingy.