1. MaryM says

    Andrew Garfield is EVIL.
    Look at him displaying his white, cis het privilege.
    Let’s attack him.
    The Trannies.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    Of course the usual trolls (troll) have to bring up their trans-bashing for no apparent reason. But, go trans people! And love Andrew Garfield! Such a talented hottie.

  3. Sam says

    At this rate, I just can’t chalk up his mannerisms to “British acting”. He has to be at least bi at this point.

  4. MaryM says

    He is a cis het man in a dress in that video.

    He is insulting all trannies everywhere and making life more dangerous for them.

    He is a big CIS, SIS, SISSY.

    Trannies hate sissies. They are open in their homophobia.

  5. Felix says

    While A.ndy T0w.le decides to implement a down-voting system in the comments (which I believe he won’t because it means less drama/traffic), please…


  6. TANK says

    Felix, Tank agrees with you 100%. Why do so many posts made here on Towleroad just end up as places for bitter, pathetic, self-hating middle aged queens to spew their venom? I don’t even understand half of the slang being used in these comments. Come on, you trolls: unless you are 8 years old why not act like real men and use proper grammar and diction? Sorry if you don’t like my comments, but hey, Tank just has to keep it real!